My round ass bisexual fuckbuddy loves to chat with those lesbian ladies

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I have been getting these strange urges to eat Indian sweets after making out more than 2 times in a day. I never had such urges before no matter how many times I made out.

My current fuckbuddy is a bisexual cougar who is always logged into one of those ee chatrooms for lesbians whenever I am away. She also has a thing for the older men. She once dated a friend of her uncle when she was still a teen. He was the one who took her virginity. She laughs that the 52 year old man never could last longer than 5 minutes, whether it was a vaginal or oral sex.

This fuckbuddy of mine always keeps on telling me that the women prefer a donkey in the bed over a horse, i.e., a man who would do all the hard-work.

Me and my fuckbuddy both believe that moderation in sex is as bad as the abstinence for health.

She had a sexual relationship with many female lesbian and bisexual doctors in the past, and she claims that the doctor pussies are dime a dozen if you know where to look.

Here is a poem that I recently wrote dedicated to this fuckbuddy of mine:-

“Her ass is round,

With a peculiar fragrance all around,

And spinning on its axis,

Round and round.

There are tits, ass and others,

And all these organs,,

Of our soulmates are ours.

Our lovely ladies are full of wonders,

And the men who don’t respect them are doing blunders.”

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Dad is a strict catholic but son is a dieheart wanker

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John is the son of a strict catholic owner of a chocolate company. This dad of John is such a strict catholic that he rejected a million dollar order from a company that manufactures condoms. This company wanted John’s dad’s company to dip their condoms in chocolate to give those a chocolate flavor.

John is not like dad although he acts catholic in front of his dad. John claims that the catholics have always been against the sexuality because heavy indulgence in sex and sexuality opens up a part of the brain that makes us a genius. John says that he has personally observed that the farm animals are far more intelligent than their non-farm counterparts. John believes that the zealous god Yahweh’s greatest fear was human beings’ attachment to sex because he knew that the human beings could become geniuses if they started embracing sexuality.

John loves to watch pornography and his most favorite pornstar of all time is Alexis Fawx. John fell in love with her on the first sight. Although, John loves Alexis Fawx movies so much, he says that Alexis Fawx would look at least ten times better with blue eyes, imagine her coming all naked with blue eyes in a snowy area.

John says that all his semen maybe self produced but it all belongs to Alexis and Bangla Choti Kahini.

John is amazed that the Score group hasn’t cast Alexis Fawx for any of their movies yet, John says that they must be crazy for not casting Alexis. It sounds like a warning when he says that either the Score group starts casting Alexis Fawx for whatever money she asks for or they should limit themselves to ‘naturally busty women’.

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Porn Camera Dude wants to start his political party and it will only have intelligent pornstars like Alexis Fawx as candidates

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Hunter Lindsay doesn’t like women with plump ass and that should be evident from his obsession with Alexis Fawx. He is one of the very few Alexis Fawx fans that prefer Alexis with blonde hair over black.

Hunter is an analyst at a multinational independent investment bank and financial services company. He used to be a Muslin business owner but the business had to be shut down due to increasing losses and Hunter received such a great trauma out of it that he was not willing to get into his business again.

Hunter claims that he has become hypersexual since he recently met a road accident. He jacks off to the same Alexis Fawx movie all the time and is on a ever-lasting quest for how to make jerking off better, all the time.

One of Hunter’s best friends – Jim is an ex-porn cameraman who claims that he used to cum many times in his pants while shooting the movie. He says that it is a real tough job to shoot a porn movie. He says that he paid a couple of times to the pornstar to blow him.

Jim claims that he knows a softcore porn actress that used to work so badly in hardcore movies but never did due to the family pressure and threat of divorce from her husband.

Jim believes that pornstars should be given more respect than most professionals. He claims that the porn movies and pornstars have saved more women from getting raped than one can imagine.

Jim says that he has been thinking about starting a political party that will only have pornstars as the candidates led by himself – the cameraman. I wonder what he would name it – The Pussycan Party.

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Big Boobs Tube fan fucks his brother’s wife all the time since his brother lost his balls

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One of my best friends is a car lover who loves to make car related analogies all the time, he says that a stiff cock for a woman means a great ride and he is extremely proud of his stiff and almost always hard cock just like he is of his car collection.

The one and only brother of this dude lost both his testicles in a motorcycle accident and since then he has been giving his brother’s wife great rides on his almost always stiff cock. She is glad that her husband lost both his testicles otherwise she couldn’t enjoy this dude’s long, hard and thick cock all the time.

He is so horny all the time that when he doesn’t have a woman around, he starts fucking his hand watching videos on his favorite anal videos tube website.

This dude believes in the Taoist Sexual Practices, especially the ones taught by Mantak Chia. He believes that while having sex, male partner releases more energy than the female and they both absorb each other’s energies, which means that having regular sex makes women physically, mentally and emotionally better in all aspects but men lose their mental, physical and emotional strength a bit but they make up for it with the positive anti-depressant hormones that they release by having sex.

He has also been dating this wealthy and busty female escort who owns and lives in a 2000 meter bungalow in a prime area and she lets him fuck her all the time for free. This dude is a lucky bastard and sometimes in envy, I pray to god that he also loses both his testicles in a road accident just like his brother but I feel guilty after praying so.

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Housewife escort claims that her husband has no idea about her business

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Have you ever heard this before that men and women with visible tail bones are great fucks? I never had an idea until I went through this gravure download website. I have quite become familiar with the woman who posted this ever sine I read this post, she is an escort who claims that she has been escorting for the past 5 years and her husband doesn’t even have an idea about it yet.

