Playtime Strippers is without a doubt the best agency when it comes to having fun in Southern California

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It is amazing how complete strangers sometimes can look and feel like familiar people. I am talking about those ravishing female strippers that we enjoyed in Southern California at one of my best friends’ bachelor party. It was really amazing to see the reactions of all the voyeurs in front of the strippers, they all had their mouths wide opened.

I have always believed that strip dance is an art but I was never so sure about the same until I saw these sexy, charming and magnificent female strippers from Playtime Strippers. Looking at the aesthetic bodies of these strippers, it looked like they were some angels from another planet. These strippers really take great care of their bodies, skin and everything else. I love women with the body of Sabrina Salerno and luckily enough, all of those strippers had the body of Sabrina Salerno in her 20s. I have a fetish for women with long aesthetic necks with their nerves visible out of that and luckily enough, some of these ladies had such necks, LOL.

It is funny that a client doesn’t ask their strip agency direct question many times and the agencies are expert at guessing what you want to know and the same happened when this great friend of mine hired strippers from Playtime Strippers.

Here is a poem that I wrote about my favorite stripper amongst those all:-

“Breasts looked like two big mountains,

I had the youth also known as fountain,

I was ready to climb those mountains and drink that champagne,

If owned a magazine, I will feature her on the cover of magazine,

It doesn’t matter to me whether those chicks are Scandinavian or Latin.”

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