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If we ever get to live on some other planet, my only wish be that they have a porn solution for everyone there as well like they do here on earth

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“Women are a piece of art and anybody who denies this or doesn’t agree is an idiot”, said my grandfather to me, the day I turned 21. Although my grandfather is no more with me now, but his memories still stay with me all the time and I am reminded of the above mentioned statement by him, each time I see a stunning woman who looks to me like someone from a different world.

My personal belief and observation is that the success doesn’t lead you somewhere as far as a happy sex life can. You are going to be ultimately forgotten, no matter what you do, how much of social welfare you do, how many lives you improve and how much money you make, but what stays with you in your grave is the memory of how many ejaculations you had with how many different women. Yes, I personally believe that a dead person remembers and can recall how many persons he/she had sex with and how good was their sex life. Hence, your sex life is always far more important than your marriage, children and career. Marriage, children and career are all headache and a wastage of life but sex is something so great that it cannot even be defined in words, it is literally too great for that.

I believe that incest was far more common in the Victorian era than it is now and the imprint of those great times were left so strong on the people that most of the porn videos of the 1970s and 1980s involved incest. The incest videos are back in the trend like they were in the sexy 70s, since the beginning of 2019, I believe that we have a porn solution for everyone like never before.

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Great quality pornstar dildos are extremely underpriced IMAO

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I am not a gay person but I believe that an average gay porn star dildo is extremely underpriced. You get to fuck the man of your dreams all the time for just a few bucks, which is amazing.

Here is this gay friend of mine who used to masturbate to hot WCW wrestlers all the time as a teen, especially Razor Ramon and Kevin Nash – the NWO guys. He is nowadays always busy having fun with his favorite pornstar – Tiger Tyson’s dildo. He says that there are too many options nowadays for a gay dude to pick one. He has a friend with benefits who owns more dildos than the number of clothes.

He claims that drinking kills his libido, which is contrary to the popular belief and opinion.

He also claims that edging using your favorite penis pump makes you feel high as fuck. He likes to refer to his dick as shampoo bottle, his semen as shampoo and the ass he gets to fuck as his hair.

He also claims to have done 90 days of NoFap only to experience no superpowers or benefits at all.

He also claims that many fictional characters in the ancient and medieval times were indirectly depicted as being gays but the creator dared not reveal their sexual orientation back then.

He has also read the Multi-Orgasmic Man by Mantak Chia thrice to have greater pleasure in the bed room.

My personal observation is that gay men like ice cream more than their straight counterparts. I even know a gay guy who likes to refer to his gay friend’s tool as the ice cream instead of the lollipop.

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First take a long while watching your favorite porno and then take a long nap

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You must always be very conscious of 2 things:- First who are you fucking and second what you eat. Fortunately enough, you need not to worry about the first much if you only masturbate to top notch porno. Just make sure that you only watch healthy porno and not something unnatural and unhealthy like bestiality. Don’t rush, just look for the best possible HD porno first and then only take your cocks out.

If you take a wank regularly and you worry all the time about what others are thinking about you, then you aren’t doing it right. As they say, take a long nap after you take a wank, try to take a long nap after you take a long wank and see how it goes for you then.

I personally believe that the technology in the future will be able to take care of most of the sexual issues in both men and women.

I have been watching a lot of Canadian porn lately and I am very much obsessed with this Wifey from the Wifey’s World. Anyway, I have concluded looking at Wifey’s videos that you must consult a sex expert if you feel that you aren’t good enough in the bed. Do you wanna know how I got to conclude this looking at Wifey’s videos? Because her husband is the one who consults a lot of sex experts.

Wifey mentioned in one of her most recent blog posts that these guys are going to try swinging soon enough as well. I am awaiting those great times eagerly and I really believe that their swinging videos are going to be a hell of a fun as well. My piece of advice to them is that swinging is not just about fucking one night, you may enjoy the familiar swingers as long as you would like to. I really hope that their swinging videos will be full of group sex and foursomes.

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Cam Chat Fever! Cam Chat Fever! Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!

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If it is your first time on a live sex cam chat, it can be a nerve-wrecking experience but it is full of excitement as well at the same time nonetheless. While Polish chicks are some of the finest around, Germans are even far superior, you just have to visit Webcamsex Deutschland to confirm this fact. I am telling you, even if some of the Biblical patriarchs were around and some of these girls said to them “Let’s Play Baby”, I bet none of those Biblical patriarchs would be able to resist.

I have spoken to several different cam models in my lifetime and they all have some interesting tale to tell to you. One cam model once told me that she likes basketball players because of their stamina, long dongs and height. She said that professional basketball players are better to her because they are rich as well.

I once had the pleasure of fucking these twin sisters whom I met through a live sex cam chat as well. These twin sisters told me that they both refer to big black cocks as sniper rifles and they regularly fuck some rugged NATO mercenaries because nobody else is willing to fuck those and do it as a form of social service. I personally believe that mercenaries nowadays are more rugged than the army men.

One of these twin sisters had breasts so large and they were high quality and had a peculiar sort of beauty as well, it made me realize what an adrenaline rush is and why chatting with cam girls is always better than wasting your time watching porn because you can get lucky with these cam girls for real, I even know some dudes that have married cam models that they first met through cam chat, then hooked with them only to first fall in love with them and then marrying them.

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Your next-door-neighbor is fucking his sex doll while chatting with your voluptuous wife and you ain’t even know it

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No matter how much you love each other or are successfully able to pretend the same, you will be surprised to see how much fighting is involved in an average marriage. According to me, setting up a free cam chat website is the greatest humanitarian work that somebody can do in the modern era and xxnx24 has clearly done the same.

One of my good friends refers to breasts as mountains and nipples as Everest. He is a pretty cool and fun-loving guy who is always hiring escorts or fucking his expensive sex doll while chatting with some hot cam model.

I believe that United Nations must do something to encourage free sex cam chats in order to generate employment across the world and make the world a happier place. I personally know several cam models that have married their regular clients.