I have seen over 100 pictures of her and she looks stunning. She is big, tall, with a great smile and she is a bisexual just like myself. I really hope that me and my wife will some day have the opportunity to have a threesome with this beauty. She told me that she started escorting on the Christmas Eve.

She loves to flirt with me online and she says that she thinks I am very intelligent and according to her, intelligent men are smoking hot in bed.

To be honest, this housewife escort reminds me of a random chick that I fucked once when I was out of my city. She loved to juggle her boobs and I cannot forget the scene when she was stroking my cock as I was deep kissing her. She was an interior designer by profession and I really felt with her like it was my honeymoon. She made unique moans that I never heard before and she was wearing the same colored lingerie as her bedsheet making the already revealed parts of her body more visible along with that pretty face.

She had a collection of condoms of different brands and flavors at that time and she told me that she is always buying new condoms as a hobby and she also fingers her ass and pussy with a condom worn on her finger.

The most peculiar thing about this kinky and freaky beauty was her long neck with very big breasts.

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My ex told me stop banging the housemaid and jack off to free porn if I wanted to keep my relationship alive with her

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Once my ex-girlfriend caught me banging her housemaid, she didn’t yell at me or even interrupted us but after I was done ejaculating inside her housemaid, she told me that I could jack-off to porn pics free porn videos if she is not enough for me, but if she catches me having sex with some other woman ever again, that would be the last day of our relationship.

This ex-girlfriend of mine knew that I loved to sniff her pussy. She used to insert tissue papers in her pussy and then mail those to me whenever I was away so that I could jack-off to her pictures or anything else while sniffing those.

I believe that the decision of choosing one’s sexual partner is the most important one of our lives and hence should be made on the basis of realistic aspirations, aptitude, skills and desires. A single fuck is an accident but ten thousand fucks become your sex life.

I served in the army in my early 20s and that’s when I discovered that the armymen jerk off more than any other people on the planet and perhaps, that act of their makes them so courageous.

I have always been against those who claim that masturbation of any sorts is bad for a man, I tell you to first go 30 days without any sort of fapping and then fap everyday and notice the difference for yourself.

I have been wanting to start a kamasutra teaching school for the past sometime but I am really afraid of the Indian government.

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Self-made multi-millionaire from Rio de Janeiro has been satisfying women like crazy since he treated his Premature Ejaculation

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Grayson is a very courageous, wise, intelligent, spiritual and ambitious young man born and raised in Rio de Janeiro. Grayson’s parents moved to Rio de Janeiro in the late 70s looking at the opportunity that the city could offer them. They could still get nothing but laboring jobs there in Rio de Janeiro, the only difference was that they were getting more tips there.

Grayson’s parents also lived for a while at the Osho Commune. That was only for a couple of months. Grayson himself is very spiritual and materialist at the same time. He has a positive attitude about everything and his positive attitude is what transformed him from a chauffeur of one of the real estate’s kingpins to the owner of one the largest real estate agency chains in America.

It wasn’t easy for Grayson to create one of the largest real estate agency chains, but he did it. He doesn’t have a degree in business, he didn’t even go to the college. He just completed high school.

Grayson owns more than 20 real estate agency branches in some of the biggest Brazilian cities and one of the ways he keeps a check on his employees is by using a marvelously great remote viewing app for cameras.

Grayson made his first million when he was 29 and he tells like most other multi-millionaire and successful people that the first million is the hardest to make. Another great quality that Grayson possesses like many other self-made millionaires is that he doesn’t care about the triumph or the failures, he just gives his best after analyzing almost everything about the market.

Grayson recalls how at one time he used to compare his sexual stamina to other men, mainly the pornstars, only to be disappointed later on but then he learnt about ejaculação precoce tratamento. He has been fucking women all over the world ever since and making them crazy for himself. He recently enjoyed the pussy of the pornstar Dylan Ryder when he was in Fresno, California.

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British porn is going to be more popular than the Japanese and American porn in the future

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I personally believe that nothing but the interactive porn is the future and I also believe that British Porn Videos in the future will surpass the American and Japanese porn videos in terms of popularity. I also believe that there is a lot of potential for the Indian and Middle-Eastern women in the mainstream porn industry and the porn producers from the developed western world should be ready to import them at whatever they cost them. I know for certain that a fine Middle-Eastern or Indian chick will generate at least 1000% ROI for any good porn production house. Look at how much they made with the Spanish pornstar Annais marketing her as Aysha Dama. She was the hottest sensation in the porn industry back in the late 2017, other producers were just too busy wanking at her videos to notice it.

I have a doctor friend whose wife is a linguist and speaks 7 different languages, she talks dirty in a different language each day of the week while making love. He says that it feels like he is fucking a different woman every day of the week and sometimes, he doubts that she learnt the languages to be a keeper to her future husband. I have also made up my mind to marry nothing but a linguist woman in the future and I am certain that I will never divorce her if she is as good as the wife of my doctor friend. Sometimes I feel like stealing his wife but she is too addicted to my friend’s cock. He is 10 inches long and 5.5″ in girth. He also lasted for over an hour when we fucked 2 prostitutes together in Slough, England last year.

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Tel Aviv Female Escorts are extraordinary and way ahead of most other escorts, you know what I am saying if you have been there

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I once met this Escort in Tel Aviv who was featured in several video ads for both adult and general products. She didn’t cost a fortune as one would expect and she was there right on time. She came driving an Infiniti SUV. She was wearing one of the most expensive perfumes, the incense of what was enough to make one hard.

This Tel Aviv model escort told me that the agency she was working with provides interactive tutorials to the newcomers and they use nothing but everything state-of-the-art.

I must say that although this female escort service agency is one of the most successful, popular and lucrative in Israel, they are still very underrated. Nobody who has availed the services of this escort agency can deny my claim that they are underrated as hell.

