NoFappers are stupid, even they cannot resist a young pornstar with big boobs

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If you are on a streak right now, it is impossible for you to comprehend the pain and misery that follows after a relapse, said a NoFapper.

No matter if your hero is Elon Musk, Richard Branson or whatever. Looking at the lifestyle of these guys might make you believe and think that sex is okay and how could these guys make it so far if sex wasn’t okay. Let me tell you something which you perhaps already know and that is that NoFap and Semen Retention is bullshit. Sex is perfectly natural and okay. All those NoFappers and SR guys are idiots.

I believe that girl boobs porn is superior to the prostitutes in most of the ways. Our ancestors were so pitiful, they didn’t have access to the high speed high definition porno that we do.

Resourceful porn sites are plenty nowadays and they all have one thing in common and that is that they don’t believe in competing with each other but rather mastering themselves.

Something that I have observed and learnt in my life is that the experienced MILFs can tell by looking at a man’s face about how big he is.

I have a friend who owns a talent agency in Los Angeles. He has a foot and hair fetish. His wife is an ex-pornstar who just married him for the money and because nobody else was willing to marry her. She hates him so much that she has been sleeping with her shoes on for years and now recently, she got bald as well. He is such a loser, he never shouted on her, argued with her or thought about giving her a divorce.

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