I travel a lot to Vietnam and Thailand and I still remember having fun with this Vietnamese beauty that I met through a webcam chat. I believe that Vietnamese women are better fucks than their Thai counterparts and are extremely underrated as well.

Most cam models have a great sense of dressing too, they seldom wear anything that looks ridiculous or uncomfortable.

There was a time when partying only meant fucking, it still is the same to a great extent, the only thing that has changed is that most men are fucking their sex dolls while talking to a hot cam model in the name of partying and most women are having fun with their dildos and vibrators while talking to a bodybuilder on a live sex cam chat in the name of partying.

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Newly married couples in their early 20s are indulging in swinging and making videos

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Contrary to what most may think, many swinger couples are actually proud of their activity. Some people have a crazy idea that indulging in swinging is full of dangers which is far from the truth. I have personally indulged in swinging many times with my best friend’s wife acting as my own and it is fun and worry-free each time.

One swinger couple that I personally know involves in swinging only on the Christmas day. The husband in this case is a blogger as well. The headline of his blog reads “The deeper you go into the pussy, the more heavenly it feels. Going by this logic, a brothel full of nice women is the Kingdom of Heaven.”

Some men and women have a bad habit of background checking while swinging. I call it a bad habit because there is no need to do so as it is a cumbersome and time wasting activity.

Surprisingly enough, doctors and lawyers seem to fuck their spouses everyday and that seems to be the reason why they are some of the most regular at swinger parties or maybe, it is owing to their high education graphs that they are overall more broad minded, only god knows.

I have also met youngest of the couples that are in their early 20s, recently married and they are interested in swinging as much as their older counterparts. They must be rather watching Best Swinger Porn Videos but they are rather busy indulged in actual swinging. Maybe they first learn with watching those videos and then get involved in swinging, only god knows.

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Wrestling fan spends all his day wanking to the naked pictures on MyNudeX

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One of my good friends who is a wrestling freak told me yesterday that the wrestler Tank Abbott used to pay another wrestler Shawn Michaels tens of thousands of dollars for having sex with him. I clearly told him “Look, I am not interested in hearing these rumors, tell me something interesting.” And then he showed me this huge collection of naked pictures on a website that goes by the name MyNudeX. This action of his really made my day, they were really some stunning women displaying their stunning assets.

This wrestling freak friend of mine wants to enter the sex toy manufacturing business and he wants to manufacture nothing but WCW, WWF and WWE diva lookalike sex toys. He jerks off at least thrice a week to the infamous MILF wrestler Stacy Keibler and at least twice a week to another MILF wrestler – Trish Stratus. He says that he can never get enough of these two women and he will keep jerking off to these two until the last day of his life as these are the two to whom he jerked off to all his teenage years.

The best thing about fucking a sex doll while watching the naked pictures of a beautiful woman on the screen is that you don’t need to worry about your sophistication,elegance, distinction, good looks in that case at all. All that you need is a dick and some lubricant or oil and there you go, keep smashing that plastic bitch for hours at a time.

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Apply mustard oil to your dick and watch an Indian porn flick

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An Indian friend of mine once told me to wank after applying mustard oil to increase my organ’s length, pleasure and sensitivity and an Arab friend told me to wank after applying the oil that is extracted from the fat of Indian spiny-tailed wizard. To your surprise, I use both and I prefer to watch only Indian porn when I am in the mood for a nice and long wank.

No longer it is cumbersome to find and hire a nice escort but there is no way that an ever-horny dude like me is going to put a full-stop to my wank addiction. I love all Indian beautiful chicks when it comes to porn but I only fuck Indian escorts with long hair.

I have personally observed several times that disabled people are usually more sexual. I also believe that gay and bisexual men are more horny and sexual compared to their straight counterparts and although there are no reliable surveys that verify my claim where they have measured the testosterone levels, sizes and if they ever could sensitivity of the dicks as well among the gay, straight and bisexual men, and even if they did, the survey would have been completely useless and unreliable; I still believe that my observation about the gay and bisexual men being more sexual and horny is true.

I find those men and women stupid that look for the so-called right place whenever they are in a mood for good fuck, see, in the heat of passion, every place is the right place for the deed and that’s the reason why I consider animals to be smarter than us in many regards, they don’t look for a so-called right place when they are in the mood for fucking.

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Never before there was so much fucking in public or free HD videos showing the same

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An old man once told me that there was a time when women would fear large cocks, today they don’t want anything lesser than 8.5 inches long. He added that there was a time when women would hesitate to kiss in the public, but today they are the ones to initiate sex in public. He said that’s the greatest reason for him to believe that times have really changed.

I love Japanese porn. Public porn and incest videos have always been extremely popular in Japan and I love both. I love Italian incestuous videos as well.

No matter how much they brag to you about the vintage porn videos, there were never so much Watch Free Porn In Public Videos HD available.

I have a huge cock and I can last forever and there are very few guys that I envy when it comes to fucking a woman but I saw this one dude last night in a free porn video who was fucking this amateur looking pornstar woman that resembled Jessica Robbins a lot, at the fucking speed of a rocket. Man, I really need the stuff that this dude was on.

It is funny how the MILFs like to fuck more in the public than their younger counterparts although they are supposed to be more sophisticated.

It is my personal observation that whenever a young dude with raging hormones and a big cock and a stunning woman with high estrogen levels are together somewhere, there is bound to be sexual tension between them both. It is not so unusual to fuck in public nowadays, it is my personal advise to you that if you are a man or a woman who encounters several sexually tense situations in public, don’t hesitate, be the one to initiate and you will be surprised to learn and experience how easy it is.

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Amazed at the astonishingly well-organized escort agencies of Porto Alegre

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I love visiting Brazil as all of my regular readers know. Last month when I was there, I hired this stunning Porto Alegre Escort (Acompanhantes Porto Alegre) whom I requested to do a cop roleplay on me and she really did it very well.

I had fun with her 90 minutes straight and she was all wet throughout the session and let me tell you, I have never seen a chica who can produce so much of natural lubrication for so long. Her pussy produced thousands of watts of current on my dick which I can still feel while I am writing this and I have also never felt so nostalgic before while writing something, especially on my blog.

