Bodybuilder Ghostwrites Thai Sex Movies And Refers To Step-Sex As ‘Sex in Paradise’

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Evelyn Pena from Velva, North Dakota, is a Sex Blogger and Businesswoman, who claims that men who produce thicker but thinner precum mostly suffer with PE, the ones who produce thinner semen and thinner precum suffer with both ED and PE, the men who produce thick precum irrespective of how thick their semen is, are the real deal.

Evelyn is a bodybuilder whose forearms are thicker than those of her husband’s.

Evelyn claims to have partook in all sorts of fetishes that you can imagine including rimjob and foot fetishes but she never took it all inside her mouth (deepthroat).

Evelyn claims she regularly sends storylines for free to major porn studios including BangBros, NaughtyAmerica, and Brazzers. Most of her storylines are incest based, mainly the half or step ones. So, the next time you watch a Thai Sex Movie, say thanks to the ghostwriter Evelyn for it.

Evelyn lives right next to her parents. Her parents know it well what’s going on when she screams out loud. She says she finds it too hard to confront them the very next day.

Evelyn claims there are more asexual White Women in Cincinnati, Ohio, than any other US city, no wonder why so many men turn Catholic priests for life in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Evelyn writes for a woman, reading while laying down increases her sexual libido whereas reading while you are standing does the exact opposite.

Evelyn has been writing a sexual gospel for the past 19 months now, she is going to name it ‘Gospel of Sex in Paradise’. She claims it is going to be the best erotic read of all times.

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Wuhan Man Hasn’t Got Time To Sleep But Enough To Jerk Off To His Favorite Chinese Pornstars

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I have a friend named Eishun from Wuhan, China, who used to eat, sleep, fuck, repeat in his Real Estate office, until he learnt how to make stealth eBay and Amazon accounts and make a bank with the same. Since then, he doesn’t have much time for eating or sleeping, but he has always got a plenty of time for fucking or jerking off to 成人影片.

Eishun is extremely proud of his wife’s sexual prowess. He says that if she’s a Porsche, the rest of the women of the world are Mazdas at the best.

Eishun also has a sex blog very similar to this blog of mine, where he keeps making interesting posts on a regular just like I do.
On one of the posts on his blog, Eishun wrote that most of the incest porn videos in the American mainstream porn industry come from the Japanese mainstream porn. He further added that the Japanese porn is just like the Japanese cars, the Japanese didn’t invent the cars, but they made them so better and beat the Whites at their own game, which I believe will not hurt or offend any of the White readers of my blog, just like it didn’t on Eishun’s blog, but if it did, then send your wife to me and I will compensate for hurting you so bad.

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Mercedes Maybach Is A Chachki Compared To An Ideal Wife Or A Classy Lahore Escort

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Kesha Stanfield loves to dress as a naughty nurse for her husband just like she used to for her clients while she worked as one of the Lahore Escorts. Her stunning, long brunette hair and curvy hair makes her the envy of all her female colleagues.

Kesha loves the sun tan. She has an abundance of sexy costumes for roleplays, lingerie’s, nasty undergarments, stockings, etc. Her role-play sessions are incredibly great. You have to experience them yourself to believe it which I am certain that you never will. She is a living perfection – perfect body, youthful energy and stunning looks.

Kesha lost her virginity while she was still in college. Back then she was like a girl-next-door with a bit of mystery.

Kesha is a charming, sweet and ideal wife. Her husband’s name is John. John has a passion for cars. He has been eyeing Mercedes Maybach’s exterior very easy on the eye and finds it extremely comfortable on the inside but that all comes with a price tag that he cannot afford but it doesn’t matter much to him because she has got a gorgeous exotic beauty with killer body and awesome tan lines lying by his side every night all naked. Yes, I am talking about Kesha, a Mercedes Maybach is like a mosquito when compared to just one night with Kesha. Imagine silky skin like butter melting into your body as you relax and let go.

John’s recent penile implant surgery has made his private life even much more heavenly for himself and Kesha. John used to feel very weak and exhausted all the time before getting the surgery down there but since he got the surgery he doesn’t feel that way anymore.

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Would The NY Governor Encourage Sugar Baby To Turn Into Escorts?

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Fran Hukman from San Francisco, California, is a Sex Blogger and Lawyer, who claims to know several young Iranian female immigrants who are desperate to work with the top sugar baby agencies, but no top sugar baby agency is willing to recruit them and they are forced to using sugar baby apps, which generally doesn’t get you as wealthy and caring sugar daddies in general. According to several surveys done across different parts of the world, the app using sugar daddies are generally older than their agency counterparts.

