Smashing chicks in Ramnagar, Uttarakhand was never so easy and fun before

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As you all know that I have a habit of exploring the world and the beautiful women that live inside it. Recently, I went all alone in my Mahindra Thar to enjoy the sightseeing of this popular but small town in the heart of Uttarakhand that goes by the name Ramnagar. When I was on my way to Ramnagar, I was scared that I will not be able to find some escort service in Ramnagar as it is a small town and the probability of finding a hot escort chick in a small town of India is most of the times next to none but I was surprised that the same Neelam Agency that arranged a beauty for me in Nainital was able to arrange an even hotter thing for me in Ramnagar.

This Ramnagar chick was so impressed with my big dick that she wanted me to fuck her again but my dick was hurting like crazy after smashing her for over 150 minutes (BJ duration included), so I asked her if I could finger her smooth and stunning ass and she happily let me do the same. I first licked her ass all over and I was even willing to eat her shit but she had none inside. I started fingering her and asked the beauty if she would let me make a video too while I finger her ass and she agreed, I was really surprised and at once I doubted that I am dreaming, so much fun in just one night, unbelievable. After my finger got tired, I told her that she may leave now, she kissed me on my lips for 2 complete minutes and then left.

I am going to Ramnagar again on the upcoming Saturday and I will ask Neelam for the same chick again for sure.

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