I was surprised to see that some escort agencies in Brazil are so busy that they have an array of full-time accountants working for them.

They also have some of the most intelligent ladies working for them as escorts in Brazil. When I was there in Porto Alegre, I saw one of the most expensive escorts there who is a screenwriter by profession and is responsible for writing some of the most successful Brazilian movies ever. This screenwriter and escort has it clearly written on her escort profile page that even couples that are crazy in love ain’t interested in watching love stories anymore and hence she doesn’t write love stories at all.

Another thing that I loved about the major escort agencies of Porto Alegre is that they have escort ladies scattered everywhere in the city and hence it doesn’t matter where your hotel is exactly located, one of their chicas is going to meet you within as less as 30 minutes.

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Playtime Strippers is without a doubt the best agency when it comes to having fun in Southern California

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It is amazing how complete strangers sometimes can look and feel like familiar people. I am talking about those ravishing female strippers that we enjoyed in Southern California at one of my best friends’ bachelor party. It was really amazing to see the reactions of all the voyeurs in front of the strippers, they all had their mouths wide opened.

I have always believed that strip dance is an art but I was never so sure about the same until I saw these sexy, charming and magnificent female strippers from Playtime Strippers. Looking at the aesthetic bodies of these strippers, it looked like they were some angels from another planet. These strippers really take great care of their bodies, skin and everything else. I love women with the body of Sabrina Salerno and luckily enough, all of those strippers had the body of Sabrina Salerno in her 20s. I have a fetish for women with long aesthetic necks with their nerves visible out of that and luckily enough, some of these ladies had such necks, LOL.

It is funny that a client doesn’t ask their strip agency direct question many times and the agencies are expert at guessing what you want to know and the same happened when this great friend of mine hired strippers from Playtime Strippers.

Here is a poem that I wrote about my favorite stripper amongst those all:-

“Breasts looked like two big mountains,

I had the youth also known as fountain,

I was ready to climb those mountains and drink that champagne,

If owned a magazine, I will feature her on the cover of magazine,

It doesn’t matter to me whether those chicks are Scandinavian or Latin.”

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Escorts are outdated, real men now hire tantric masseuses

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Once a friend of mine told me that he fucked Savannah Jane (the popular dumb pornstar) with his music player and earphones on because his small dick couldn’t make her moan. After hearing this, I told him that he is a dumbass. Even a 4 inch cock can make a woman go mad if you live totally in the moment and become one with your woman.

Any experienced man or a woman will tell you that a bigger gun doesn’t mean much if it is not quick, reliable and durable. If you don’t know how to use yours, then make a trip to South Africa and enjoy some sensual massage Cape Town.

Escorts belonging to ethnic minorities really work hard to make their client happy as they take it personal and they do their best to glorify their ethnicity and/or country but the Tantric masseuses always break all the records when they are at it, if you are not aware of this fact by now then you are doing yourself a great injustice.

One tantric masseuse once told me that to any woman, making love in a tent resort is far more fun than anywhere else and since then I only book Miller’s Point Resort whenever I am in Cape Town. I believe that this obsession of making love in a tent is something that we inherited from our ancestors as they used to make love all the time and they didn’t have nothing but the tents for thousands if not millions of years.

Almost each and every tantric masseuse that I personally know believes in improvising each and every night and the ones from Cape Town even improvise in the day.

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I can smell a sweaty boob from my computer screen and your busty wife knows it

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If you are a regular reader of my blog then you must be aware by now of the fact that I have a thing for the big breasted women with pale complexion. I am glad that the internet porn industry has come way too far by now that we get to see more beautiful busty porn babes than most of us will ever see in the flesh.

It is great to see that talking on phone while fucking videos have been getting larger in number by each week but I still feel that there aren’t many of those as they are so much fun to watch and their number is far lower than it should have been according to that measure.

I am not bragging but I can smell from my computer screen that whether the pornstar is wearing a deodorant or not and just watching an ugly or beautiful woman with big boobs getting fucked all sweaty and smelly with her natural odor not wearing a deodorant is enough to get me hard again after I have recently had a fuck session. I still remember watching the Miami based Latino pornstar – Lisa Lee’s scene where she was asking for water again and again. She was all sweaty and smelly with her natural odor and I cannot recall how many times I watched that scene when it newly came up.

I personally believe that theater actors fail to make great pornstars, forget about a theater actor, any woman that acts a lot fails to make a great pornstar, the only great pornstars are the women that are nymphos in their real life as well. Only if the pornstar is really enjoying it, then it makes a great scene otherwise there is no chance, no matter what definition the video is or how good looking the pornstars are or what positions they are fucking at.

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Me and my most favorite Goan escort orgasm simultaneously 7 out of 10 times

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It really feels like that the whole cosmos is with you when you and your woman orgasm simultaneously. Well, I am reminded of the time when last week I and my favorite Goa escort had an orgasm simultaneously when I write this. She is an absolutely beautiful human being along with being a gorgeous and charming woman.

I really believe that priests and religious scholars are the ultimate enemies of freedom and if you want to live your life to the fullest and freely then you need to be an atheist and if you believe that it is unnatural for a human being to live without following a religion or worshiping a god then you may worship Eros, Kamadeva, Aphrodites and other similar gods and/or angels.

Take my advice here: The escorts and/or pornstars that don’t use a stage name are the best of the best 99% of the times.

I really believe that there should be sex universities where they have a 3 year course and they should be given grades and degrees just like they do in the other universities.

One of my most favorite South Goa escorts has huge assets. She claims that she has caught several men and even few women taking pictures of her buttocks and boobs while they thought she was not looking and I do believe it as her buttocks and breasts are heavenly indeed.

I have found in my decades of hiring escorts that escorts from Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia and Montenegro are really something else and North Goa has several of those. There used to be many Slovenian and Serbian escort girls available in South Goa but not anymore, forget about an in-call, the North Goan escort agencies are not even willing to send their gorgeous Slovenian, Croatian, Serbian and Montenegrin to any of the hotels or resorts in South Goa.

