Big Butt Pornstars are more popular than ever before and have caused a great increment in lubricant sale

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Here are my 2 cents for the women – quality and size of ass matters more than the price and quality of your lingerie or undergarments. You all better spend more money and time developing and nurturing a fine and beautiful ass than decorating it temporarily.

I recently watched this big butt porn where the pornstar had one of the best butts that I ever saw and it is a pity that I still don’t even know her name. I really believe that this girl follows all the prominent exercises for a better ass as she was too slim and it is very rare to see a slim girl with such a huge ass. Her ass was at least 1.5 times the size of Luscious Lopez and she was even thinner than Luscious Lopez in her 20s.

There are studies proving that putting a full stop to your smoking addiction really helps with higher estrogen levels which ultimately helps you have a bigger ass.

I am more into fucking than wanking but there is this great friend of mine who is circumcised and finds it hard to to take a wank without any special oil or lubricant. He always keeps a lubricant in his pocket because it makes it easier for him to take a wank. He is such a wank addict that he has buried all the past and ordinary ways of wanking. He has his own innovative ideas and ways about it. Once when a girlfriend of this guy had already found out about his porn addiction and he knew about it before she even got to talk about the same to him, to save his face, he accused his girlfriend of cheating on him before she told him that she had discovered that he is a masturbation and porn addict.

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