San Jose Chemistry Teacher Watches Stripteases On Live Sex Cams To Relive The Past Decade

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Scott Bergmark from San Jose, California, is a Part-Time Sex Blogger and a Part-Time Chemistry Lecturer in a top university, who compliments the porn industry for how far it has come since the so-called Golden Age of Porn, but he misses the strip dance as they had it in most porn movies back between 2007-09. He writes that he has to rely on best cam sites to enjoy those sexy strip dances now. He also writes that he also misses the exceptionally passionate pornstars like Evie Delatosso and Emma Starr that were too active during that era. Also, passionate male pornstars like Rocco Siffreddi, Peter North and Evan Stone, the men who would moan and make more weird facial expressions than their female co-workers.

Scott clams the trading relations between the Roman and Indian empire begun with the India supplying Ayurvedic Viagra and other sexual supplements to the Roman which were unchallenged during those times and worked like no other before the chemically manufactured Viagra came into the picture.

Scott loves to challenge himself with new things and once he challenged himself to ‘No Lust Celibacy’. Here is what he wrote on his blog about his experience:-

I remember back in the October of 2018, I would challenge myself that I will watch porno till I fall asleep and make sure that I won’t get aroused. I would get aroused watching porno even after promising myself that challenge but I wouldn’t touch my privates. This stayed for 3-4 days. One thing I made sure for these 3-4 days was that the sound stayed off each time while I was at it as I get more easily aroused by the moans and sounds of an aroused whispering woman. Then on the 5th day, I decided to toughen up the challenge, I switched the sound on and I made sure that I would choose only average looking porn because I knew great looking babes with sound would be dangerous. I completed watching the first video without getting a boner, then I moved on to watch the second video, it was an amateur homemade porn video, the moans of the female star in the video were so sexy, that I couldn’t dripped about 50ml of precum within only a couple of minutes in, I couldn’t take it anymore and gave in. That’s why I always say that willpower works but it won’t take you to the victory, it is like a brake in your car, it prevents you from a crash most of the times, but not when you are always speeding and driving recklessly.

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