From my own experience, I must say that there is no certainty that the Winner stands alone but one thing is for certain that a dick always stands alone. Another experience of mine has proven to me that socially awkward people are really great fucks, including myself.

Almost all the escorts in Goa that I have ever met hate anal sex. One of the Candolim female escorts that I know is a lawyer by profession, she hates anal sex and calls it being penalized.

Gone are the days when straight female escorts used to go mad and crazy for handsome, tall men and would do anything that they would ask for. Nowadays, female escorts only prefer men that can last for hours and make their women scream like little bitches they are.

I am a great fan of Sir Isaac Newton and it is my dream to have a brothel in Nevada one day which I am going to name Newton’s Apples.

I am also working on inventing robots that will help couples to have a better sex life. My friends are already encouraging me enough and their encouragement has really been helping me a lot and I appreciate it beyond words.

I really believe that coffee is a very underrated aphrodisiac and I also believe that men and women that masturbate a lot in their teen years tend to have frog eyes once they are fully grown up adults.

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Never before there were so many female escorts to fuck around with across the globe

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I was recently in Bucharest, Romania, where I had fun with many different escorts of different shapes. One of the chicks that I had an overnight session with kept on laughing in a very funny way while I was fucking her and that reminded me of the retired pornstar Lucky Benton a lot.

One of the MILF pornstars that I met had a strange fetish. She liked to fuck more with her dark shades on which I also delighted in as it is my personal experience that if a woman is happy with some certain fetish then a man should let be it as the joy and happiness that a woman finds in a sexual escapade is what makes the experience fun for the man as well.

Whenever I have an awful day or I get too tired, I simply hire an escort no matter where I am, I normally do not prefer incalls (visiting the escort’s location) but I agree for that as well in desperation. What I do next is that I try to last as long as possible and that experience takes away all my tiredness which I have found to have increased my dopamine levels and sexual stamina as well.

Here is another tip from me if you are new to having fun with female escorts and that is that the women with big lips and small mouths provide the best blowjobs possible.

I hate dating doctors and lawyers and I am lucky to have never come across an escort who was a doctor or lawyer as well.

I have been obsessed with Mindi Mink lately and I am now looking for an escort who looks just like herself. I believe that Slut Zone is exactly where I can find one of those.

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What can be a better sight than watching sexy big boobed Japanese women lined up all nude

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I love to see busty Japanese women with their smooth asses dressed up in nothing but narrow glittering strips.

For me personally, fucking a woman with her makeup on really doubles the fun and I cannot comprehend why some men don’t like their women with their makeup on.

It is my personal observation that 30 something women are the best in bed and a lot more women love the missionary position than is normally perceived. A man can kiss her breasts and do a lot of other things while fucking her in the missionary position which he is unable to do while he is fucking her doggie or cowgirl style.

Here is my message of the day for women that they shouldn’t hide the sadness, disgust or joy after their sex session with their man is over in order to make him realize how well it was and for him to get better in the future.

I have a dream of owning a brothel in Nevada where only busty Japanese women will be employed. I would like to name the brothel – Newton’s Apples. I am really obsessed with the Japanese MILFs and I have fapped more than 20 times to this very same video where the Japanese women were having a boobs convoy party. I can really recognize a freak in bed from the very face and there are several of those at Sex Jepun Porn websites which unfortunately I cannot have fun in reality with as I do not live in Japan. Anyways, you can still wank to those movies and feel like you really fucked those Japanese chicks in reality.

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Hiring female escorts regular is the only solution that can make you get rid of your porn addiction

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I know for certain that you all have heard the term ‘Love at First Sight’ but have you ever heard ‘Wank at First Sight’? One of the most famous serial killers of all times – Ted Bundy used to suffer with the wank at first sight situation and that played a huge role in getting him caught as well. I personally believe that millions if not billions of lives could have been saved if the human beings used their brains right and hired sexy and classy escorts from Escorte Si Saloane De Masaj Din Romania instead of banging their own hand or raping women.

Since the time I turned into an adult, I have been having this personal problem where I get incredibly horny between 10 PM and 2 AM each night and that’s the reason why I always look for the escort services that provide round the clock services.

One of my good friends is not a cross-dresser but he wears female cologne whenever he takes a wank, he claims that it increases the pleasure and he is not willing to take my advice on it when I tell him that hiring female escorts is the solution and it will turn him into a new man. He is always on a lookout for the pornstars and cam models that look just like his female neighbors to get the feeling that he is fondling and having fun with his next-door ladies that he always keeps dreaming about. He told me that he had a strong heartbreak recently when on the advice of random Redditors, he proposed an Air Stewardess whom he fell for on the first sight, she insulted him extreme badly in front of the other passengers, since then he has been looking for pornstars and cam models that remind him of the same air stewardess and bangs his own hand while looking at the same and get the feeling that he is banging that very air stewardess.

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Bhopal has more stunning high class female escorts than ever before

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I only fuck escort women with long hair and there is no better place for such ladies than Bhopal in India, let me tell you. There are several Bhopal Escorts Online that advertise their services independently or work with some agency – both reputed and unknown.

I am a lawyer by profession and I generally love to postpone ejaculation for the next day on and call it adjournment but I cannot control my mind and my pelvic muscle when I am in one of the super-sexy Bhopal female escorts.

It is one of my several personal observations that people who love their work very much are either likely to have sex like there’s no tomorrow or hate even the word ‘sex’. I belong to the first category that even hates the word ‘sex’. The average Joes are just average about sex as well and I am glad that I am not one of those.

One of the female escorts that I made love to while I was in Bhopal the previous time reminded me of the receptionist of the same Bhopal hotel that I was staying at.

I don’t know a single escort girl that drives a Toyota but each and every escort girl that I have seen driving personally, drove a Hyundai which really says something. It means that escorts don’t care about the durability but they rather prefer the number of features.

One of my personal advises to you if you are new to hiring escorts is that you should always be precise to the escort agency that you have called or they will disconnect your call, they get tons of prank calls each day and they are very furious to disconnect the call if they smell that you are a prankster or not interested in their services and have just called to get some pictures through Whatsapp.

