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Reddish pussy tastes better than a Radish any day, check a red pussy tonight on Bongacams

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Those who claim that money cannot buy you happiness have definitely never visited Amsterdam, Bangkok or even bongacams.

After chatting with thousands of different cam models from all across the globe over a period of 14 years, I have come to the conclusion that even the best male actor in the world cannot act or pretend as good as a woman full of femininity.

I have come across women that claimed that the inches of a penis do not matter as much as the sensitivity and how he uses it does but then I found the same women talking right the opposite. I sometimes feel like cutting my dick altogether and fix it in a hot pussy for once and all.

I really find the rude MILFs in their late 30s and early 40s to be a huge turn on and that’s the reason why I want to marry someone a bit older than me but the condition is that she has to be a rude fuck.

I fucked some of the best-looking Russian girls during my several trips to Moscow. I was really surprised to find that many of them had reddish pussies instead of the regular pinkish. Those pussies really looked something out of this world and the best part was that they even felt far better than a regular pink pussy. Thanks to ridiculously cold weather. Along with giving us ridiculously cold people and beautiful chicks, it also gave us best looking pussies with best feel. If you don’t believe me, then visit any cam site tonight that has loads of Russian girls working on it and check the color of their pussies yourself. I bet one out of every three pussies will turn out to be a red one. Don’t check out the Russian pussies on the porn websites, those girls either belong to Eurasian Steppe or because they get fucked several times a day, their pussies have lost their original color.

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Busty Thai Masseuse keeps popping out illegitimate babies but still can’t get enough of unprotected sex

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As a student of Chemistry, I really believe that the ‘Law of Reciprocal Proportions’ helps you to have better sex sessions. I have had sex with women belonging to different regions of the world and I really find Macedonian women to be the best fucks I have ever had. These women are the most underrated fucks on earth and anybody who wants to try one can visit some street prostitute in Skopje, Macedonia.

Although Macedonian women aren’t popular for their big busts, I recently saw some fucking their spouses in different videos of Big Boobs Tube. I understand a bit of the Macedonian language and there was this one Macedonian woman in one Big Boobs Tube video that was referring to her husband’s precum all over the video as precum, that’s the woman to watch if you wanna learn how freaky and kinky those Macedonian women are. Along with being great fucks, these women are intelligent as well, generally.

I am very frequent to Bangkok, Thailand and I have been seeing more and more big boobed foreign women working as prostitutes there to fulfill the demand for naturally busty women. One masseuse I met there told me that she uses olive oil to increase the size of her breasts. She wanted to have sex with me without me wearing a condom but I refused and then she told me that she loves having sex without condom so much that she had gone through 3 abortions within 5 years of her prostitution career but she will keep having sex without any sort of protection on until the day she dies.

The face and boobs of that Thai masseuse reminded me of a busty saleswoman whom I once sarcastically asked how many litres of milk can these jugs contain, she got what I was saying and slapped me right away.

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I could sniff her pussy out of my laptop screen while chatting with her in a private show – Thank you lord for creating me in the 21st century

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More and more sexy grannies are turning exotic cam dancers and I never knew that they have such sexy grandmas in the United Kingdom until I enjoyed the sexy services of one last night in a private show. She kept fucking herself with a VibraToy and got so much involved that for a while she even forgot that she was chatting with a young dick wanking off to her old pussy, boobs and ass. This granny looked like my college principal’s White and sexy version with a little less intelligence but bigger boobies. I was such a thirsty young man even in the college that I had a huge crush on my college principal as well, I would fuck any female as long as I had my cock intact. In the Hindi language, we refer to boobies as ‘choochies’ and it is a funny word even to the native speakers.

Just last week, I read in a newspaper advice column that internet pornography and live sex shows have reduced the violence on the streets a lot and I must say that those UK grannies must have played a huge role in the same.

This granny got very personal with me and she told me that her mother also used to perform at the strip clubs just like she did when she was younger. This private show UK granny told me that she raised her son catholic in a hope that he will grow up to become a doctor or a lawyer but he is a gay pornstar and doesn’t call her mother for months. It is only herself who calls her son each time only to find that he seldom responds through the phone calls and prefers Whatsapp instead. She doubts that he doesn’t even like his mother’s voice. Anyways, I don’t care about any of that as long as hot bitches like these keep my dick hard and sensitive.

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Taoist Sexual Practices are turning men and women into happy and healthy wankers

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It has been over 3 decades since Mantak Chia started preaching the Taoist sexual practices to men and women in order to increase their virility in his books but it was only 6-7 years ago when millions and millions of people came across his teachings, thanks to the internet. I was surprised to read the comment section of the video where London Real’s Brian Rose was interviewing Mantak Chia and the comments that I read had over 90% of the people that already knew about Mantak and his teachings much before the interview. A lot of those guys had even read his books. Then I went on to check about how many Europeans and Americans knew about Mantak already and I was again surprised to learn that in a survey conducted in France, England, Ireland and some parts of the United States, 65% of the male participants answered that they never knew that sex without ejaculation was possible or harmless until they came across Mantak Chia’s teachings. I am not a fan of Mantak Chia or promoting him but I personally believe that one of the main reasons why tube porn websites have been having longer retention rate for the past few years is because the wankers watching the porn videos online nowadays retain their seed instead of spilling it off with the practice of edging which they mostly learnt from Mantak Chia or his followers. I recently came across this marvelous porn website – Tiny Porn Site, where the comment section was again full of edging talk and when I checked the website retention rate, I was stunned.

I spend a lot of my time reading profile descriptions on Boobpedia and when I look for the videos of some of the pornstars I never heard before, I keep coming across those JOI edging videos more than ever before. Thanks to Mantak Chia for making men and women across the world live a heavenly life.

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This friend of mine from Quebec has found a secret heaven in Longueuil

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“Natural boobs are beautiful but implants aren’t bad either if done right, look at Ava Addams”, said my Sikh friend from Canada Harjeet Singh Gill when I and Harjeet met in Quebec where we had fun with several different erotic masseuses (Massage érotiques) of different ethnicites and origins.

Ava Addams is also a French beauty but she is nothing like the chicks that we had fun with in Quebec, Canada.