Sexual Technicalities > Sexual Morals and Ethics
Fran Hukman

Fran believes the term ‘Hand in Glove’ was derived from the term ‘Pussy in Dick’ at some point in history.

Understanding the true basic mechanics of sex is as complex as understanding the Pre-Islamic Arabia.
Fran Hukman

Fran claims to have seen the Puerto Rican MILF Pornstar – Kitana Flores AKA Jazmyn begging on the streets of Puerto Rico back in 2005.
Even the ugliest woman on earth, that is my one and only sister-in-law, dreams of becoming a global sex symbol.
Fran Hukman

Fran believes that they will teach the history of porn in school textbooks some day.
Fran believes that if Mexico weren’t a neighbour of the sex suppressed USA, it would make even better porno, especially in the incest niche.
Women who lie a lot to the strangers in the public are too generous with the familiar men during the night in the bedroom.
Fran Hukman

Fran’s BBW elder cousin has a face sitting fetish and although he hates the smell of her genitals on his face, he still makes her sit on his face almost everyday as he has a personal epiphany that smelling the genitals of a woman without any penile stimulation increases a man’s testosterone levels.

Fran believes ‘Free Sex’ ought to be every adult’s constitutional right and the US must encourage young men to enjoy NY Escorts all the time for a happier life.

Fran claims that the people of the Mohenjo-Daro and Harappan Civilization used to have their own religion before Buddhism. The people of Harappa would pray to the Phallus and that of Mohenjo-Daro prayed to both Phallus and Yoni (Vagina). He believes the Indus Valley Region was highly sexual before the Islamic invasion.
Fran writes it is a harsh historical fact that sexual abundance is generally followed by sexual crisis.

Fran once held the opinion that we don’t need any law(s) regarding sex and sexuality but now not so much. He believes that we need even stricter laws regarding sexuality of the underaged people.

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Cavemen Jerk Off To The Imagination, Modern Men Do It To The Videos De Sexo – Patrick Beeman

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Patrick Beeman from Clifton, New Jersey, is a wealthy guy who owns a small paper manufacturing company in Clifton, NJ. He is a very sexual and passionate guy as well, who has been paying his escorts only bitcoins since the middle of the financial year 2016 and they love him for it.

Patrick also writes a sex blog. Most of his posts are interesting and some are controversial as well.

Patrick writes on his blog that those who masturbate to their imaginations are definitely cavemen of the present days. He says that they are the ones who are supposed to be considered as masturbation addicts and not the guys who jerk off to the videos de sexo.

Patrick plans to organize a Grand Slam Lesbian tournament. In this tournament, the lesbians will first wrestle and the one who fucks the longest with a strap-on will be made the winner. He predicts that the average built athletic women will score the best in this competition.

Patrick lost almost half of his Indian blog subscribers when he made a claim on his blog that the mother of the current Indian Prime Minister – Narendra Modi, used to be a prostitute and that’s why he hates the human race. Patrick claims that the Indian Prime Minister – Narendra Modi has been taking a revenge on the human race by destroying as much of it as he can.

Patrick understands that each ancient Lebanese scripture indicates that the dick of each man who used to practice celibacy in the ancient Lebanon would get his dick cut into pieces by the king or the queen of Lebanon.

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A Brothel in Amsterdam and a Porn Studio in Rotterdam, this friend of mine makes more money than 99.9% of the World

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I am not ashamed to admit that I once fucked a 22 year old virgin so hard that it hospitalized her. She kissed me on my cheeks all the time when I was in the hospital with her and told me that I need not feel sorry about it as she loved the experience.

It is my personal observation that every guy and every girl wants to day twins but most of them won’t admit the same. Generally, the guys aren’t so shy to admit it, but you would seldom hear from a girl that she would love to date twin brothers, most of the times when you would, she is generally joking.

I once met a bisexual guy from Australia who told me that the Australian men are freaks with big dicks while the Australian women are boring fucks. No wonder why there is not a single globally popular Australian female pornstar but there are several Australian male pornstars who are globally popular.

It is my personal experience that women with brains are great giving BJs, but most of their moans are fake.

One of my great friends owns a brothel in Amsterdam and a porn studio in Rotterdam. He always tells me that it is easier for him to manage the porn studio than the brothel.

Each night when I sleep without fucking, my next day doesn’t start well and for that reason I always keep a brand new flesh light in my pocket along with my water-based lube.

