Wrestling fan spends all his day wanking to the naked pictures on MyNudeX

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One of my good friends who is a wrestling freak told me yesterday that the wrestler Tank Abbott used to pay another wrestler Shawn Michaels tens of thousands of dollars for having sex with him. I clearly told him “Look, I am not interested in hearing these rumors, tell me something interesting.” And then he showed me this huge collection of naked pictures on a website that goes by the name MyNudeX. This action of his really made my day, they were really some stunning women displaying their stunning assets.

This wrestling freak friend of mine wants to enter the sex toy manufacturing business and he wants to manufacture nothing but WCW, WWF and WWE diva lookalike sex toys. He jerks off at least thrice a week to the infamous MILF wrestler Stacy Keibler and at least twice a week to another MILF wrestler – Trish Stratus. He says that he can never get enough of these two women and he will keep jerking off to these two until the last day of his life as these are the two to whom he jerked off to all his teenage years.

The best thing about fucking a sex doll while watching the naked pictures of a beautiful woman on the screen is that you don’t need to worry about your sophistication,elegance, distinction, good looks in that case at all. All that you need is a dick and some lubricant or oil and there you go, keep smashing that plastic bitch for hours at a time.

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