This Harjeet Singh Gill dude jumps rope everyday to increase his stamina in the bed and he also claims that it makes him harder and faster in the bed and that French beauty that we both together had fun with in Quebec could confirm this. I am myself thinking of starting to jump rope after meeting this Harjeet Singh Gill dude.

I believe that masseuses and escorts are some of the most down-to-earth personas on the planet. These masseuses and escorts are very generous as opposed to any beautiful regular woman as they don’t get arrogant after getting complimented or flirted by men but rather they feel thankful to the one who compliments them.

This Harjeet Singh Gill dude also told me that he used to exchange porn movies with his dad when he was still a teenager and his father had no issues exchanging with him the movies of Traci Lords, Kay Parker or Honey Wilder. He says that till date, his most favorite pornstar is Kay Parker.

This Harjeet Singh Gill dude is also a good friend of the naturally-busty Cuban-American pornstar – Alanis. He told me that this son of Alanis used to wank day and night to the Italian and French porn until Harjeet Singh Gill took him to this Longueuil massage parlour.

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Wife left him halfway through the blowjob, he had to relieve his sexual tension jerking off to Alexis Fawx Cumshot compilation

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Fred Avelino is a black gentleman with a BBC who says that the biggest mistake in his life was marrying a Chinese woman. Fred married his Chinese wife for the money but their sex life is literally zero. He hates that she starts crying whenever he gets inside her.

Once he tried to check the length of the deepness of his wife’s pussy and she slapped him so hard with her tiny hands.

Fred believes that regional languages have better sounding and funny slangs and that’s why he learnt all the Hindi slangs that he could find on the internet. He used the same while his wife gave him a blowjob only to be left in the middle again. He had to jerk off to the Alexis Fawx Cumshot compilation in order to release the created tension after that.

Fred dated some Filipino women in the past and he claims that these Filipino women are hard-working, charming and intelligent but they lie a lot and hence they are great fucks but poor wives or girlfriends.

Fred also believes that the women that belong to countries with their own history and heritage have a distinct glow than the ones that don’t and they are more feminine as well.

Fred is also not ashamed to tell his story with his own mom. He says that when once he was drunk and lived with his parents, by mistake he slept in his parents’s room. His mom thought that he was dad and started blowing him until she finally saw his face, got dressed up and acted like nothing happened.

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This dude’s dad gifted him a VR headset on his birthday with a picture of Alexis Fox giving footjob

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Caesar Irving has always had a strange relationship with his father. This year he gifted his sex addict father a room full of condoms to make him feel embarrassed and get him out of his sex addiction. The father couldn’t come out of his addiction but took a revenge on the son by gifting him a VR headset with Alexis Fawx Footjob picture posted on the box.

Caesar claims that many Hollywood producers are secretly involved in producing porn movies. Caesar also claims that these producers deliberately recruit actors in the porn movies that are bad at reciting dialogues so that their Hollywood mainstream actors don’t look like midgets in front of these pornstars.

Caesar brags that he can take a wank while riding his motorcycle at a speed of 100. His father brags that when he was young, he could fuck a woman while driving normally.

Caesar says that fucking a bitch in a limo is one of the best things that you can do.

Caesar finds it impossible to believe that the German black pornstar – Anja committed suicide because of an unfulfilled love affair. He says that this woman could get any man that she wanted so why would she commit suicide just because she couldn’t get one man.

Caesar’s mother is of Japanese ancestry and his father is of Northern European ancestry.

Caesar claims that Social Security Benefits has created more wankers than anything else. He says that he doesn’t know a single man who has been taking advantage of the Social Security Benefits and doesn’t regularly masturbate.

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Big dick and big brain don’t go together but big breasts and big brains do

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Isaac Tracy is a very athletic looking young man from the Great Britain who finds Alexis Fawx to be the best looking woman in the world after the B-movie actress – Roberta Vasquez.

Isaac is also a fan of the shape of Julie K Smith’s breasts shape.

Isaac says that the world is always going to remember the revolution that Alyssa Lynn, Alexis Fawx and Reagan Foxx brought about in the world of stepmom movies. Isaac is a great fan of Alexis Fawx Family Strokes series where she fucks with her family members all the time.

Isaac says that there is really something very sexy about the skin of the German women but Alexis surpasses them all.

Isaac says that he gets mad whenever he sees Alexis Fawx wearing a sexy lingerie. He claims to have sent some love letters to Alexis Fawx to which she never replied.

Isaac’s wife – Delia is a lawyer by profession and being a bisexual woman, she is notorious for promoting LGBT rights. Delia uses bitter melon and carrots to jerk herself off watching Alexis Fawx’s porn movies herself.

Delia finds women with long neck and big breasts too hot for words. She says that the combination of a thin and narrow waist with a big ass is also great but it is no competition to the combination of long neck and big breasts.

Delia says that a 10 inches plus long dick and a big brain is something completely unheard of but it is not the same for the boobs. Delia says that she knows some of the bustiest women with huge working brains.

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Web designer turned full-time porn movie actor is a huge fan of Alexis Fawx

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When you are starting off with a porn movie you will most likely be not able to stop yourself from touching your dick and it is completely natural, says Lombardo Zaratelli, a web designer turned full-time porn movie actor.

Lombardo claims that he has an innovative and revolutionary online business plan, he is just looking for a financier.

Lombardo only eats Kosher. He claims that it increases his balls and brain size. Lombardo also plays drum and he keeps his fleshlight stored inside the special storage space in his drum.

Being a male pornstar, Lombardo knows several kids that get bullied all the time just because their mum is a pornstar.

Lombardo is not ashamed to admit that he used to wank to his mum and elder sister while they used to bath, peeping from the keyhole. He says that after once they both caught him, they got him an internet connection so that he can wank to the internet porn movies. He says that he was reminded of his dream to fuck his own mom when he watched the video in which Alexis Fawx fucks son.

Lombardo claims that cross-dressing is the greatest aphrodisiac and if you haven’t tried it yet, you gotta do it once at least. He wonders all the time whether Alexis Fawx ever did it. He says that he is going to ask this question to Alexis Fawx if he ever gets the opportunity to star in one of her movies.