This Tel Aviv escort agency has several exotic Mediterranean girls working with them. Some of them are 6 feet tall. Most of these Mediterranean girls have one thing in common and that is that they are part-time models. 2 of those whom I hired were the main models of a well-known clothing brand in Israel.

One thing that I have noticed among most of the Tel Aviv escorts is that most of them use their real names rather than fake names, which is a good thing as you may get to know more about them with that using their social media profiles and like. Also, Tel Aviv has perhaps has the greatest number of multilingual female escorts on the face of the earth.

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Auto Paint Shop owner from Milwaukee loves sex shows more than the automobiles

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George Blair is a 37 year old man from Wisconsin who has been running his own auto paint shop in the Milwaukee city for the past 12 years now.

Although George loves his business very much, he still gets tired of it time-to-time and needs something to refresh himself. Cigarettes, coffee, tea or alcohol don’t do it for him, only best sex show sites is what George asks for.

George claims that he has been working on to invent special paints for the dildos and other sex toys.

George lives his life by the belief that accidents happen and they happen to the biggest and strongest testicles and dicks and a man must enjoy his dick exceptionally as long as he has a healthy penis. George also believes that a man must care for his dick more than his overall health.

George also believes that a big penis is one of the greatest gifts of god to the mankind and a man must do whatever it takes to even enlarge it so that it can be enjoyed by both the sexes. George says that each time you uncover yourself, your dick must look as fresh as it was when you were a virgin teenager who didn’t even know what masturbation is. George says that it must look, smell and feel fresh to both you and your partner.

George believes that the doctors aren’t putting much attention to increase the men’s vigor and sexual health. George says that one thing is for sure, if they find out a sure-shot cure to better a man’s vigor and sexual health, many of the psychologists and psychiatrists will file for bankruptcy as both men and women belonging to different societies across the world would be immensely happy.

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This Lexington’s politician attributes her hotness to free porn videos and sex with multiple partners

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Brenna Brant recently fought elections for the mayor in Lexington, Kentucky but lost. Brenna had nothing to do with the politics before fighting these elections and hence, she did a lot of study and research on the politics and politicians around the world, the only thing that Brenna observed and told me about the politicians is that the women politicians of the Indian Subcontinent have the largest breasts.

You may be wondering what made such an inexperienced lady like Brenna to participate in the elections for a Mayor, the answer is that Brenna made tons more money than she could ever imagine with FIFA55 gambling with the help and support of blogs that provide top-notch tricks and tips about online gambling.

Brenna claims that having intimate relationships with several different partners without using any sort of contraception makes you look very sexually attractive and in case of the women – it gives them a very sexy voice as well. Brenna attributes her beauty and her sexy voice to having sex with several partners without using any sort of contraceptive methods and also watching free porn movies all the time which she believes raises her estrogen levels.

Brenna’s brother – Sergey is a millionaire photographer who recently bought a 100 year old watch company. Sergey is very much obsessed with Israel and he calls it the one and only holy land. Sergey cannot ever forget the first time he landed at the Jerusalem’s Ben Gurion Airport and took a breath of fresh air there.

Sergey does a lot of political research and analysis and he claims that behind the dead Prime Minister of India – Rajiv Gandhi’s innocent face was a very evil man. Sergey says that he was the one who didn’t let India become a superpower and let have India good relations with Israel.

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9/11 was a hoax, these young camgirls love to make your cock stiff like a hard rock

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I really feel blessed to have been born in this era when there are so many of the stunning beauties from all across the globe allow the cameras to capture the poontang for us to enjoy and take a wank or have a nice fuck while watching it. Thanks to all the cam models, pornstars, adult models, B movie actresses and all the people that have made the internet come so far.

I have been working on creating a ‘blonde only’ live cam chat website where both male and female candidates will have to be both white and blonde. I haven’t decided the name for the website yet but most likely it is going to be ‘WhiteDicksBlondePussies’.

As you guys all know that I don’t like to insert my dick inside an asshole, I have tried it a couple of times but the more I did it, the more I started loving vaginal sex over it. Anal sex is stupid and overrated according to me. But I love to see a girl inserting a dildo or some other stuff inside her anus and I like it more than when she does it in her pussy.

I have been practicing with self control lately. I try to sit at the last seat in the bus while commuting from home to the office and vice versa. I open up camgirl sites for mobilephones then with the sound off and then do not touch myself but keeping talking to and watching these hot cam chicks. The trick has made me much more disciplined in almost every regard, I can now control my emotions like anger, rage, etc and the only price I need to pay for the same is to look at these stunning beauties.

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Since I got this list of best adult chat sites for tablets from a friend of mine, each night has been a night in harem for me

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If we had live sex cam chat websites back in the day of Soviet Union, the world would have been a much better place. The chiefs of the Communist Soviet would have used most of their energy to turn each of the beautiful woman into a cam model and make money with it. We can all agree on one fact that there are too many stunning beauties in that part of the world to count and no amount of Soviet officers could have been able to have managed the great amount of business that it would have generated for the nation from across the globe and hence, there would have been no point for them to have been able to find enough time to create so many wars.

I believe that the greatest consumers of the live sex cam chat websites of the USSR would have been the socialists and it goes without saying that much of these socialists would belong to the socialist nations itself. I know several socialists in my country and without exception, each of them is a sex addict. A few of these socialists even told me that they want socialism over any other form of system because it allows them to indulge in a sexual activity for as long as they want because they don’t need to work long hours then.

Since I got a list of the best adult chat sites for tablets from a friend of mine which was roughly around a couple of months ago, each night has been a night in harem for me and I have enjoyed the last couple of months more than anything else I ever did in the past.

