I enjoy having an erotic massage in Italy more than anything else

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My best friend Amit Singhania once hired a pornstar chauffeur in Vancouver, Canada and then fucked her in the captain seat of that minivan. He claims that he can even fuck while riding a motorcycle, I am yet to make it certain whether he is lying about the same.

My personal favorite escort of all time is a an irresistible Italian temptress whom I met in Milan. This enigmatic temptress loves to wear skimpy dresses, especially transparent shirts. Her curvy hips make it very easy to fuck her in Bonobo positions. She really loves to expose every inch of her stunning body. Her sexy thighs always makes me hungry for more, each time I recall her glimpse, I get wet with precum all over. Her curly hair and hungry long tongue makes my heart start thudding. Each time I see this woman in my dreams or in reality, I realize how lusty I am for the flesh.

I remember how in my early teenage years I used to ogle at hot women in the public place to memorize their beautiful faces and hot bodies and then wank in the washroom. I always used to wank standing on my knees. Once when I was wanking in my bedroom, I forgot to lock the door and I also forgot that it was my birthday, both my parents suddenly entered my room to wish me without knocking and caught me wanking with my hot elder sister’s panties. I cannot recall a more embarrassing moment in my life than that one.

I never faced the condition called erectile dysfunction personally but for those who suffer with the same I recommend that they should go for intimate and private erotic-massages by the sexy masseuses with soft and sensitive skin. They give you the deepest kisses that you never had.

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