Thai Pornstars are as underrated as their Spanish and Italian counterparts

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I personally think that they should change the name of BBC News, it has been giving false hope and impression to the straight women and gay men for over a decade now.

I am a great fan of Kiki Daire, I recently met her in the Hollywood and she let me suck her boobs just because she liked me too.

It is a pity that most top Italian and Spanish pornstars, even after being some of the best that make nothing but the best porn, but still they are underrated because they can’t speak English whereas ugly pornstar like Mia Khalifa that does nothing but makes fake screams and moans has been topping the charts for years. Same is the case with the Japanese, Chinese, Thai and Korean pornstars. Nobody entertains me like Thai-American pornstar – Jessica Bangkok’s porn clips (คลิปโป๊), but still she is nowhere as famous as Mia Khalifa, Lisa Ann or Reagan Foxx.

I am not ashamed to admit that I dated an escort girl for over 6 months last year and it was more fun dating her than all my other girlfriends combined. She used to tell me that men who walk around wearing three-piece suits all the time, mostly wear sexy underwears underneath.

She told me that she dated a guy named Jamie Balls while she was in college and he really had big balls. She was doubtful that the surname has its origins in the ‘big balls’ only.

This escort girlfriend of mine also used to tell me that Hispanic men may not be as big as their black counterparts but they know how to use their dicks right and well. She told me that she could not control her happiness whenever the agency operators told her that they had a Hispanic client for her.

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