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Forget the Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, celebrate Escort’s Day

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It is very well-known that a great percentage of the high class escorts are college students. To be honest, there is perhaps not a single profession/industry related to which an escort is not on offer. Never before the adult industry saw so many innovations like in the past 4 decades.

I have spent time with hundreds of high class escorts till date and I have never come across an escort who spoke that 4 letter word in each sentence like those cheap street hookers. These high class escorts are ‘high class’ in the term’s truest sense. Lack of high class escorts in a modern society is nothing less devastating that a natural catastrophe, if you ask me.

Just like there is a father’s day, a mother’s day, there should also be an ‘Escort’s Day’. There is one Escort Directory that goes by the name EscortPic, which I believe can make it a reality.

News people must understand their social responsibility of making the world a happier and blissful place and they must insist the beautiful women to turn into escorts. They must do their utmost to remove the social stigma attached with becoming an escort.

I personally believe that POIS is far more prevalent in the current times that it used to be in the ancient, prehistoric or biblical times. Don’t believe me? Read the scriptures or the history.

I believe that sex is more important for the personal health than it is for a healthy marriage. I have observed in the lives of hundreds of people that when they don’t get enough action, they fell ill more, including myself.

If Gandhi were alive today, there is no way that he could have been able to maintain his vow of celibacy with all the sexy, classy and sassy female escorts around. These escort chics can turn a gay man straight.

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777lifecams is the fastest rising name in the live sex cam industry

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i always prefer Boobpedia over any other pornstar or cam models related informational website. It is through Boobpedia only that I learnt about my most favorite cam models including some German ones which ultimately led me to find about my most favorite live cam website yet – 777lifecams. These cam models really save lives, they have saved mine at least.

It goes without saying that the selection of topmost cam models is either review or merit based and that’s one of the things that we all freaks love about the live sex cam websites. It also keeps the cam models competing for a better position as well like no other thing that I can think of. Every cam girl that I ever talked regarding this told me that position on the website is even more important to them than the money.

I believe that a man’s dick can get bigger or smaller over time depending upon what kind of sexual activities and with whom he has been performing those sexual activities. My conclusion has been that the men who indulge in sexual activities with freakish BBWs have their dick enlarged with time and age. Athletic women are great for trying new positions because of their flexibility but it is the BBWs that rock your bed and dick like no other.

My grandfather is still sexually active. Since my grandmother died, he completely relies upon hookers, he says that a $50 hooker during the times when he used to be in his late-twenties used to be as good as a $1000 high class escort of the current times. My grandfather brags that he had sex with both the retired professional wrestler Scott Steiner’s wife and girlfriend.

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Volunteering for pro-sex causes is as pleasurable as watching free porn videos

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If my grandfather were alive today, he would have been proud of the fact that his grandson can fuck for hours with a hard and stiff cock without ejaculating at all. My grandfather used to brag that he could fuck for hours at once without cumming until he hit his 60s.

I have been volunteering for pro-sex education  for at least an hour a day for the past few months and although it hasn’t been working the way I expected it to, it gives me a great pleasure to do so. It is as pleasurable to me as watching free porn videos.

The age has slowed me down in almost everything else but not my sex life and I am really glad about it.

I have come to a conclusion over the years of my life and that is that baseball is bad for your sexual health but football, basketball and rugby are rather good for the same if you don’t face any serious injuries to your privates.

I have also come to another conclusion and that is that the multiracial and biracial women may look better but they aren’t as good in the bed.

Another conclusion that I have come to over the decades is that the pussies of well-shaped and toned women tend to look different and better than the ones who aren’t so well-shaped and toned. Apart from looking different, the pussies also feel and taste different.

I have always been a follower of Pythagoras and that’s the reason why I fuck twice each day of the winters and stay abstinent throughout the summers.

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Phalogenics Traction penis enlargement exercises are superior to any other penile enlargement exercise

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I am an Indian atheist born to Hindu parents who only likes three things about India and they are:-

  1. 1. The Devadasi culture – The Holy prostitutes.
  2. 2. Kamasutra – The Art of Fucking, identifying thots and more
  3. 3. Polyandry and Polygamy – Choose the number of your spouses as per your libido

I lived in Israel for 4 years of my life where I slept with over 50 different wives of 50 different Rabbis. These wives of the holy Jewish priests are always starving for sex because their useless husbands don’t give much of it to them. One of such women after hitting menopause gave my contact details to one of her nieces who was also married to a rabbi and was also sexually-starved like herself. She was really not interested in any sexual activity after hitting the menopause. This new woman that I got in contact with demanded that I fuck her like an animal on the weekends but very slowly on the weekdays. To this day, I haven’t been able to understand the mystery behind it but I did it nonetheless without asking her anything. I didn’t want to lose this young and pious pussy, no matter what.

One wife of a Rabbi that I met believed that the men and women who make sexual relationships with more than one person go straight away to the hell but she did it nonetheless herself. She told me that she was certain that she would go to hell no matter how hard she tries, so why not enjoy this life fully before going to the hell forever.

I used to practice Phalogenics Traction penis enlargement exercises everyday when I was in Israel and it really helped me in most of the aspects. I have started doing it again for the past 2 weeks since I started dating this MILF from Goa, about whom I will write soon enough on this blog of mine.

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Some strippers are as good as giving you a smoking BJ as your favorite pornostar

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 I firmly believe that all the civilized societies in the ancient and medieval times used to have different sorts of strip clubs. I am certain that the Romans and the Saxons had those and I am also certain that some of the wealthiest women used to come to strip in those clubs.