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Wealthy factory owner is willing to become a pool buy for Alexis Fawx

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Sean John is a wealthy factory owner that owns a huge linen manufacturing unit but he is willing to become a pool boy for lifetime if Alexis agrees to marry him.He recently watched a movie where Alexis was giving a handjob to the male pornstar, Sean wonders why would you just need a handjob from Alexis when she is willing to suck it. Sean’s most favorite Alexis movie of all time was the one in which she was fucking a black guy, the one in which she had black hair. He has most likely watched each and every Alexis Fawx BBC movie but his favorite remains the same, no matter how many movies come and go.

Sean says that he likes kissing a woman’s neck more than her lips

Sean’s ex-wife ended up marrying a Polish janitor because he had a dick longer than 10 inches and he could fuck for hours in one session.

Sean plans to marry soon again and he massages his penis with different oils regularly watching Alexis Fawx’s and Kayla Quinn’s videos. He says that he is getting ready for his future wife so that she never cheats on him.

Sean says that he would love to see Kayla Quinn and Alexis Fawx together in one movie.

Sean brags that he knows over one hundred tricks to take a wank.

Sean recently tested very high for his estrogen and prolactin levels which he believes is due to his wanking addiction. His friends now call him soyboy.

Sean cannot understand the obsession of his friends with Kendra Lust. He doesn’t find her attractive at all.

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Sex is the greatest rule to success – Roy Montero

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Roy Montero is a HR leader at a leading premium streaming platform and personally he is busy streaming the same Alexis Fawx Nuru video all the time.

This Roy Montero guy loves Indian papad and as much as he loves the taste of it, he tries his best to avoid it. He claims that once he ate a lot of papads only to find later on that even an Alexis Fawx video wasn’t able to get him hard.

Roy Montero says that Alexis Fawx is really something out of the Hindu mythology. He wonders all the time – how can one woman be so magnificent.

He claims that he can tell just by the glimpse of a woman’s face about how intelligent, creative and shrewd she is and he believes that Alexis is one of the most intelligent, creative and shrewd women out there and definitely the best in the porn industry in this regard. He claims that it may look like that Alexis just acts in the porn movies but in reality she writes those scripts as well. He says that it shouldn’t come as a surprise that if more than 30% of the Naughty America, Brazzers and BangBros movies were ghostwritten by Alexis in the past few years.

Roy remembers how he used to wank to Sabrina Salerno in his teenage years all the time.

Roy says that Alexis Fawx is like the Jean Harlow of the modern times and he says that he never watches an Alexis Fawx’s movie in the office as it becomes to hard to not take a wank then. He also claims that he used to abstain from masturbating in the summers earlier but not anymore.

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Mr Wanker prefers 43 yrs old Alexis over any other woman

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My best friend’s best friend’s best friend – Suleman is a serial wanker who cannot ever get enough of wanking with his circumcised penis using his favorite lubricant watching the porn movies of his favorite pornstar of all time – Alexis Faw. Suleman likes Alexis Faw even more since she has gone muscular. He says that it has been too long since he last masturbated to some other pornstar than Alexis Faw. Earlier, he used to be crazily obsessed with the topmost Chilean pornstar – Tara Holiday. He still loves her but only wanks to Tara Holiday.

Suleman says that he can tell how a MILF’s pussy, boobs and ass smell just by looking at her face. He finds the women most attractive in yellow and when he saw Tara Holiday’s movie with Danny D where Danny was playing her stepson, he went crazy, he would masturbate to the same video multiple times a day, sometimes even ten times a day.

A greater disaster occurred when Suleman saw a movie of Alexis Fawx fucking her son’s friend in a Naughty America wearing a sexy yellow lingerie. Suleman broke all his previous records when he masturbated 18 times to the same video within 24 hours.

Suleman says that after taking over 10 wanks, he sometimes starts feeling lonely.

Suleman says that they should make another Natural Wonders of the World porn series and cast Alexis Faw in it.

Suleman claims that he has compared several different pornstars with several different playboy playmates, says it is the pornstar that always comes up as a winner.

Suleman is extremely curious to see Alexis in her upcoming movie where she will be having a gangbang with 10 different BBCs. Suleman always wonders what Alexis would look like if she had natural breasts as big.

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eCabs driver from Malta wanks off to Alexis Fawx’s sex videos when his girlfriend isn’t around

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One of my pen friends from the Island of Malta – Lorenzo is an eCabs driver. No matter how hard he tries, he cannot resist looking at the passengers’s breasts through rear-view mirror. Lorenzo’s present girlfriend – Sabrina is a mechanical engineer, originally from Sweden who used to work for Volvo while she was in Sweden but got kicked out because she wouldn’t give her precious pussy and gorgeous ass to her boss like most other beautiful, young and unmarried employees in the company.

Lorenzo likes his girlfriend so much because she resembles his mega-busty aunt a lot. Lorenzo says that he has always had a crush on this aunt of his and when he fucks his current girlfriend, he feels like he is fucking that aunt of his, just with the smaller boobs. Lorenzo likes to call that aunt of his ‘Estrogen Factory’ and he says that he will pay his 6 months of income just to put one of her nipples in his mouth for 5 minutes.

Lorenzo has a bad habit of playing with his shaft even after he is done fucking his girlfriend. His girlfriend generally gives him a nuru massage for 15-20 minutes after he is done fucking her to get him hard again but whenever she has to leave early, Lorenzo is left with no other choice than to jerk off to his favorite pornstar – Alexis Fawx Sex videos.

Lorenzo doesn’t understand why he breathes very heavily after ejaculating through masturbation but not after sex. He sometimes thinks that it has to do with edging a lot while masturbating.

Lorenzo claims that taking regular sun bath makes a pussy sweeter. Lorenzo says that he has fucked several women in his life and the ones that regular sun bath or live in hot countries have sweeter tasting pussies. He says that when his girlfriend was new to Malta, her pussy used to be tasteless, he brags that there is a small chance that her pussy has started tasting so much better because it regularly gets fucked by himself.

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This Punjabi Jatt dude’s sister-in-law shows a great resemblance to the MILF Pornstar Alexis Fawx

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One of my Indian Jatt Punjabi friends – Sunil is the son of a wealthy businessman whose company imports and wholesales Dashcams, Body Cameras, Personal Cloud Storage, External Storage Products, Memory Cards, USB Flash Drives, DRAM Modules, Multimedia Products, Card Readers & Accessories all over India.

