Bodybuilder Ghostwrites Thai Sex Movies And Refers To Step-Sex As ‘Sex in Paradise’

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Evelyn Pena from Velva, North Dakota, is a Sex Blogger and Businesswoman, who claims that men who produce thicker but thinner precum mostly suffer with PE, the ones who produce thinner semen and thinner precum suffer with both ED and PE, the men who produce thick precum irrespective of how thick their semen is, are the real deal.

Evelyn is a bodybuilder whose forearms are thicker than those of her husband’s.

Evelyn claims to have partook in all sorts of fetishes that you can imagine including rimjob and foot fetishes but she never took it all inside her mouth (deepthroat).

Evelyn claims she regularly sends storylines for free to major porn studios including BangBros, NaughtyAmerica, and Brazzers. Most of her storylines are incest based, mainly the half or step ones. So, the next time you watch a Thai Sex Movie, say thanks to the ghostwriter Evelyn for it.

Evelyn lives right next to her parents. Her parents know it well what’s going on when she screams out loud. She says she finds it too hard to confront them the very next day.

Evelyn claims there are more asexual White Women in Cincinnati, Ohio, than any other US city, no wonder why so many men turn Catholic priests for life in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Evelyn writes for a woman, reading while laying down increases her sexual libido whereas reading while you are standing does the exact opposite.

Evelyn has been writing a sexual gospel for the past 19 months now, she is going to name it ‘Gospel of Sex in Paradise’. She claims it is going to be the best erotic read of all times.

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