Taoist Sexual Practices are turning men and women into happy and healthy wankers

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It has been over 3 decades since Mantak Chia started preaching the Taoist sexual practices to men and women in order to increase their virility in his books but it was only 6-7 years ago when millions and millions of people came across his teachings, thanks to the internet. I was surprised to read the comment section of the video where London Real’s Brian Rose was interviewing Mantak Chia and the comments that I read had over 90% of the people that already knew about Mantak and his teachings much before the interview. A lot of those guys had even read his books. Then I went on to check about how many Europeans and Americans knew about Mantak already and I was again surprised to learn that in a survey conducted in France, England, Ireland and some parts of the United States, 65% of the male participants answered that they never knew that sex without ejaculation was possible or harmless until they came across Mantak Chia’s teachings. I am not a fan of Mantak Chia or promoting him but I personally believe that one of the main reasons why tube porn websites have been having longer retention rate for the past few years is because the wankers watching the porn videos online nowadays retain their seed instead of spilling it off with the practice of edging which they mostly learnt from Mantak Chia or his followers. I recently came across this marvelous porn website – Tiny Porn Site, where the comment section was again full of edging talk and when I checked the website retention rate, I was stunned.

I spend a lot of my time reading profile descriptions on Boobpedia and when I look for the videos of some of the pornstars I never heard before, I keep coming across those JOI edging videos more than ever before. Thanks to Mantak Chia for making men and women across the world live a heavenly life.

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