Sunil used to wank all the time to his favorite Indian news reporter until he saw Alexis Fawx fuck in Sweetsinner’s Becoming the Mistress Part 1. He says that it was his first wank session when his dick stood up again like a tower after completing the wank session. He says that he had no refractory period at all after that one hour long masturbation session.

This dude prefers his all time most favorite pornstar in a bra as he hates fake boobs but he loves that hair strip of Alexis’s pussy like no other. He claims that Alexis has the best-ever looking pussy that he ever saw.

One of Sunil’s cousins recently got married and to your surprise, his new sister-in-law looks a bit like Alexis Fawx as well. The two biggest differences between herself and Alexis Fawx are that :- 1. She is not as tall as Alexis, and 2. She is a Punjabi Indian whereas Alexis is a White American

Sunil’s masturbation sessions have increased a lot since the day he saw this new sister-in-law of his that gives resemblance to Alexis Fawx. He says that cannot think of anything other than wanking to Alexis Fawx all the time. He is dating this daughter of wealthy import/export businessman lately but cannot give enough attention to her because of his newfound super-wanking addiction.

Whatever the case may be, just because Sunil is always sexually relieved (thanks to Alexis Fawx and his sister-in-law), this girlfriend of Sunil has been showing more interest in him because he is never desperate for the pussy.

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Tara Holiday is the hottest sensation in the premium MILF porn industry and you know it

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I have always loved Tara Holiday but I love her more than ever since her boobs have gone so big that no matter how much she tries to hide those, she doesn’t succeed. Sometimes even when she wears a bra beneath the shirt, her nipples are visible through the shirt. Remember, the most popular movie of Tara Holiday which was divided into 2 different parts, the first where she couldn’t resist fucking her stepson and the second one in which she fucked a guest of the same hotel where she was staying at. She was fully clothed in that video but her boobs were popping out of her shirt.

One of my friends loves Tara Holiday so much that he cups two melons in the palms of both his hands thinking that they are Tara Holiday’s breasts.

In one of the HD videos which I enjoyed for free on a premium porn website, the touch of large and rough hands of a black guy were enough to make Tara all wet down there.

I never miss an interview of Tara Holiday that I can find. In one of the interviews she mentioned that the first time she saw sex in real life was not in a movie but she found her grandparents having sex thinking that the door was locked. Tara couldn’t stop herself from peeping the entire session. She doubts till today that her grandparents saw her peeping but they were so much indulged in the act that they didn’t want to stop and perhaps they were enjoying it more knowing that their granddaughter is enjoying the view.

In another interview, Tara Holiday mentioned that she doesn’t work as part-time escort for the cash but for the fun, she always gives her clients a massage to make them rock hard for her but unfortunately, some get so hot meanwhile that they end up cumming within first 2 minutes of the blowjob or fucking.

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Fucked an educated part-time stunning escort babe in Braga, Portugal and loved it

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It all happened in the December of 2018, the moment I landed down in the city of Braga in Portugal, I could smell the sexual sins everywhere. I prayed to the god to give me a fine Portuguese woman as well for this night and god listened to me as a random ad for Braga escort showed up on my computer when I was looking for something else. I ended up calling the number and the escort agency asked me whether I would like the pictures or a surprise, I asked for a surprise.

My room’s door got knocked at after about 40 minutes of the call, I knew it was her. God Damn! The surprise was for real. How many times have you visited an escort who is a Sourcing Associate Director at a major online furniture store. This chick was such a part-timer to escorting. This was the first time when I ever asked an escort “What do you do for a living?” And she didn’t reply “Escorting”, but told her real full-time profession. She told me that she found me attractive and she prefers men between 25-35, which I am. I was very glad to hear her preferences.

She spoke English fluently, a rarity in Portugal. She told me that she speaks Spanish as well. All I needed for her to understand enough English to understand my commands and fuck me in the positions I want and how I want. She asked me to keep the switch of the lamp on throughout our sexual encounter and I was more than happy with it as I wanted to see her stunning body throughout the time I fucked her. She really drained the buckets out of me and I was tired the next day but so happy too.

Really, Braga is one place to have sex at, I really enjoyed my sex in Braga (sexo em braga).

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Fucked a Romanian big-ass chick for the first time in my life, thank you MeetinChat

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Last June, when I was in Houston, one Pakistani friend of mine there told me about an adult chat website which is nothing like the Tinder or AdultFriendFinder but something that you may call the ‘Adult Chat Website for the Elite’. Only the most stunning high class women have their profiles up on this website. I didn’t believe him and after coming back to India, didn’t even have a glimpse of the website believing that it is garbage until a local Marathi friend of mine told me that he had lots of fun with an elegant busty cougar with an appetite to get her boobs squeezed. After this I decided to have a glimpse of the website and I did.

I was astonished to see such stunning elegant looking beauties under one website. After talking to one Romanian-American big ass chick from Jacksonville, Florida who kept inviting me for a fuck for over 3 months, I decided to head to Jacksonville finally and man, what a surprise, the chick looked much better than her pictures in real life. She welcomed me with a striptease. She was so perfect at twerking her ass and giving a striptease that for once I felt like she is an ex-stripper but looking at her large mansion and her etiquettes, I would be peanuts in my head to say that.

She teased me by putting her mouth away in the middle of the kiss and I really enjoyed it. She kept touching my dick from my trouser which was already rock hard and couldn’t resist anymore. She had small breasts but that was not an issue with me as my regular readers all know that I don’t give a hoot about the breasts but I am very choosy about the shape and size of the lady’s ass.

I fucked her thrice that night and twice the next night and then it was time for me to come back to India. Guys, heaven is a place on earth, you just need to locate it right.

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Bisexuality is against the Indian Rajput tradition but you can’t suppress your sexuality for too long

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One of my friends – Raghavendra is a bisexual who has pledged many different times that he is never going to have sex with a man ever again but as they say “Nature cannot be fooled”, Raghavendra always ends up with having sex with men against his will. The worst thing that ever happened to Raghavendra is the arranged Indian marriage that he went through roughly about 9 years ago. Raghavendra belongs to a Rajput Hindu family and Raghavendra could even have been killed if he married someone against his parents’ will.