One thing that I have observed in my life is that the men who ogle at women on the streets are very less likely to hire strippers.They all imagine the women on the streets stripping for them all the time.

I was recently in the UK, where I met one of the most beautiful pornstars of all time, the all natural – Georgie Lyall. She told me that very soon she is going to go back to stripping again. I asked her for a smoking blowjob but she told me that she never smoked and is not willing to anytime soon. Then I hired an escort who was willing to do the same and had a wonderful night.

One of my friends is on NoFap for a while, he doesn’t hire escorts anymore, just strippers. He recently arranged a bachelor party for us in Mumbai, where he requested all the strippers to come up dressed in nothing but red. All the strippers that came to us were perfect in one dance form or another. All of the strippers were extremely fit as well. One looked just like my most favorite British pornstar – Jasmine Jae, although Indian. Her saliva was visible when she opened her mouth. I wanted to eat it so badly but I resisted because I didn’t want to look like a fucking pervert.

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Japanese MILF Porn Videos are an excellent cure for impotence in men

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I personally believe that no man should be an impotent with the treatments available for the impotence nowadays unless they have lost both their balls to testicular cancer to a physical injury or testicular cancer. I don’t know if you know this already, there are so many proven cures available for the male impotency nowadays that if you even have one of your testicle intact right now and your doctor hasn’t been able to cure your impotence within a month, then you have been visiting the wrong one. I believe that the different charitable foundations of the world should donate more for the cause of curing impotence. I also believe that it is a myth that the world is overpopulated and we are rather underpopulated and a larger population will result in lesser problems, more solutions and better economy. After the whole male population across the globe gets cured for the disease called impotence, the world will definitely become a much happier place.

I have a friend who claims that incest porn has greatly reduced the number of incestual relationships in homes. Although he doesn’t have much statistics to prove the same, I believe that he makes a point there, he says that’s the reason why he advocates Japanese MILF Videos so much, because most of the Japanese porn is incestual only, especially the ones that include some hot MILF in it.

This Japanese lover friend of mine wishes all the time if he were lucky enough to meet someone like Yuuri Himeno in college to fuck around with all the time.

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Mechanic became addicted to watching cuckold porn videos after getting cuckolded

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I have a mechanic friend who talks in terms of miles when it comes to how old is a woman, how many men she has been with and how sexually active is she. He refers to reliable BBWs as Land Cruisers and unreliable but exceptionally sexy and fun BBWs as Range Rovers.

This mechanic friend of mine says that he hates fucking women that are nothing but silicone from head to the toe, but fucks one whenever he gets a chance to.

This mechanic friend of mine always says that your hand and high speed porn is your only good friend during the time of adversity, he says that nothing else is going to help you in the time of adversity, including your spouse.

Don’t underestimate this mechanic when it comes to the pussy game because of his addiction to porn and masturbation. He has been with several women throughout his life including some of his customers. He claims that the girls that have elder sisters are far better in bed than the ones who don’t. He always says that you will be surprised to learn the number of girls that perform orgies with their sisters , their spouses and/or their boyfriends.

He is also very regular on the cuckold tube porn websites. He denies whenever someone asks that has he ever been cuckolded? Although all his friends doubt it. He has such a hot wife, I sometimes feel like making him a cuckold.

One Chinese friend of mine once told me that if you turn your wife or long-time girlfriend feel like a second-class citizen, she is going to work a lot harder in the bedroom. I believe that the wife of this mechanic friend of mine treats him like a second-class citizen but he doesn’t let anybody know about the same.

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This crazy friend of mine has a unique theory about why there aren’t many popular Black MILF Pornstars

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I have a friend who never gets tired of repeating that gone are the days when demanding wives used to be great fucks, nowadays it is the opposite. When asked, how he knows how the wives used to be in the earlier times, he replies that his grandfather told him.

This friend of mine finds watching free porn videos on the mobile phone to be more fun than watching the same on his computer screen.

This very friend of mine also claims that the men and women that are born with a drug addiction, especially the opioids, grow up to become sex addicts along with becoming drug addicts after they attain the adulthood in most of the cases. He also claims that such women squirt a lot more compared to their non-addict counterparts and stay wet for far longer periods, and about such men, he claims that they have more yin than yang, which helps them last longer in bed but they drip a lot more precum and also go limp in between the sexual sessions multiple times, sometimes for as long as half an hour.

This friend of mine claims that the African-American teens are better than the White, Indian and Hispanic women in bed until they hit the age of 25, after that he says that they become the very opposite. He says that the black women turning out to be not great MILFs is the reason why there are so few of popular black MILF pornstars whereas there are several popular black pornstars that are teenagers or in their early 20s.

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My Happeh Theory believer and Japanese porn lover friend claims that masturbation increases pubic hair

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I have a friend who claims that a fruitarian woman’s pussy tastes just like fruits. His wife is a carnivore and I think I should ask her whether she has been experimenting with a fruit diet lately.

This same friend of mine told me that if you want a woman that fucks at a speed of 200 mile per hour, fuck a woman who suffers with hypertension. Again, I have been thinking about asking his wife if she has been suffering with hypertension lately.

I doubt that this very friend of mine has regularly been having threesome and foursome parties. He was born with a drug addiction and hence his sex addiction is quite obvious.

I recently enjoyed a visit to Kawasaki, Japan and I was amazed to notice that most of the Japanese women care more about their breast development, especially after they hit the age of 20, over any other sort of development.

I also came to learn that although the Japanese people are some of the most sexual, which should be very evident from their high density population, their women are also the ones that are least likely to use a vibrator when they don’t get a dick.

One of my best friends who is a great believer of the Happeh Theory, also happens to be a great lover of Japanese porn. His most favorite Japanese pornstar is Anri Suzuki and he says that he cannot help himself but jack off to Anri Suzuki all the time.