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Big Butt Pornstars are more popular than ever before and have caused a great increment in lubricant sale

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Here are my 2 cents for the women – quality and size of ass matters more than the price and quality of your lingerie or undergarments. You all better spend more money and time developing and nurturing a fine and beautiful ass than decorating it temporarily.

I recently watched this big butt porn where the pornstar had one of the best butts that I ever saw and it is a pity that I still don’t even know her name. I really believe that this girl follows all the prominent exercises for a better ass as she was too slim and it is very rare to see a slim girl with such a huge ass. Her ass was at least 1.5 times the size of Luscious Lopez and she was even thinner than Luscious Lopez in her 20s.

There are studies proving that putting a full stop to your smoking addiction really helps with higher estrogen levels which ultimately helps you have a bigger ass.

I am more into fucking than wanking but there is this great friend of mine who is circumcised and finds it hard to to take a wank without any special oil or lubricant. He always keeps a lubricant in his pocket because it makes it easier for him to take a wank. He is such a wank addict that he has buried all the past and ordinary ways of wanking. He has his own innovative ideas and ways about it. Once when a girlfriend of this guy had already found out about his porn addiction and he knew about it before she even got to talk about the same to him, to save his face, he accused his girlfriend of cheating on him before she told him that she had discovered that he is a masturbation and porn addict.

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Reddish pussy tastes better than a Radish any day, check a red pussy tonight on Bongacams

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Those who claim that money cannot buy you happiness have definitely never visited Amsterdam, Bangkok or even bongacams.

After chatting with thousands of different cam models from all across the globe over a period of 14 years, I have come to the conclusion that even the best male actor in the world cannot act or pretend as good as a woman full of femininity.

I have come across women that claimed that the inches of a penis do not matter as much as the sensitivity and how he uses it does but then I found the same women talking right the opposite. I sometimes feel like cutting my dick altogether and fix it in a hot pussy for once and all.

I really find the rude MILFs in their late 30s and early 40s to be a huge turn on and that’s the reason why I want to marry someone a bit older than me but the condition is that she has to be a rude fuck.

I fucked some of the best-looking Russian girls during my several trips to Moscow. I was really surprised to find that many of them had reddish pussies instead of the regular pinkish. Those pussies really looked something out of this world and the best part was that they even felt far better than a regular pink pussy. Thanks to ridiculously cold weather. Along with giving us ridiculously cold people and beautiful chicks, it also gave us best looking pussies with best feel. If you don’t believe me, then visit any cam site tonight that has loads of Russian girls working on it and check the color of their pussies yourself. I bet one out of every three pussies will turn out to be a red one. Don’t check out the Russian pussies on the porn websites, those girls either belong to Eurasian Steppe or because they get fucked several times a day, their pussies have lost their original color.

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Busty Thai Masseuse keeps popping out illegitimate babies but still can’t get enough of unprotected sex

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As a student of Chemistry, I really believe that the ‘Law of Reciprocal Proportions’ helps you to have better sex sessions. I have had sex with women belonging to different regions of the world and I really find Macedonian women to be the best fucks I have ever had. These women are the most underrated fucks on earth and anybody who wants to try one can visit some street prostitute in Skopje, Macedonia.

Although Macedonian women aren’t popular for their big busts, I recently saw some fucking their spouses in different videos of Big Boobs Tube. I understand a bit of the Macedonian language and there was this one Macedonian woman in one Big Boobs Tube video that was referring to her husband’s precum all over the video as precum, that’s the woman to watch if you wanna learn how freaky and kinky those Macedonian women are. Along with being great fucks, these women are intelligent as well, generally.

I am very frequent to Bangkok, Thailand and I have been seeing more and more big boobed foreign women working as prostitutes there to fulfill the demand for naturally busty women. One masseuse I met there told me that she uses olive oil to increase the size of her breasts. She wanted to have sex with me without me wearing a condom but I refused and then she told me that she loves having sex without condom so much that she had gone through 3 abortions within 5 years of her prostitution career but she will keep having sex without any sort of protection on until the day she dies.

The face and boobs of that Thai masseuse reminded me of a busty saleswoman whom I once sarcastically asked how many litres of milk can these jugs contain, she got what I was saying and slapped me right away.

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I could sniff her pussy out of my laptop screen while chatting with her in a private show – Thank you lord for creating me in the 21st century

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More and more sexy grannies are turning exotic cam dancers and I never knew that they have such sexy grandmas in the United Kingdom until I enjoyed the sexy services of one last night in a private show. She kept fucking herself with a VibraToy and got so much involved that for a while she even forgot that she was chatting with a young dick wanking off to her old pussy, boobs and ass. This granny looked like my college principal’s White and sexy version with a little less intelligence but bigger boobies. I was such a thirsty young man even in the college that I had a huge crush on my college principal as well, I would fuck any female as long as I had my cock intact. In the Hindi language, we refer to boobies as ‘choochies’ and it is a funny word even to the native speakers.

Just last week, I read in a newspaper advice column that internet pornography and live sex shows have reduced the violence on the streets a lot and I must say that those UK grannies must have played a huge role in the same.

This granny got very personal with me and she told me that her mother also used to perform at the strip clubs just like she did when she was younger. This private show UK granny told me that she raised her son catholic in a hope that he will grow up to become a doctor or a lawyer but he is a gay pornstar and doesn’t call her mother for months. It is only herself who calls her son each time only to find that he seldom responds through the phone calls and prefers Whatsapp instead. She doubts that he doesn’t even like his mother’s voice. Anyways, I don’t care about any of that as long as hot bitches like these keep my dick hard and sensitive.