Raghavendra’s wife once caught him having sex with his best friend and that was the day when he took his first pledge to never have sex with a man. Raghavendra’s wife still believes that Raghavendra never had sex with a man ever again since he took that pledge. The funny thing is that his wife has no problem if he fucks other women but she is not willing to tolerate his sexual relationships with other men.

Raghavendra once even told me that his penis size was that of a peanut even couple of years after he attained puberty, which was way too early, at the age of 10 only. He told his elder cousin about it when he was 13 and  this cousin of his took him to an Ayurvedic Doctor who gave him some medicines and it only took 6 months for Raghavendra to get an average penis size. The Ayurvedic Doctor also told Raghavendra that if he continues taking this medicine even after his size becomes normal, he may die due to prostate or testicular cancer and that’s why Raghavendra put a full-stop to that medicine after that.

Raghavendra doesn’t find himself attracted to his wife anymore and he finds it hard to maintain an erection while he is fucking her and that’s why he recently ordered some of the best and highly reviewed sex pills that he could find on the internet to get so involved with his wife that he doesn’t ever need to fuck another man or a woman again. Raghavendra even doubts that his wife has sexual relations with other men but he can’t blame her as he himself is having sexual affairs with other men and women.

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Jullieta made our trip to Pisa, Italy memorable by providing us the most sensual woman that we could ask for

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Me and my friend recently had fun with a naturally busty Italian MILF escort – Greta during our trip to Pisa, Italy. This MILF after getting high on whiskey started telling us personal things and told us that she feels that Turkish men in general are the best in bed. She told us that it has nothing to do with them being circumcised or anything but it is something that she is still trying to figure out what exactly it is.Greta told us that she has never met a Turkish man who was an expert at tantric sex and the act of sex without ejaculating is almost never heard about among most of the Turkish men. Greta told us that she feels thankful beyond words after a client makes her feel satisfied.

Greta also told us that she prefers wooden dildo over the steel dildos and uses the same whenever she doesn’t have any appointments.

Greta told us that she is always anxious to meet new men belonging to different cultures. She also told us that she has been dating one of the richest authors in the nation of Italy, this author owns 5 limos and also a couple of villas in different cities of Italy and one bungalow in a village.

Greta told us that she is not dating this rich author for his money or to get fame but because he is an expert at tantric sexual practices and he only ejaculates when he wishes to do so. Greta says that this boyfriend of hers once had vanilla sex with her for 4 hours without ejaculating and the next night he had sex for 2 hours with her without ejaculating. Greta says that he has a heavenly sensitive penis and no Turkish man can beat this penis of his.

 We met Greta through Jullieta and we will keep using both Jullieta and Greta’s services whenever we are in Pisa, Italy.

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Sext Locals made me meet and meat the Levantine Aphrodite of my dreams

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I never knew that one of the most popular pornstar of the current time – Cory Chase’s real life husband and the guy who acts with her in over 90% of his movies is the biological father of the pornstar Britt James until I got told about this by a woman whom I met on Tinder. The real names of Cory Chase and her husband are Audrey Leon and Robert Leon. This Tinder fucktoy also told me that she fucks around so much that she knows a lot of who’s who.

That’s the problem with Tinder and that’s why I decided to stop using Tinder and switch to something innovative, classy and genuine and luckily, I found Sext Locals. Through Sext Locals I have found some of the classiest women out there who don’t get enough sex.

I have a thing for Levantine Arab women but I was unfortunate enough until I went through the Local Sext Profiles of some of them. I met this oil rich Levantine Arab woman through Sext Locals whose husband and she herself were always on a business trip and they both had no problem with each other if they were fucking around with someone else. The husband was still living in the early 2010s as he was still using the same old, regular and very average Tinder but the wife was smart enough to use Sext Locals and I was lucky enough to have found her there. After I saw her pictures, I had only one word in my mind – Aphrodite.

We set up a meeting at a nearby restaurant and after that I went to her rented mansion. We got high together and I fucked her 4 times during that very night and each time it was her who initiated the act. She told me that she cannot control herself after a couple of drinks. She always had a couple of wooden dildos with herself. She told me that she used a steel dildo only once in her lifetime and hated it. She also carried a bottle of Saara hardwicki oil and a bottle of Japanese sexual stimulant oil all the time. She told me that she first applies these oils on her dildos and then inserts the dildo in her pussy and it feels heavenly. She said that the only dicks that can match the pleasure that this oil rubbed dildo gives are the young dicks of virgin men who seldom masturbate and are aged between 18 to 27.

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Horny Cow turned this asexual couple into an unbelievable horny couple

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There was a time when I used to fuck co-workers all the time but that all changed after I started my own small company and I tend to be professional at all times inside my company. I don’t know why but I love stubborn women for some reason. Once when I was sexually high on a Brazilian product called Tesão de Vaca aka Horny Cow, I fucked this one chick for 3 hours straight who was so stubborn that she refused to remove her baseball cap all the time she was sucking, fucking and eating me.

This stubborn baseball cap chick told me that she and her husband both hated sex before their marriage until someone told them where to buy a wonder product called Horny Cow (Onde vende tesão de vaca). I myself learned about Horny Cow from this woman only. I fuck this beautiful MILF whenever his husband is out of the town for business. Her husband knows about this and he doesn’t mind at all. She also lets her husband fuck different women when he is out of the town. This couple believes that sex is more important than food and water. Yes, the same couple that hated sex just a couple of years ago.

Imagine what buying Horny cow (Onde vende tesão de vaca) do to you when it can turn an almost asexual couple into a sex maniac couple.

This Horny cow chick told me that she never fingered herself in her entire life of 35 years. She has a very sexy but shrilly voice. I love to tingle her all over her rib cage and she loves it. She always tells me about her sexual encounters with her husband and other men after we are done. I love to fuck her in her kitchen in the standing position and she loves to handcuff me.

Her breasts, hips and ass have a very peculiar smell that gets me hard again after hours of fucking her. It is perhaps the smell of excess estrogen in her body due to taking horny cow regularly.

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I enjoy having an erotic massage in Italy more than anything else

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My best friend Amit Singhania once hired a pornstar chauffeur in Vancouver, Canada and then fucked her in the captain seat of that minivan. He claims that he can even fuck while riding a motorcycle, I am yet to make it certain whether he is lying about the same.

