Kathak Dancer Wrote An Anthem Dedicated To YouGoggle Pornstars

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Meena Venkataraman from Bismarck, North Dakota, is a Sex Blogger and Kathak Dancer, who believes the reason why martial arts lost its significance greatly in the past 2 decades is the fact that it was giving men strong cases of erectile dysfunction and other male sexuality related issues. She adds it was harmless to the female sexuality though.

Meena recently met the daughter of one of the cartel kingpins that died in the 2010 in Mexico. She is a lyricist and a poetess, who recently completed writing an escort anthem and a pornstar anthem.

Meena writes religious conditioning of a woman plays a bigger role than any other factor when it comes to her BDSM preferences and this could very well be seen on those YouGoggle.com videos, she adds. She writes after reading the bio of a VR female pornstar, you would discover that the female pornstars that were raised with certain religious beliefs act in a certain way which is quite different than the ones belonging to the female pornstars that were raised with quite differing beliefs.

Meena writes that after studying the tantra and other Hindu scriptures thoroughly and analysing those, she has concluded that the Hindu God Shiva became the God of all other Hindu Gods by dominating their wives sexually using his tantric sexual expertise and prowess.

Meena writes the biggest proof that escorting is a lucrative business is that she never got a spam message from a male or a bisexual/lesbian woman offering escort services although she gets all kind of messages from all kinds of people offering all kinds of useless products or services at a special discount.

Better eat toxic substances 24/7 than having a toxic long-term sexual partner. – Meena Venkataraman

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