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Taoist Sexual Practices are turning men and women into happy and healthy wankers

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It has been over 3 decades since Mantak Chia started preaching the Taoist sexual practices to men and women in order to increase their virility in his books but it was only 6-7 years ago when millions and millions of people came across his teachings, thanks to the internet. I was surprised to read the comment section of the video where London Real’s Brian Rose was interviewing Mantak Chia and the comments that I read had over 90% of the people that already knew about Mantak and his teachings much before the interview. A lot of those guys had even read his books. Then I went on to check about how many Europeans and Americans knew about Mantak already and I was again surprised to learn that in a survey conducted in France, England, Ireland and some parts of the United States, 65% of the male participants answered that they never knew that sex without ejaculation was possible or harmless until they came across Mantak Chia’s teachings. I am not a fan of Mantak Chia or promoting him but I personally believe that one of the main reasons why tube porn websites have been having longer retention rate for the past few years is because the wankers watching the porn videos online nowadays retain their seed instead of spilling it off with the practice of edging which they mostly learnt from Mantak Chia or his followers. I recently came across this marvelous porn website – Tiny Porn Site, where the comment section was again full of edging talk and when I checked the website retention rate, I was stunned.

I spend a lot of my time reading profile descriptions on Boobpedia and when I look for the videos of some of the pornstars I never heard before, I keep coming across those JOI edging videos more than ever before. Thanks to Mantak Chia for making men and women across the world live a heavenly life.

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This friend of mine from Quebec has found a secret heaven in Longueuil

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“Natural boobs are beautiful but implants aren’t bad either if done right, look at Ava Addams”, said my Sikh friend from Canada Harjeet Singh Gill when I and Harjeet met in Quebec where we had fun with several different erotic masseuses (Massage érotiques) of different ethnicites and origins.

Ava Addams is also a French beauty but she is nothing like the chicks that we had fun with in Quebec, Canada.

This Harjeet Singh Gill dude jumps rope everyday to increase his stamina in the bed and he also claims that it makes him harder and faster in the bed and that French beauty that we both together had fun with in Quebec could confirm this. I am myself thinking of starting to jump rope after meeting this Harjeet Singh Gill dude.

I believe that masseuses and escorts are some of the most down-to-earth personas on the planet. These masseuses and escorts are very generous as opposed to any beautiful regular woman as they don’t get arrogant after getting complimented or flirted by men but rather they feel thankful to the one who compliments them.

This Harjeet Singh Gill dude also told me that he used to exchange porn movies with his dad when he was still a teenager and his father had no issues exchanging with him the movies of Traci Lords, Kay Parker or Honey Wilder. He says that till date, his most favorite pornstar is Kay Parker.

This Harjeet Singh Gill dude is also a good friend of the naturally-busty Cuban-American pornstar – Alanis. He told me that this son of Alanis used to wank day and night to the Italian and French porn until Harjeet Singh Gill took him to this Longueuil massage parlour.

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Wife left him halfway through the blowjob, he had to relieve his sexual tension jerking off to Alexis Fawx Cumshot compilation

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Fred Avelino is a black gentleman with a BBC who says that the biggest mistake in his life was marrying a Chinese woman. Fred married his Chinese wife for the money but their sex life is literally zero. He hates that she starts crying whenever he gets inside her.

Once he tried to check the length of the deepness of his wife’s pussy and she slapped him so hard with her tiny hands.

Fred believes that regional languages have better sounding and funny slangs and that’s why he learnt all the Hindi slangs that he could find on the internet. He used the same while his wife gave him a blowjob only to be left in the middle again. He had to jerk off to the Alexis Fawx Cumshot compilation in order to release the created tension after that.

Fred dated some Filipino women in the past and he claims that these Filipino women are hard-working, charming and intelligent but they lie a lot and hence they are great fucks but poor wives or girlfriends.

Fred also believes that the women that belong to countries with their own history and heritage have a distinct glow than the ones that don’t and they are more feminine as well.

Fred is also not ashamed to tell his story with his own mom. He says that when once he was drunk and lived with his parents, by mistake he slept in his parents’s room. His mom thought that he was dad and started blowing him until she finally saw his face, got dressed up and acted like nothing happened.

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This dude’s dad gifted him a VR headset on his birthday with a picture of Alexis Fox giving footjob

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Caesar Irving has always had a strange relationship with his father. This year he gifted his sex addict father a room full of condoms to make him feel embarrassed and get him out of his sex addiction. The father couldn’t come out of his addiction but took a revenge on the son by gifting him a VR headset with Alexis Fawx Footjob picture posted on the box.

Caesar claims that many Hollywood producers are secretly involved in producing porn movies. Caesar also claims that these producers deliberately recruit actors in the porn movies that are bad at reciting dialogues so that their Hollywood mainstream actors don’t look like midgets in front of these pornstars.

Caesar brags that he can take a wank while riding his motorcycle at a speed of 100. His father brags that when he was young, he could fuck a woman while driving normally.

Caesar says that fucking a bitch in a limo is one of the best things that you can do.

Caesar finds it impossible to believe that the German black pornstar – Anja committed suicide because of an unfulfilled love affair. He says that this woman could get any man that she wanted so why would she commit suicide just because she couldn’t get one man.

Caesar’s mother is of Japanese ancestry and his father is of Northern European ancestry.

Caesar claims that Social Security Benefits has created more wankers than anything else. He says that he doesn’t know a single man who has been taking advantage of the Social Security Benefits and doesn’t regularly masturbate.

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Big dick and big brain don’t go together but big breasts and big brains do

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Isaac Tracy is a very athletic looking young man from the Great Britain who finds Alexis Fawx to be the best looking woman in the world after the B-movie actress – Roberta Vasquez.

Isaac is also a fan of the shape of Julie K Smith’s breasts shape.

Isaac says that the world is always going to remember the revolution that Alyssa Lynn, Alexis Fawx and Reagan Foxx brought about in the world of stepmom movies. Isaac is a great fan of Alexis Fawx Family Strokes series where she fucks with her family members all the time.

Isaac says that there is really something very sexy about the skin of the German women but Alexis surpasses them all.

Isaac says that he gets mad whenever he sees Alexis Fawx wearing a sexy lingerie. He claims to have sent some love letters to Alexis Fawx to which she never replied.

Isaac’s wife – Delia is a lawyer by profession and being a bisexual woman, she is notorious for promoting LGBT rights. Delia uses bitter melon and carrots to jerk herself off watching Alexis Fawx’s porn movies herself.

