Sex is the greatest rule to success – Roy Montero

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Roy Montero is a HR leader at a leading premium streaming platform and personally he is busy streaming the same Alexis Fawx Nuru video all the time.

This Roy Montero guy loves Indian papad and as much as he loves the taste of it, he tries his best to avoid it. He claims that once he ate a lot of papads only to find later on that even an Alexis Fawx video wasn’t able to get him hard.

Roy Montero says that Alexis Fawx is really something out of the Hindu mythology. He wonders all the time – how can one woman be so magnificent.

He claims that he can tell just by the glimpse of a woman’s face about how intelligent, creative and shrewd she is and he believes that Alexis is one of the most intelligent, creative and shrewd women out there and definitely the best in the porn industry in this regard. He claims that it may look like that Alexis just acts in the porn movies but in reality she writes those scripts as well. He says that it shouldn’t come as a surprise that if more than 30% of the Naughty America, Brazzers and BangBros movies were ghostwritten by Alexis in the past few years.

Roy remembers how he used to wank to Sabrina Salerno in his teenage years all the time.

Roy says that Alexis Fawx is like the Jean Harlow of the modern times and he says that he never watches an Alexis Fawx’s movie in the office as it becomes to hard to not take a wank then. He also claims that he used to abstain from masturbating in the summers earlier but not anymore.

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