My personal favorite escort of all time is a an irresistible Italian temptress whom I met in Milan. This enigmatic temptress loves to wear skimpy dresses, especially transparent shirts. Her curvy hips make it very easy to fuck her in Bonobo positions. She really loves to expose every inch of her stunning body. Her sexy thighs always makes me hungry for more, each time I recall her glimpse, I get wet with precum all over. Her curly hair and hungry long tongue makes my heart start thudding. Each time I see this woman in my dreams or in reality, I realize how lusty I am for the flesh.

I remember how in my early teenage years I used to ogle at hot women in the public place to memorize their beautiful faces and hot bodies and then wank in the washroom. I always used to wank standing on my knees. Once when I was wanking in my bedroom, I forgot to lock the door and I also forgot that it was my birthday, both my parents suddenly entered my room to wish me without knocking and caught me wanking with my hot elder sister’s panties. I cannot recall a more embarrassing moment in my life than that one.

I never faced the condition called erectile dysfunction personally but for those who suffer with the same I recommend that they should go for intimate and private erotic-massages by the sexy masseuses with soft and sensitive skin. They give you the deepest kisses that you never had.

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Each time this Jatt boy from India downloads a porn movie, he sings a national anthem

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As they say don’t put a new lubricant on a dirty penis, I say to you, every time you are tempted to ogle at some irresistible chicks, just get your favorite lubricant, download porn movies and stop feeling helpless.

One of my best and younger friends is committed to staying a virgin until his marriage. He never kissed a woman although he has been invited for the same by several different women several different times. One of the beauties that keeps inviting my best friend for a short ride is a Punjabi MILF with a big ass, she even once told my friend indirectly that she has a very hairy pussy, my friend gets too much tempted by her so many times but he rather jerks it off thinking about her or by downloading porn movies with the women that look just like her to unload himself. She even told him once that she gets depressed if her husband is out of the town for over 2 days, that’s when he got tempted way too much and it was the hardest for him to control himself.

Another friend of mine is a Jatt boy from Punjab whose favorite porn actress of all time is blonde and busty Stormy Daniels. I don’t know if you know about the latest law in India that you are required to sing the national anthem of India before watching a movie in a cinema hall, this Jatt boy says that the only movies that he likes are the porn movies and he sings national anthem each time he downloads one to feel patriotic. He says that he will sing the national anthem each time before fucking his wife once he gets married in a hope to have a patriotic and revolutionary baby.

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Magical memories with exotic atom bombs in Seattle

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I never had an idea that Seattle had so much nice to offer. I had to go away for work to Seattle and after done staying in a hotel room, I decided to hire some Seattle Strippers.

I can recall how nervous I was at first, I was never brave enough to wank in the public but these hot strippers really made me do it.

One of the strippers had perky b-cup bust and with alluring brown eyes, blonde bob style hair and sexy accent this Czech beauty looked just like my ex-girlfriend. This girl is not your ordinary stripper bur rather a struggling businesswoman who is working as a stripper to get funding for her business.

One local American stripper had the body of popular plus size model – Ashley Graham with even a prettier face and an amazingly unique attitude. This BBW was wearing an elegant lingerie and she told me that she worked as a masseuse at a Miami spa before becoming a stripper. She also told me that she is responsible for teaching massage skills to the infamous young pornstar – Keisha Grey. Although is 27 and involved in 2 very nasty industries for the past 8 years and her ass could twerk like never seen before. Really, she gave me a plausible performance.

Another stripper was a toned Latino who was a tanned and busty bombshell with a D-cup bust who was extremely well-behaved multilingual brilliant and intelligent medical student. In a world where strippers are persecuted, this exuberant personality couldn’t care less. She pat her ass cheeks and then blowed kisses to me with the same hand. With her long legs, blue eyes and long bob (Lob) hair, this beautiful, provocative, intelligent and alluring woman is nice, kind and even better than you can dream of. This playful, sensual and tall Latino beauty with unbelievable sexy smolder and smooth sultry voice, she really made me cum in my pants before I took my penis out and wanked in public shamelessly. This kitten really responds quickly.

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West Palm Beach, FL has some of the most vibrantly talented high class escort girls

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I spent last 5 days in West Palm Beach, Florida where I met this young escort girl whom I would call Neena here. Neena doesn’t care whether you are average looking, ugly, handsome, Indian, African, Japanese or American.

With her unmatchable stunning looks, vibrant personality and natural body inside out – no tattoos or piercings, Neena proved is indeed an epitome of a naughty courtesan like no other.

Neena’s intoxicating graceful yet slutty chic style which is really one of the rarest things that you will ever come across acts like a thunder on your penis (especially if you are full of vigor like me).

Along with a bed breaking sex, Neena likes cheeky banter. Neena told me that she has a Masters Degree in Marketing and she doesn’t have a local one, she studied abroad.

I really had exceptionally memorable moments of pleasure that invigorate me each time I recall those that are not only limited to Neena but the ones that I enjoyed with our escorts in Palm Beach as well including with another one that goes by the name – Virginia.

Virginia too was blessed with sexy exotic half-Japanese half-Colombian looks and natural assets. Virginia was unbelievably polite and immaculately clean and in a great mood throughout my overnight session with her. She really enjoys intimacy greatly.

Virginia told me that she started working as an escort because she was going through some economic difficulties but after getting the taste of ‘escort life’ she intends to keep working as an escort for as long as possible.

I also did some unintended stuff with Virginia which she didn’t mind at all. The reason I hired Virginia was that I hate women with flat bodies.

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The luxury strippers in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania are sexy and you know it

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If you are a regular reader of my blog, then you must be aware by now of the fact that I travel to Europe a lot and I love strippers on this White paradise which unfortunately is now getting densely populated by the immigrants. Anyways, I have talked about several escorts that I had fun with on this blog of mine till now but I never mentioned about my favorite strippers here on my blog including a slim and sexy petite Dutch lady who was 23 when I first saw her 2 years ago. Until about 2 weeks ago, I used to believe that this girl is the best stripper ever on the face of the earth, but was I wrong? Just a couple of weeks ago, I had to go to Pittsburgh where I enjoyed several strippers but this one stripper stood out from them all – she was a tanned size 8 with awesome legs and extremely raunchy body language. The way she moved her hips was unforeseen for me.