I don’t ever plan to get married but when I do, it is going to be a blonde pornstar who I will marry whom I would choose out of compilation of best porn videos.

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Swanzey Carpetmaker Fucks BBW Sex Dolls Butt-Naked On His Own Carpets

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Dennis Uthe from Swanzey, New Hampshire, is a Sex Blogger and Carpet Manufacturer, who claims it is a myth that sexual poetry makes some women more wet than an electronic vibrator would. He believes myths like these are invented by none other than the poets themselves to increase the importance of the people of their field.

Some men interfere in other men’s lives as much as they want to have intercourse with their wives. – Dennis Uthe

Dennis claims to have the secret information that Bill Clinton wanted Monica Lewinsky to feature in a porn movie with a retired army chief but she wouldn’t agree.

Dennis thinks every elder sister and every elder brother must give dictation to their younger sister(s) and younger brother(s) respectively during their initial sexual sessions. He believes that an elder sister is to be blamed if the younger sister is not good in bed.

Dennis has an Israeli friend who told him that serving in the army makes a woman at least 4-5 times more horny during the night.

Dennis writes that he didn’t know how good sex in a tent felt till he had it for the very first time in 2015. Now, he regularly takes his BBW sex doll to a local tent resort and enjoys all night sex with her.

Did you know that Afghanistan has been one of the biggest importers of the American and Japanese Sex Dolls for the past 30 years now? Those Soviets first in the past and now the Americans have been making it hard for them to go out and pursue real women. – Dennis Uthe

Dennis is extremely happy about the fact that there has never been an allegation of corruption related to the sexual products anywhere in the world, not even in super-corrupt nations like Mexico, Colombia, Pakistan or India.

Dennis writes more young men than ever before fucking the daughters of their bosses hasn’t made any difference in the sales of the sex dolls.

Dennis writes more than 60% of the US and NATO personnel would have left their job by now due to the sexual frustration if they didn’t have sex dolls at their disposal.


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Argentine Female Teachers Envying Their Husbands’ BBW Sex Dolls

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Viktor Grinchuk from Miami, Florida, is a Sex Blogger and a Restaurateur, who claims one of the top American pop singers – Britney Spears’ most favorite pastimes is trolling the Discord servers and she used to spend several hours a day doing that during all of 2018.

Viktor claims to know a man who regularly practices Non-Ejaculatory Sex with his dusky skinned curly haired BBW sex doll. He quite often does it while still wearing a suit.

Viktor has been learning Arabic using audio programs while cycling. He says hypnotic spirals can help you a lot to learn a new language if you know how to use those for your own good.

I like to experiment a lot with my beard and pubic hair. – Viktor Grinchuk


Viktor drinks milk fresh out of his blue-eyed Priyanka Chopra lookalike Sicilian girlfriend. He recently made it clear to her that she needs to re-dedicate herself to sucking his dick or he is going to dedicate more time to fucking his sex dolls.

I once fell in love with a 25 year old Argentine School Teacher. She loved being fed some lamb meat along with my dick. – Viktor Grinchuk

Viktor doesn’t agree with the study done in Minnesota in 2015, which concluded that women who watch TV programs with mostly African-American characters, crave big black dicks a lot more compared to those who don’t watch such programs.

It is a false notion that all Indian pussies smell like curry, only the ones from South India do. – Viktor Grinchuk

Viktor thinks English songs by French singers are highly underrated, especially from the 1980s and 1990s.

Since I turned too greedy, many women have told me that my dick smells like a dollar bill. – Viktor Grinchuk

One of the female cousins of Viktor is a nudist who takes pride in the fact that she can take an entire huge water bottle in each of her dirty holes.

Viktor claims to know a Lebanese-American Public Relations Firm owner who only advises his friends to hire nothing but duo escorts. This friend of Viktor always has a ‘Do Not Disturb’ sign hung outside his bedroom.

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Tremendously Sexual Latin Copenhagen Twin Sisters Proud Of Their Involvement In The Escort Biz

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Elizabeth Pedroza from Copenhagen, Denmark, is a full-time sex blogger, who loves to get her ass sniffed. She has married 3 times and dated over 20 men till date. The first trait that she looks for in a man is his big nose, if the nose is not big but everything else is perfectly right, she is going to reject you.

Elizabeth is more Pro-Tantric Sex than one of the most famous female tantric sex gurus of all times – Psalm Isadora. She writes that after having tantric sex for the very first time when she looked in the mirror, she noticed her eyes were sparkling, her nose was shining and her skin seemed smoother.