This very friend of mine claims that the more frequently he masturbates, the faster his pubic hair grow and they also seem to be thicker. He says that it makes him both scared and happy at the same time.

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Freak bitch, call her freak bitch, cause she squirt on her will, so just call her a freak black bitch

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They have been making almost everything in the Republic of China, but they can never make something as delicious as a black pussy nowhere in the world.

I recently met this black escort chick while I was in Sydney, Australia on a business trip. She was an expert in providing tantric massages and like most of the tantric masseuses, she was unbelievably forgiving as well. She knew one of the most popular tantric goddesses of all time – Psalm Isadora too. I had a long chat with her regarding Psalm Isadora and like myself, she also believed that the death of Psalm Isadora was a conspiracy. This black chick looked to me like someone who never lied in her entire life. I didn’t ask her about whether her parents know that she is an escort or not, but she looked so innocent, it is extremely hard to find such escort girls, but once you do, you better stick to her, and keep putting your stick in her.

Almost each and every tantric masseuse that I have ever met in my life, believed in becoming as better a human being as possible along with improvising their sexual skills every day.

There is a notion that 19 year old girls can not be great tantric masseuses, which let me tell you, is a complete lie. Yes, there are plenty of 19 year old girls that have been trying very hard to become the perfect tantric masseuses but are very rarely able to satisfy their clients. I would rather advise these girls to watch those hot black chicks on the popular black tube porn videos and learn from them. My most favorite porn lately has been the black porn and since my most favorite pornstar Africa Sexxx has returned, it has really intensified my interest in watching black porn again.

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NoFappers are stupid, even they cannot resist a young pornstar with big boobs

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If you are on a streak right now, it is impossible for you to comprehend the pain and misery that follows after a relapse, said a NoFapper.

No matter if your hero is Elon Musk, Richard Branson or whatever. Looking at the lifestyle of these guys might make you believe and think that sex is okay and how could these guys make it so far if sex wasn’t okay. Let me tell you something which you perhaps already know and that is that NoFap and Semen Retention is bullshit. Sex is perfectly natural and okay. All those NoFappers and SR guys are idiots.

I believe that girl boobs porn is superior to the prostitutes in most of the ways. Our ancestors were so pitiful, they didn’t have access to the high speed high definition porno that we do.

Resourceful porn sites are plenty nowadays and they all have one thing in common and that is that they don’t believe in competing with each other but rather mastering themselves.

Something that I have observed and learnt in my life is that the experienced MILFs can tell by looking at a man’s face about how big he is.

I have a friend who owns a talent agency in Los Angeles. He has a foot and hair fetish. His wife is an ex-pornstar who just married him for the money and because nobody else was willing to marry her. She hates him so much that she has been sleeping with her shoes on for years and now recently, she got bald as well. He is such a loser, he never shouted on her, argued with her or thought about giving her a divorce.

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Beware: Ending your premature ejaculation can raise up your testosterone levels

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I have a friend who claims to have fucked a woman that he met in a shared taxi cab in Havana, Cuba. They both were tourists there and both were looking for a way to end up their loneliness which they did.

This friend of mine is a motorcycle freak and he likes to refer to both his testicles as the Yamaha’s V6 engines. He also claims to have fucked several popular asses. He claims that those popular asses are no fun at all when compared to their non-popular counterparts. He believes that the more a woman enjoys a dick, the more she enjoys her life. Whether true or not, one thing is for certain and that is that this friend of mine’s libido has also increased simultaneously since he learnt how to end premature ejaculation (como acabar com a ejaculação precoce).

I recently met the popular young female pornstar – Pocahontas Jones and had the pleasure of talking to her for about an hour, no, she didn’t let me have any other pleasure, just the talking pleasure. She told me that all the websites that claim that she is available for escorting are the fake ones and have been reported by herself.She also told me that she has been thinking about leaving the porn industry forever and settle down with her millionaire boyfriend forever.

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Going to this park every morning with the hope of getting lucky one day with one of those Greek stunners

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If someone ever told you that all a woman need is a huge dick with a lot of stamina, let me tell you that the man or woman who told you this was partially correct, but that is not all.

I was checking this recent Greek survey in which cam girls came out as the happiest people on earth. Another survey that I was checking was from Italy, in which it was found that the celibates turn old sooner than their non-celibate counterparts and also die earlier as well. They surveyed the Catholic priests as celibates in this survey.

There is no denying that ellinikes tsontes has been giving a sense of meaning to the lives of many. With such a fantastic selection of porn to choose from, you are certainly never going to get enough.

As you all already know that I am a sex demon who can never get enough. I go to this nearby park everyday where several busty Greek MILFs come everyday with a hope of getting lucky with those one day. Whether I go lucky or not, one thing is for certain that it is a great view and I am never going to feel like I wasted hours of mine searching for that perfect Green MILF even if I never ever find one.

I recently had a chat with this tantric bro who told me that having sex regularly with estrogen rich women without use of any sort of birth control, especially the pills keeps you feel young, virile and highly energetic. This tantric bro is 45 now and he claims that each year his testosterone has been rising instead of going down because of this discovery of his.

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This MILF was on Javboard all the time when she didn’t have a fuckbuddy

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Have you ever heard that balls are the representatives of the penis? If you haven’t, then let me tell you that in reality they are.

I have had fun with several different Japanese MILFs while I lived in Japan. One MILF friend with benefits that I fucked almost everyday while I was there in Japan, once I wrote ‘Milk Factory’ on her breast while she was asleep and she couldn’t even understand what it was as she didn’t speak English. She used to spend all her time on javboard while she didn’t have a fuckbuddy lying next to her.