The strippers in Pittsburgh offer a full range of luxury services, I was lucky enough to have the opportunity of enjoying the exclusive services of tens of them, one-on-one.

Pittsburgh may not be one of the most visited cities in the US but everything about this city is unique and the women in this city are extremely underrated.

I even visited a local Pittsburgh website where the website owner claimed that they have rubber-like-flexible ex-plus size lingerie models working with them. These plus-size ladies looked very sensual and refined from their online pictures.

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Enjoy casual dating bulky bodybuilders, athletic men and women, don’t fall for the ugly practice called marriage

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Casual dating is not limited to dinner dates anymore, the guys and girls of nowadays don’t hesitate spend nights together with the strangers and websites like tinder are the proof.

The modern girls and guys don’t take casual dating as having some intellectual as romantic conversation but rather enjoying the benefits that the opposite gender has to offer in the most extreme ways possible. They are always eager to please each other sexually and many times after becoming familiar with each other they don’t even hesitate to bring their friends so that they can have some group fun.

If you ask me personally, I will say that serious relationships are no match to casual dating. I know several men and women in serious relationships and I also know guys and girls who only do casual dating, the ones who are in serious relationships suffer a hellish life while the casual daters are living in paradise. Human beings are much more stupid than the animals as no animal is stupid enough to fall for such a thing as a serious relationship, animals only have short-term relationships for fun and progeny unlike humans who are stupid enough to ruin their entire lives for so-called serious relationships.

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Some cam girls are unbelievably stunning, one made me take a wank last night after 15 years

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Just yesterday I met this webcam girl online thinking about whom I am still getting rock hard. Really, I am not the kind of a guy who is not into webcam chat and stuff, I stopped wanking the day I started fucking escorts’s pussies. I remember that I never wanked after the age of 17, I still get wet dreams when I don’t have sex for over a week.

Yesterday was embarrassing as well as fantastic for me, I was typing with one hand last night while chatting with this fantastic girl which is something that has happened to me for the first time since I got a computer and an internet connection. I remember wanking to the sexy scenes in the Hollywood movies, bikini fashion ramp models, news anchors and many others in the early teenage but I never wanked to a webcam girl ever in my life before yesterday. This chick really can give some of the greatest beauties of all time a run for their money. She told me that she just came back from a world tour financed by her sugar daddy who is a billionaire. She also told me that she used to catch Uber or Lyft before becoming a cam girl and meeting this sugar daddy. She told me that this sugar daddy met her through webcam chat only, there was a time when she wasn’t even aware of the term ‘sugar daddy’ and after trying for 2 years to become an actress and modeling for big and small brands for 5 years and finding that the modeling money is not even enough to pay her bills and rent, she was thinking about becoming a pornstar. Luckily, she read the term ‘cam girl’ on the same day when she was about to call Missa X aka Mistress T for the employment.

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I am going all the way to Greece in order to drink a stunning English woman’s piss

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I don’t know whether I have gone mad or what, my dick used to be my pleasure source but now it is turning me into a total freak. One of my best friends recently enjoyed a trip to Greece where he hired a dominatrix for some fun. This friend of mine is also an escort freak like me who likes to fuck women but I never knew that this guy could hire some BDSM Greece services where would pay to drink piss, get stamped, spanked, eat an ass and get anal stretched.

First when he told me that he paid Euros to just get humiliated by a whore and get fucked by her with her strap on. I couldn’t believe that he could be such an idiot but then he showed me the website and pictures of Mistress Alexandra and her slave Maria, I instantly got a boner but I still found it weird. Since then I have been having wet dreams in which I am fucking Mistress Alexandra and her slave Maria in a threesome but I know that Mistress Alexandra doesn’t allow anyone to fuck her but still I am planning to travel to Greece by the end of this month and get dominated myself by Mistress Alexandra in order to not have wet dreams throughout my life and waste my semen without having any action. I believe that I will be able to get rid of my inner subconscious desire to fuck Mistress Alexandra once I drink her yellow piss and become her human furniture. It is funny how much your dick can make you work. Anyways, I am certain that Mistress Alexandra will let me kiss her on her beautiful lips once I tell her that I traveled all the way from India to Greece just to drink her piss. She really has something about her.

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Miracles happen and me fucking this unbelievable teen chick whom I met through a free porn website is one of those

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You guys will not believe what just happened Wednesday night, I fucked someone that I met through the comments section of a free porn videos website. This chick was 19 and she is an unbelievably great delight for the teen lovers like me. I am always confused whether I like teens, MILFs, women in their early 20s or what, I just like women with high estrogen in them and that’s all I would say.

This teen chick was young but she had an incredible experience when it came to sucking your balls, dick, French kissing, riding, you name it. She sucked me off without using her hands, I lasted only 25 minutes with her which was really embarrassing for me, she told me that no other men could never last that long with her and I am her hero. She told me that she lives all alone and I can feel free to go to her house and fuck her whenever I feel like it.

This chick wasn’t just another next door girl, she was really something.

Within these 25 minutes, I fucked her in several different positions but I enjoyed the most when I was sitting on the couch and she was riding me like crazy while I was grabbing her boobs and she was screaming and moaning like crazy.

I even licked and ate her feet. She asked me to drink a couple of red bulls before fucking her next time so that I can last even longer. I didn’t tell her that I will be out of the town just tomorrow. The thing that I am going to miss the most about Denver, Colorado is this teen chick. I will try my best to come back to Denver, Colorado again so that I can rock her world again.

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I used to believe that Joclyn Stone is one of the horniest women until I met this chick through Tiny Porn Network

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A great news for the ladies and gentlemen trying to get laid and don’t want any diseases or want to feel cheap. I know you guys have tried Tinder if you are someone who needs sex more times more than you need a glass of water but Tinder is a flop show and there are several scam artists hanging around in there and if you are lucky enough to save your ass from a scam artist, you will end up being with a 60+ granny who acted like she was 19 on the phone. No need to worry anymore, I have found the perfect porn social network where you can wank off to the pics of your neighbor’s wife or get to know whether the MILF next door to you is starving for it so that you can fuck her when her husband is out of the town for some business dealings, that’s what neighbor’s big cocks are for.