Elizabeth writes if you can’t make your woman gasp during or after you have made love to her just the way a little bitch gasps after running a marathon race, you better leave her for good as you don’t deserve to be her man and clearly so.

Elizabeth is one of the twin sisters. Till date they have a threesome each Monday with a man and make it live on a nude webcam girls websites. She was briefly involved in the escort københavn scene as well.

Elizabeth believes the penis is a reproductive body of a man and the way a man’s penis is built, his dick will also be the same. She gives the example that if a man is fat, his dick would be fat. She claims a man’s kidney and testicles are identical to each other.

Elizabeth believes all religions are man-made but if she had to bet, she would bet Catholicism is true. Because everything she learned about Catholicism makes sense and it just feels right and pure.

Divine Mercy in my soul by Saint Faustina is her most favorite book of all times. She believes Saint Faustina’s claim that she was visited by Jesus for many times for years sounds legitimate to her.

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Free Live Sex Cam Models Partaking In NoFap To Look Hotter To Their Voyeurs

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John Billing from Lansing, Michigan, is a Sex Blogger and Architect, who got married twice. He has 3 children with each of his wives. Both the wives of John have hyperlactation syndrome, taking advantage of which, he never missed the opportunity to enjoy fresh milkshake taking advantage of this. He listens to popular American singer – Kelis’ popular track ‘Milkshake’ to remind himself of those beautiful times when his wife is not lactating.

John claims to have the secret information of the brief marriage between the Retired Persian-American Pornstar, Free Live Sex Cams Model and Escort – Persia Pele and a Bollywood Comedian. She got pregnant twice during their marriage and both the times, they agreed on aborting the infant which John criticizes and has written over 700 articles against.

John writes Mughals were too ahead of their times in so many ways. He writes whereas the science only recently discovered that women hit their sexual peak at the age of 30; the Mughals knew this all well since time unknown. The Mughal Emperors and Elite of the Mughal Empire preferred their wives in their late 20s and early 30s.

Our institutions have been infiltrated. JFK warned us 60 years ago. Politics, Hollywood, the Church, DigTech, Academia. Most men are too bust lusting, watching sports, useless entertainment and chasing money to notice. We get what we deserve. – John Billing

John claims an Afghan Sikh is responsible for the increasing rate of Arabian Dates imports and consumption in China. This Afghan-Sikh told a prominent Chinese Businessman about the sexual benefits of eating the Arabian Dates. This prominent Chinese Businessman has several friends in the Chinese mainstream media, he told them to tell the benefits of eating dates on the TV and other news sources they were involved in and simultaneously invested tons of money in importing dates from UAE and the plan all went very well and it continues to happen that way.

John partook in the NoFap challenge once. He says flatlining is the most misunderstood concept among the NoFap participants. They take it as something negative, but it is in reality when the period when your body uses all the energy it produces to repair, rejuvenate and strengthen itself.

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San Jose Chemistry Teacher Watches Stripteases On Live Sex Cams To Relive The Past Decade

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Scott Bergmark from San Jose, California, is a Part-Time Sex Blogger and a Part-Time Chemistry Lecturer in a top university, who compliments the porn industry for how far it has come since the so-called Golden Age of Porn, but he misses the strip dance as they had it in most porn movies back between 2007-09. He writes that he has to rely on best cam sites to enjoy those sexy strip dances now. He also writes that he also misses the exceptionally passionate pornstars like Evie Delatosso and Emma Starr that were too active during that era. Also, passionate male pornstars like Rocco Siffreddi, Peter North and Evan Stone, the men who would moan and make more weird facial expressions than their female co-workers.

Scott clams the trading relations between the Roman and Indian empire begun with the India supplying Ayurvedic Viagra and other sexual supplements to the Roman which were unchallenged during those times and worked like no other before the chemically manufactured Viagra came into the picture.

Scott loves to challenge himself with new things and once he challenged himself to ‘No Lust Celibacy’. Here is what he wrote on his blog about his experience:-

I remember back in the October of 2018, I would challenge myself that I will watch porno till I fall asleep and make sure that I won’t get aroused. I would get aroused watching porno even after promising myself that challenge but I wouldn’t touch my privates. This stayed for 3-4 days. One thing I made sure for these 3-4 days was that the sound stayed off each time while I was at it as I get more easily aroused by the moans and sounds of an aroused whispering woman. Then on the 5th day, I decided to toughen up the challenge, I switched the sound on and I made sure that I would choose only average looking porn because I knew great looking babes with sound would be dangerous. I completed watching the first video without getting a boner, then I moved on to watch the second video, it was an amateur homemade porn video, the moans of the female star in the video were so sexy, that I couldn’t dripped about 50ml of precum within only a couple of minutes in, I couldn’t take it anymore and gave in. That’s why I always say that willpower works but it won’t take you to the victory, it is like a brake in your car, it prevents you from a crash most of the times, but not when you are always speeding and driving recklessly.