Delia finds women with long neck and big breasts too hot for words. She says that the combination of a thin and narrow waist with a big ass is also great but it is no competition to the combination of long neck and big breasts.

Delia says that a 10 inches plus long dick and a big brain is something completely unheard of but it is not the same for the boobs. Delia says that she knows some of the bustiest women with huge working brains.

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Web designer turned full-time porn movie actor is a huge fan of Alexis Fawx

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When you are starting off with a porn movie you will most likely be not able to stop yourself from touching your dick and it is completely natural, says Lombardo Zaratelli, a web designer turned full-time porn movie actor.

Lombardo claims that he has an innovative and revolutionary online business plan, he is just looking for a financier.

Lombardo only eats Kosher. He claims that it increases his balls and brain size. Lombardo also plays drum and he keeps his fleshlight stored inside the special storage space in his drum.

Being a male pornstar, Lombardo knows several kids that get bullied all the time just because their mum is a pornstar.

Lombardo is not ashamed to admit that he used to wank to his mum and elder sister while they used to bath, peeping from the keyhole. He says that after once they both caught him, they got him an internet connection so that he can wank to the internet porn movies. He says that he was reminded of his dream to fuck his own mom when he watched the video in which Alexis Fawx fucks son.

Lombardo claims that cross-dressing is the greatest aphrodisiac and if you haven’t tried it yet, you gotta do it once at least. He wonders all the time whether Alexis Fawx ever did it. He says that he is going to ask this question to Alexis Fawx if he ever gets the opportunity to star in one of her movies.

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Wealthy factory owner is willing to become a pool buy for Alexis Fawx

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Sean John is a wealthy factory owner that owns a huge linen manufacturing unit but he is willing to become a pool boy for lifetime if Alexis agrees to marry him.He recently watched a movie where Alexis was giving a handjob to the male pornstar, Sean wonders why would you just need a handjob from Alexis when she is willing to suck it. Sean’s most favorite Alexis movie of all time was the one in which she was fucking a black guy, the one in which she had black hair. He has most likely watched each and every Alexis Fawx BBC movie but his favorite remains the same, no matter how many movies come and go.

Sean says that he likes kissing a woman’s neck more than her lips

Sean’s ex-wife ended up marrying a Polish janitor because he had a dick longer than 10 inches and he could fuck for hours in one session.

Sean plans to marry soon again and he massages his penis with different oils regularly watching Alexis Fawx’s and Kayla Quinn’s videos. He says that he is getting ready for his future wife so that she never cheats on him.

Sean says that he would love to see Kayla Quinn and Alexis Fawx together in one movie.

Sean brags that he knows over one hundred tricks to take a wank.

Sean recently tested very high for his estrogen and prolactin levels which he believes is due to his wanking addiction. His friends now call him soyboy.

Sean cannot understand the obsession of his friends with Kendra Lust. He doesn’t find her attractive at all.

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Sex is the greatest rule to success – Roy Montero

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Roy Montero is a HR leader at a leading premium streaming platform and personally he is busy streaming the same Alexis Fawx Nuru video all the time.

This Roy Montero guy loves Indian papad and as much as he loves the taste of it, he tries his best to avoid it. He claims that once he ate a lot of papads only to find later on that even an Alexis Fawx video wasn’t able to get him hard.

Roy Montero says that Alexis Fawx is really something out of the Hindu mythology. He wonders all the time – how can one woman be so magnificent.

He claims that he can tell just by the glimpse of a woman’s face about how intelligent, creative and shrewd she is and he believes that Alexis is one of the most intelligent, creative and shrewd women out there and definitely the best in the porn industry in this regard. He claims that it may look like that Alexis just acts in the porn movies but in reality she writes those scripts as well. He says that it shouldn’t come as a surprise that if more than 30% of the Naughty America, Brazzers and BangBros movies were ghostwritten by Alexis in the past few years.

Roy remembers how he used to wank to Sabrina Salerno in his teenage years all the time.

Roy says that Alexis Fawx is like the Jean Harlow of the modern times and he says that he never watches an Alexis Fawx’s movie in the office as it becomes to hard to not take a wank then. He also claims that he used to abstain from masturbating in the summers earlier but not anymore.

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Mr Wanker prefers 43 yrs old Alexis over any other woman

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My best friend’s best friend’s best friend – Suleman is a serial wanker who cannot ever get enough of wanking with his circumcised penis using his favorite lubricant watching the porn movies of his favorite pornstar of all time – Alexis Faw. Suleman likes Alexis Faw even more since she has gone muscular. He says that it has been too long since he last masturbated to some other pornstar than Alexis Faw. Earlier, he used to be crazily obsessed with the topmost Chilean pornstar – Tara Holiday. He still loves her but only wanks to Tara Holiday.

Suleman says that he can tell how a MILF’s pussy, boobs and ass smell just by looking at her face. He finds the women most attractive in yellow and when he saw Tara Holiday’s movie with Danny D where Danny was playing her stepson, he went crazy, he would masturbate to the same video multiple times a day, sometimes even ten times a day.

A greater disaster occurred when Suleman saw a movie of Alexis Fawx fucking her son’s friend in a Naughty America wearing a sexy yellow lingerie. Suleman broke all his previous records when he masturbated 18 times to the same video within 24 hours.

Suleman says that after taking over 10 wanks, he sometimes starts feeling lonely.

Suleman says that they should make another Natural Wonders of the World porn series and cast Alexis Faw in it.

Suleman claims that he has compared several different pornstars with several different playboy playmates, says it is the pornstar that always comes up as a winner.

Suleman is extremely curious to see Alexis in her upcoming movie where she will be having a gangbang with 10 different BBCs. Suleman always wonders what Alexis would look like if she had natural breasts as big.

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eCabs driver from Malta wanks off to Alexis Fawx’s sex videos when his girlfriend isn’t around

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One of my pen friends from the Island of Malta – Lorenzo is an eCabs driver. No matter how hard he tries, he cannot resist looking at the passengers’s breasts through rear-view mirror. Lorenzo’s present girlfriend – Sabrina is a mechanical engineer, originally from Sweden who used to work for Volvo while she was in Sweden but got kicked out because she wouldn’t give her precious pussy and gorgeous ass to her boss like most other beautiful, young and unmarried employees in the company.