Recently, I met an ex-escort who was married to this rich heir. The husband was fucking her almost every night but he wasn’t able to satiate her wild desires as she had already become used to using several dicks in a day. She told me her whole story after I fucked her for 90 minutes straight. She said that using Tiny Porn Network is the best decision that she made in all of her life, she told me that during her escorting career of 7 years, nobody could satisfy her like I did.

She even told me that she loves fucking at a beach resort more than anything else. Her own house was by the sea but she said that she has got bored of having the same view everyday and night, she told me that all women according to her are polygamous and she hasn’t met a single woman in her entire life that never cheated on her spouse.

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It is hard to find a model-looking Delhi escort but when you find one, she gives you an unforgettable experience

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Do you see this beautiful curvy chick in the picture? Well, I fucked someone even more beautiful and with almost the same body as this woman in the Janpath Hotel, New Delhi.

I have a house in New Delhi for over 8 years and I started fucking escorts about over 12 years ago and I am surprised that I had no idea that this Delhi Escorts agency even existed. The girl arrived to me within 20 minutes of booking and they sent me the real pictures of the girls, other girls that they sent me the pictures of were also stunning, I am going to make love to them the next time I am in Delhi.

This Delhi escort agency has a full range of Eurasian and Russian girls as well. I am going to enjoy the opportunity to enjoy some of their Russian and Eurasian girls as well in the upcoming months.

I know several fake escort service agencies that show the fake pictures and then run away with your money.

Only a couple of times in New Delhi yet I have enjoyed some escort to a level that I can say “Oh yes! She tastes yummy”, otherwise it is always some useless pathetic service. Some Delhi Uzbeki female escorts had the bodies of the figurine and they smelled so good but that is so rare and doesn’t happen always.

I know some ways to hug and kiss your escort of the night that is bound to drive her crazy for you the moment she arrives, feel free to message me to know those ways. Let daddy guide you some for a better encounter.

I can recall one time when I hugged and kissed an Uzbeki escort girl from Delhi in my own way, she was waiting for me in very skimpy and sexy t-shirts and shorts desperately the next time, the same is going to happen with you if you follow my footsteps so don’t hesitate to message me, I am always there to guide for a highly sexual life.

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Fucked a Russian chick in Mumbai dressed as Eromaga

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Last night I fucked this Russian escort in Mumbai and my only request to her was that she must dress Eromaga style which she did. She told me that she has several new eromaga clothes and she can even bring her friends who will be dressed as Eromaga. I am thinking about doing one of her friends who will be dressed as Eromaga next time.

This Russian chick let me tell you offers a very high class service and she really provided me an unforgettable naughty and sensual experience dressed as Eromaga. First I did her with her clothes on, then I did her with her clothes off and then I did her with just her bra on. I asked her to change her lipstick color each time I fucked her and I enjoyed her the most in purple lipstick. She looked stunning sucking my cock with that purple lipstick on. The moment when she was smiling while sucking my cock is still appearing in front of my eyes. Gosh! I am thinking about fucking her this Sunday as well.

This time I am thinking of fucking her dressed as a Greek goddess. What do you say?

Her body was all warm all the time and she was sweating as well. Her pussy dripping wasn’t as noticeable due to her sweating all the time. As all the regular readers of my website know that I possess the stamina of a horse and that was more than enough to get her all dripping in sweat.

Anyways, if you would like to have some pleasure too with the same chick, just feel free to message me and I will send you her original pictures along with the price.

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I fucked this big ass curvaceous chick who was dressed like Eromanga and I loved it

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Hey guys, I did it. I fucked a girl last night who was dressed as Eromanga. I never heard the name Eromanga ever before but this bitch was looking stunning and therefore I followed her like a mad dog and finally managed to sit on her lap.

This chick was hot and blue-eyed. She was dressed in pink jacket and pink trousers and underneath that pink dress were white bra and panties. After I undressed her, I saw pink nipples and pink pussy and a smooth and huge ass which I couldn’t notice when she was all dressed.

She was white like milk and I made her even whiter by spilling my cum all over her. She didn’t even take a shower afterwards. She wanted me to fuck her one more time but I couldn’t get it hard again. I needed some Red Bulls to get hard again and the nearby stores didn’t have any available. Let me tell you that I become a bull myself after having some Red Bulls.

I asked this curvy chick if she could meet me again the next Saturday dressed as Eromanga only and she gave me a sure yes. I am going to bang the same chick again on Saturday. I have already bought some condoms and although I am going to wear the condom, I am going to cum on her face only.

I believe that this time she will be all ready with her make up on for me on the door and greet me with a warm and friendly smile. I am going to ask her if she has a sister, cousin or a friend who can join us too for a nice threesome. I have been planning to ask her the same since I first met her but I am kind of scared.

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Smashing chicks in Ramnagar, Uttarakhand was never so easy and fun before

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As you all know that I have a habit of exploring the world and the beautiful women that live inside it. Recently, I went all alone in my Mahindra Thar to enjoy the sightseeing of this popular but small town in the heart of Uttarakhand that goes by the name Ramnagar. When I was on my way to Ramnagar, I was scared that I will not be able to find some escort service in Ramnagar as it is a small town and the probability of finding a hot escort chick in a small town of India is most of the times next to none but I was surprised that the same Neelam Agency that arranged a beauty for me in Nainital was able to arrange an even hotter thing for me in Ramnagar.

This Ramnagar chick was so impressed with my big dick that she wanted me to fuck her again but my dick was hurting like crazy after smashing her for over 150 minutes (BJ duration included), so I asked her if I could finger her smooth and stunning ass and she happily let me do the same. I first licked her ass all over and I was even willing to eat her shit but she had none inside. I started fingering her and asked the beauty if she would let me make a video too while I finger her ass and she agreed, I was really surprised and at once I doubted that I am dreaming, so much fun in just one night, unbelievable. After my finger got tired, I told her that she may leave now, she kissed me on my lips for 2 complete minutes and then left.

I am going to Ramnagar again on the upcoming Saturday and I will ask Neelam for the same chick again for sure.

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