His wife used to use pornstar dildos before he started using that Xtragel

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I am not a gay person but I believe that an average gay porn star dildo is extremely underpriced. You get to fuck the man of your dreams all the time for just a few bucks, which is amazing.

Here is this gay friend of mine who used to masturbate to hot WCW wrestlers all the time as a teen, especially Razor Ramon and Kevin Nash – the NWO guys. He is nowadays always busy having fun with his favorite pornstar – Tiger Tyson’s dildo. He says that there are too many options nowadays for a gay dude to pick one. He has a friend with benefits who owns more dildos than the number of clothes.

He claims that drinking kills his libido, which is contrary to the popular belief and opinion.

He also claims that edging using your favorite penis pump makes you feel high as fuck. He likes to refer to his dick as shampoo bottle, his semen as shampoo and the ass he gets to fuck as his hair.

He also claims to have done 90 days of NoFap only to experience no superpowers or benefits at all.

He also claims that many fictional characters in the ancient and medieval times were indirectly depicted as being gays but the creator dared not reveal their sexual orientation back then.

He has also read the Multi-Orgasmic Man by Mantak Chia thrice to have greater pleasure in the bed room.

My personal observation is that gay men like ice cream more than their straight counterparts. I even know a gay guy who likes to refer to his gay friend’s tool as the ice cream instead of the lollipop.

One of my friend’s wife used to use her favorite male pornstar’s dildo until my friend started showing her the miracle of Xtragel Funciona and today they are a very happy couple and his wife has never used that dildo ever again.

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