Jullieta made our trip to Pisa, Italy memorable by providing us the most sensual woman that we could ask for

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Me and my friend recently had fun with a naturally busty Italian MILF escort – Greta during our trip to Pisa, Italy. This MILF after getting high on whiskey started telling us personal things and told us that she feels that Turkish men in general are the best in bed. She told us that it has nothing to do with them being circumcised or anything but it is something that she is still trying to figure out what exactly it is.Greta told us that she has never met a Turkish man who was an expert at tantric sex and the act of sex without ejaculating is almost never heard about among most of the Turkish men. Greta told us that she feels thankful beyond words after a client makes her feel satisfied.

Greta also told us that she prefers wooden dildo over the steel dildos and uses the same whenever she doesn’t have any appointments.

Greta told us that she is always anxious to meet new men belonging to different cultures. She also told us that she has been dating one of the richest authors in the nation of Italy, this author owns 5 limos and also a couple of villas in different cities of Italy and one bungalow in a village.

Greta told us that she is not dating this rich author for his money or to get fame but because he is an expert at tantric sexual practices and he only ejaculates when he wishes to do so. Greta says that this boyfriend of hers once had vanilla sex with her for 4 hours without ejaculating and the next night he had sex for 2 hours with her without ejaculating. Greta says that he has a heavenly sensitive penis and no Turkish man can beat this penis of his.

 We met Greta through Jullieta and we will keep using both Jullieta and Greta’s services whenever we are in Pisa, Italy.

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