Lorenzo likes his girlfriend so much because she resembles his mega-busty aunt a lot. Lorenzo says that he has always had a crush on this aunt of his and when he fucks his current girlfriend, he feels like he is fucking that aunt of his, just with the smaller boobs. Lorenzo likes to call that aunt of his ‘Estrogen Factory’ and he says that he will pay his 6 months of income just to put one of her nipples in his mouth for 5 minutes.

Lorenzo has a bad habit of playing with his shaft even after he is done fucking his girlfriend. His girlfriend generally gives him a nuru massage for 15-20 minutes after he is done fucking her to get him hard again but whenever she has to leave early, Lorenzo is left with no other choice than to jerk off to his favorite pornstar – Alexis Fawx Sex videos.

Lorenzo doesn’t understand why he breathes very heavily after ejaculating through masturbation but not after sex. He sometimes thinks that it has to do with edging a lot while masturbating.

Lorenzo claims that taking regular sun bath makes a pussy sweeter. Lorenzo says that he has fucked several women in his life and the ones that regular sun bath or live in hot countries have sweeter tasting pussies. He says that when his girlfriend was new to Malta, her pussy used to be tasteless, he brags that there is a small chance that her pussy has started tasting so much better because it regularly gets fucked by himself.

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This Punjabi Jatt dude’s sister-in-law shows a great resemblance to the MILF Pornstar Alexis Fawx

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One of my Indian Jatt Punjabi friends – Sunil is the son of a wealthy businessman whose company imports and wholesales Dashcams, Body Cameras, Personal Cloud Storage, External Storage Products, Memory Cards, USB Flash Drives, DRAM Modules, Multimedia Products, Card Readers & Accessories all over India.

Sunil used to wank all the time to his favorite Indian news reporter until he saw Alexis Fawx fuck in Sweetsinner’s Becoming the Mistress Part 1. He says that it was his first wank session when his dick stood up again like a tower after completing the wank session. He says that he had no refractory period at all after that one hour long masturbation session.

This dude prefers his all time most favorite pornstar in a bra as he hates fake boobs but he loves that hair strip of Alexis’s pussy like no other. He claims that Alexis has the best-ever looking pussy that he ever saw.

One of Sunil’s cousins recently got married and to your surprise, his new sister-in-law looks a bit like Alexis Fawx as well. The two biggest differences between herself and Alexis Fawx are that :- 1. She is not as tall as Alexis, and 2. She is a Punjabi Indian whereas Alexis is a White American

Sunil’s masturbation sessions have increased a lot since the day he saw this new sister-in-law of his that gives resemblance to Alexis Fawx. He says that cannot think of anything other than wanking to Alexis Fawx all the time. He is dating this daughter of wealthy import/export businessman lately but cannot give enough attention to her because of his newfound super-wanking addiction.

Whatever the case may be, just because Sunil is always sexually relieved (thanks to Alexis Fawx and his sister-in-law), this girlfriend of Sunil has been showing more interest in him because he is never desperate for the pussy.

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Tara Holiday is the hottest sensation in the premium MILF porn industry and you know it

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I have always loved Tara Holiday but I love her more than ever since her boobs have gone so big that no matter how much she tries to hide those, she doesn’t succeed. Sometimes even when she wears a bra beneath the shirt, her nipples are visible through the shirt. Remember, the most popular movie of Tara Holiday which was divided into 2 different parts, the first where she couldn’t resist fucking her stepson and the second one in which she fucked a guest of the same hotel where she was staying at. She was fully clothed in that video but her boobs were popping out of her shirt.

One of my friends loves Tara Holiday so much that he cups two melons in the palms of both his hands thinking that they are Tara Holiday’s breasts.

In one of the HD videos which I enjoyed for free on a premium porn website, the touch of large and rough hands of a black guy were enough to make Tara all wet down there.

I never miss an interview of Tara Holiday that I can find. In one of the interviews she mentioned that the first time she saw sex in real life was not in a movie but she found her grandparents having sex thinking that the door was locked. Tara couldn’t stop herself from peeping the entire session. She doubts till today that her grandparents saw her peeping but they were so much indulged in the act that they didn’t want to stop and perhaps they were enjoying it more knowing that their granddaughter is enjoying the view.

In another interview, Tara Holiday mentioned that she doesn’t work as part-time escort for the cash but for the fun, she always gives her clients a massage to make them rock hard for her but unfortunately, some get so hot meanwhile that they end up cumming within first 2 minutes of the blowjob or fucking.

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Fucked an educated part-time stunning escort babe in Braga, Portugal and loved it

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It all happened in the December of 2018, the moment I landed down in the city of Braga in Portugal, I could smell the sexual sins everywhere. I prayed to the god to give me a fine Portuguese woman as well for this night and god listened to me as a random ad for Braga escort showed up on my computer when I was looking for something else. I ended up calling the number and the escort agency asked me whether I would like the pictures or a surprise, I asked for a surprise.

My room’s door got knocked at after about 40 minutes of the call, I knew it was her. God Damn! The surprise was for real. How many times have you visited an escort who is a Sourcing Associate Director at a major online furniture store. This chick was such a part-timer to escorting. This was the first time when I ever asked an escort “What do you do for a living?” And she didn’t reply “Escorting”, but told her real full-time profession. She told me that she found me attractive and she prefers men between 25-35, which I am. I was very glad to hear her preferences.

She spoke English fluently, a rarity in Portugal. She told me that she speaks Spanish as well. All I needed for her to understand enough English to understand my commands and fuck me in the positions I want and how I want. She asked me to keep the switch of the lamp on throughout our sexual encounter and I was more than happy with it as I wanted to see her stunning body throughout the time I fucked her. She really drained the buckets out of me and I was tired the next day but so happy too.

Really, Braga is one place to have sex at, I really enjoyed my sex in Braga (sexo em braga).

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