Anybody who tells you that dating or one-night stands are more psychological games than the physiological, is definitely taking you for a long ride. The one-night games and dating are 99% physiological and 1% psychological, those who do not agree are either liars or have never participated in either.

One historian friend of mine once told me that even though the men in the medieval times mostly used their dicks in the vaginas rather than their hands, the women of those times were still starving for sex most of the time. He says that is the core reason why women had more suicide rate back in the day compared to their male counterparts.

I believe that it is impossible for a man before 70 to not get hard on the will or he is not having a refractory period and he ought to just change his porn or the woman if he has this issue or maybe his diet rather than wasting his life. I personally believe that a man’s life goal is to ejaculate as many times as he can before the day he dies.

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Thai Pornstars are as underrated as their Spanish and Italian counterparts

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I personally think that they should change the name of BBC News, it has been giving false hope and impression to the straight women and gay men for over a decade now.

I am a great fan of Kiki Daire, I recently met her in the Hollywood and she let me suck her boobs just because she liked me too.

It is a pity that most top Italian and Spanish pornstars, even after being some of the best that make nothing but the best porn, but still they are underrated because they can’t speak English whereas ugly pornstar like Mia Khalifa that does nothing but makes fake screams and moans has been topping the charts for years. Same is the case with the Japanese, Chinese, Thai and Korean pornstars. Nobody entertains me like Thai-American pornstar – Jessica Bangkok’s porn clips (คลิปโป๊), but still she is nowhere as famous as Mia Khalifa, Lisa Ann or Reagan Foxx.

I am not ashamed to admit that I dated an escort girl for over 6 months last year and it was more fun dating her than all my other girlfriends combined. She used to tell me that men who walk around wearing three-piece suits all the time, mostly wear sexy underwears underneath.

She told me that she dated a guy named Jamie Balls while she was in college and he really had big balls. She was doubtful that the surname has its origins in the ‘big balls’ only.

This escort girlfriend of mine also used to tell me that Hispanic men may not be as big as their black counterparts but they know how to use their dicks right and well. She told me that she could not control her happiness whenever the agency operators told her that they had a Hispanic client for her.

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If we ever get to live on some other planet, my only wish be that they have a porn solution for everyone there as well like they do here on earth

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“Women are a piece of art and anybody who denies this or doesn’t agree is an idiot”, said my grandfather to me, the day I turned 21. Although my grandfather is no more with me now, but his memories still stay with me all the time and I am reminded of the above mentioned statement by him, each time I see a stunning woman who looks to me like someone from a different world.

My personal belief and observation is that the success doesn’t lead you somewhere as far as a happy sex life can. You are going to be ultimately forgotten, no matter what you do, how much of social welfare you do, how many lives you improve and how much money you make, but what stays with you in your grave is the memory of how many ejaculations you had with how many different women. Yes, I personally believe that a dead person remembers and can recall how many persons he/she had sex with and how good was their sex life. Hence, your sex life is always far more important than your marriage, children and career. Marriage, children and career are all headache and a wastage of life but sex is something so great that it cannot even be defined in words, it is literally too great for that.

I believe that incest was far more common in the Victorian era than it is now and the imprint of those great times were left so strong on the people that most of the porn videos of the 1970s and 1980s involved incest. The incest videos are back in the trend like they were in the sexy 70s, since the beginning of 2019, I believe that we have a porn solution for everyone like never before.

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His wife used to use pornstar dildos before he started using that Xtragel

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I am not a gay person but I believe that an average gay porn star dildo is extremely underpriced. You get to fuck the man of your dreams all the time for just a few bucks, which is amazing.

Here is this gay friend of mine who used to masturbate to hot WCW wrestlers all the time as a teen, especially Razor Ramon and Kevin Nash – the NWO guys. He is nowadays always busy having fun with his favorite pornstar – Tiger Tyson’s dildo. He says that there are too many options nowadays for a gay dude to pick one. He has a friend with benefits who owns more dildos than the number of clothes.

He claims that drinking kills his libido, which is contrary to the popular belief and opinion.

He also claims that edging using your favorite penis pump makes you feel high as fuck. He likes to refer to his dick as shampoo bottle, his semen as shampoo and the ass he gets to fuck as his hair.

He also claims to have done 90 days of NoFap only to experience no superpowers or benefits at all.

He also claims that many fictional characters in the ancient and medieval times were indirectly depicted as being gays but the creator dared not reveal their sexual orientation back then.

He has also read the Multi-Orgasmic Man by Mantak Chia thrice to have greater pleasure in the bed room.

My personal observation is that gay men like ice cream more than their straight counterparts. I even know a gay guy who likes to refer to his gay friend’s tool as the ice cream instead of the lollipop.

One of my friend’s wife used to use her favorite male pornstar’s dildo until my friend started showing her the miracle of Xtragel Funciona and today they are a very happy couple and his wife has never used that dildo ever again.

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First take a long while watching your favorite porno and then take a long nap

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You must always be very conscious of 2 things:- First who are you fucking and second what you eat. Fortunately enough, you need not to worry about the first much if you only masturbate to top notch porno. Just make sure that you only watch healthy porno and not something unnatural and unhealthy like bestiality. Don’t rush, just look for the best possible HD porno first and then only take your cocks out.

If you take a wank regularly and you worry all the time about what others are thinking about you, then you aren’t doing it right. As they say, take a long nap after you take a wank, try to take a long nap after you take a long wank and see how it goes for you then.

I personally believe that the technology in the future will be able to take care of most of the sexual issues in both men and women.

