Simps from across the globe gifting Asian women Nitro on Discord with the hopes of getting Sushi Sex

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I once met this Japanese dude on a Slack Chat Group who strongly believed that the White people are aliens, whom the God sent to the planet earth to teach the other races technology and other similar stuff, and to copulate with the men and women of other races, but the White people after finding it hard to communicate with the other races and finding the people of other races ugly, decided to disobey God and after the God came back for a check on them 2 years later, he was shocked that they didn’t follow his command and sent them to the icy Europe to suffer, but the White men and women were able to survive their for millions of years and after God learnt this, he gave them the boon to rule over the other races and since then they have been ruling the world and fucking Asian women of their choice.

This very Japanese dude believes it used to be easier to have real life sex 2 centuries ago than it is today. He also believes that the opposite is true for the masturbation as never before did the lubricants as stimulating and porn as good existed.

He was then busy writing a 100 page eBook which he claims would be the most wholesome sex booklet ever. I am sure the book is out by now but I don’t what it is named and if it is available for free or not.

He was also on Discord and he never got tired of repeating there that 90% of the female users of Discord with a Nitro were gifted it by a simp.

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