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I am an Indian atheist born to Hindu parents who only likes three things about India and they are:-

  1. 1. The Devadasi culture – The Holy prostitutes.
  2. 2. Kamasutra – The Art of Fucking, identifying thots and more
  3. 3. Polyandry and Polygamy – Choose the number of your spouses as per your libido

I lived in Israel for 4 years of my life where I slept with over 50 different wives of 50 different Rabbis. These wives of the holy Jewish priests are always starving for sex because their useless husbands don’t give much of it to them. One of such women after hitting menopause gave my contact details to one of her nieces who was also married to a rabbi and was also sexually-starved like herself. She was really not interested in any sexual activity after hitting the menopause. This new woman that I got in contact with demanded that I fuck her like an animal on the weekends but very slowly on the weekdays. To this day, I haven’t been able to understand the mystery behind it but I did it nonetheless without asking her anything. I didn’t want to lose this young and pious pussy, no matter what.

One wife of a Rabbi that I met believed that the men and women who make sexual relationships with more than one person go straight away to the hell but she did it nonetheless herself. She told me that she was certain that she would go to hell no matter how hard she tries, so why not enjoy this life fully before going to the hell forever.

I used to practice Phalogenics Traction penis enlargement exercises everyday when I was in Israel and it really helped me in most of the aspects. I have started doing it again for the past 2 weeks since I started dating this MILF from Goa, about whom I will write soon enough on this blog of mine.

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