I have been watching a lot of Canadian porn lately and I am very much obsessed with this Wifey from the Wifey’s World. Anyway, I have concluded looking at Wifey’s videos that you must consult a sex expert if you feel that you aren’t good enough in the bed. Do you wanna know how I got to conclude this looking at Wifey’s videos? Because her husband is the one who consults a lot of sex experts.

Wifey mentioned in one of her most recent blog posts that these guys are going to try swinging soon enough as well. I am awaiting those great times eagerly and I really believe that their swinging videos are going to be a hell of a fun as well. My piece of advice to them is that swinging is not just about fucking one night, you may enjoy the familiar swingers as long as you would like to. I really hope that their swinging videos will be full of group sex and foursomes.

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Cam Chat Fever! Cam Chat Fever! Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!

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If it is your first time on a live sex cam chat, it can be a nerve-wrecking experience but it is full of excitement as well at the same time nonetheless. While Polish chicks are some of the finest around, Germans are even far superior, you just have to visit Webcamsex Deutschland to confirm this fact. I am telling you, even if some of the Biblical patriarchs were around and some of these girls said to them “Let’s Play Baby”, I bet none of those Biblical patriarchs would be able to resist.

I have spoken to several different cam models in my lifetime and they all have some interesting tale to tell to you. One cam model once told me that she likes basketball players because of their stamina, long dongs and height. She said that professional basketball players are better to her because they are rich as well.

I once had the pleasure of fucking these twin sisters whom I met through a live sex cam chat as well. These twin sisters told me that they both refer to big black cocks as sniper rifles and they regularly fuck some rugged NATO mercenaries because nobody else is willing to fuck those and do it as a form of social service. I personally believe that mercenaries nowadays are more rugged than the army men.

One of these twin sisters had breasts so large and they were high quality and had a peculiar sort of beauty as well, it made me realize what an adrenaline rush is and why chatting with cam girls is always better than wasting your time watching porn because you can get lucky with these cam girls for real, I even know some dudes that have married cam models that they first met through cam chat, then hooked with them only to first fall in love with them and then marrying them.

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Your next-door-neighbor is fucking his sex doll while chatting with your voluptuous wife and you ain’t even know it

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No matter how much you love each other or are successfully able to pretend the same, you will be surprised to see how much fighting is involved in an average marriage. According to me, setting up a free cam chat website is the greatest humanitarian work that somebody can do in the modern era and xxnx24 has clearly done the same.

One of my good friends refers to breasts as mountains and nipples as Everest. He is a pretty cool and fun-loving guy who is always hiring escorts or fucking his expensive sex doll while chatting with some hot cam model.

I believe that United Nations must do something to encourage free sex cam chats in order to generate employment across the world and make the world a happier place. I personally know several cam models that have married their regular clients.

I travel a lot to Vietnam and Thailand and I still remember having fun with this Vietnamese beauty that I met through a webcam chat. I believe that Vietnamese women are better fucks than their Thai counterparts and are extremely underrated as well.

Most cam models have a great sense of dressing too, they seldom wear anything that looks ridiculous or uncomfortable.

There was a time when partying only meant fucking, it still is the same to a great extent, the only thing that has changed is that most men are fucking their sex dolls while talking to a hot cam model in the name of partying and most women are having fun with their dildos and vibrators while talking to a bodybuilder on a live sex cam chat in the name of partying.

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Newly married couples in their early 20s are indulging in swinging and making videos

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Contrary to what most may think, many swinger couples are actually proud of their activity. Some people have a crazy idea that indulging in swinging is full of dangers which is far from the truth. I have personally indulged in swinging many times with my best friend’s wife acting as my own and it is fun and worry-free each time.

One swinger couple that I personally know involves in swinging only on the Christmas day. The husband in this case is a blogger as well. The headline of his blog reads “The deeper you go into the pussy, the more heavenly it feels. Going by this logic, a brothel full of nice women is the Kingdom of Heaven.”

Some men and women have a bad habit of background checking while swinging. I call it a bad habit because there is no need to do so as it is a cumbersome and time wasting activity.

Surprisingly enough, doctors and lawyers seem to fuck their spouses everyday and that seems to be the reason why they are some of the most regular at swinger parties or maybe, it is owing to their high education graphs that they are overall more broad minded, only god knows.

I have also met youngest of the couples that are in their early 20s, recently married and they are interested in swinging as much as their older counterparts. They must be rather watching Best Swinger Porn Videos but they are rather busy indulged in actual swinging. Maybe they first learn with watching those videos and then get involved in swinging, only god knows.

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Wrestling fan spends all his day wanking to the naked pictures on MyNudeX

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One of my good friends who is a wrestling freak told me yesterday that the wrestler Tank Abbott used to pay another wrestler Shawn Michaels tens of thousands of dollars for having sex with him. I clearly told him “Look, I am not interested in hearing these rumors, tell me something interesting.” And then he showed me this huge collection of naked pictures on a website that goes by the name MyNudeX. This action of his really made my day, they were really some stunning women displaying their stunning assets.

This wrestling freak friend of mine wants to enter the sex toy manufacturing business and he wants to manufacture nothing but WCW, WWF and WWE diva lookalike sex toys. He jerks off at least thrice a week to the infamous MILF wrestler Stacy Keibler and at least twice a week to another MILF wrestler – Trish Stratus. He says that he can never get enough of these two women and he will keep jerking off to these two until the last day of his life as these are the two to whom he jerked off to all his teenage years.

The best thing about fucking a sex doll while watching the naked pictures of a beautiful woman on the screen is that you don’t need to worry about your sophistication,elegance, distinction, good looks in that case at all. All that you need is a dick and some lubricant or oil and there you go, keep smashing that plastic bitch for hours at a time.

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