Enjoy casual dating bulky bodybuilders, athletic men and women, don’t fall for the ugly practice called marriage

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Casual dating is not limited to dinner dates anymore, the guys and girls of nowadays don’t hesitate spend nights together with the strangers and websites like tinder are the proof.

The modern girls and guys don’t take casual dating as having some intellectual as romantic conversation but rather enjoying the benefits that the opposite gender has to offer in the most extreme ways possible. They are always eager to please each other sexually and many times after becoming familiar with each other they don’t even hesitate to bring their friends so that they can have some group fun.

If you ask me personally, I will say that serious relationships are no match to casual dating. I know several men and women in serious relationships and I also know guys and girls who only do casual dating, the ones who are in serious relationships suffer a hellish life while the casual daters are living in paradise. Human beings are much more stupid than the animals as no animal is stupid enough to fall for such a thing as a serious relationship, animals only have short-term relationships for fun and progeny unlike humans who are stupid enough to ruin their entire lives for so-called serious relationships.

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