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Psychiatrist Rubs Herself Watching Funny Porn Flicks On Her Oculus Quest Device

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Dr Nadine Bahour from London, England, is a Sex Blogger and Psychiatrist, who writes that ‘No Words Necessary’ series is the second best thing to have ever happened to the incest porn industry after the Taboo series. She writes it is such a pity that they ended that series too quick. She was really hoping that they will make a movie of each of the yesteryear porn legend in that series after he saw Tyler Nixon fucking Briana Banks in that very series. She writes the movie that she was too desperate to rub herself to Tyler Nixon fucking Taylor Moore, but she is disappointed.

Dr Nadine once dated a young Persian-Zoroastrianist scammer in the past who told her that reading Zend-avesta while wearing nothing but a red bra while getting her butthole fingered increases a woman’s libido and the size of her buttocks. Nadine followed it for almost a year, from the day he told her that to the day he ran away with her money. Nadine sent this story of hers to a VR Porn studio last year and they made a 42 minute long flick out of it. She watches that flick every once in a while on her Oculus Quest Porn equipment.

Dr Nadine is happily married for the past 7 years now. She has 2 kids. She recently bought a mic to teach alphabets to her kid while she is having a chest-to-chest fucking session in the other room with her husband with doors closed.

Dr Nadine used to work for Dr Philip McGraw of the Dr Phil’s Show. She writes the old man completes reading one novel on the subject of sex each day and has adulterous relationship with multiple female employees working for him at his studio, which once included Nadine herself.

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Kathak Dancer Wrote An Anthem Dedicated To YouGoggle Pornstars

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Meena Venkataraman from Bismarck, North Dakota, is a Sex Blogger and Kathak Dancer, who believes the reason why martial arts lost its significance greatly in the past 2 decades is the fact that it was giving men strong cases of erectile dysfunction and other male sexuality related issues. She adds it was harmless to the female sexuality though.

Meena recently met the daughter of one of the cartel kingpins that died in the 2010 in Mexico. She is a lyricist and a poetess, who recently completed writing an escort anthem and a pornstar anthem.

Meena writes religious conditioning of a woman plays a bigger role than any other factor when it comes to her BDSM preferences and this could very well be seen on those videos, she adds. She writes after reading the bio of a VR female pornstar, you would discover that the female pornstars that were raised with certain religious beliefs act in a certain way which is quite different than the ones belonging to the female pornstars that were raised with quite differing beliefs.

Meena writes that after studying the tantra and other Hindu scriptures thoroughly and analysing those, she has concluded that the Hindu God Shiva became the God of all other Hindu Gods by dominating their wives sexually using his tantric sexual expertise and prowess.

Meena writes the biggest proof that escorting is a lucrative business is that she never got a spam message from a male or a bisexual/lesbian woman offering escort services although she gets all kind of messages from all kinds of people offering all kinds of useless products or services at a special discount.

Better eat toxic substances 24/7 than having a toxic long-term sexual partner. – Meena Venkataraman

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Sex Specialists Are Dumb, VRBonk Freak Made His Maternal Aunt’s Pussy Numb

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Indrajita Dasa from Brisbane, Australia, is a Sex Blogger and Acupuncturist, who writes that the current so-called “sex specialists” are such disappointment that it makes him wonder that it either what they study is completely useless or the people interested in getting into the department are utterly dumb.

Indrajita also writes that those claiming to be so-called experts of astrology, need someone to tell them that the clouds have a greater impact on the sex drive of a man or a woman belonging to any ethnicity than all the planets combined. He goes on to write that those who do not believe him, may ask any married couple who live together the 12 months of the year the question: What season of the year you have most sex?

Indrajita writes that he lost his virginity to the wife of his maternal uncle at the age of 21. She was 35 back then. He went there to see his new-born cousin. His aunt already knew that he was a virgin, so she decided to present him the New Year gift like you would see in a VRBonk movie, and Indrajita delighted in it.

Indrajita write about this one adventure when once he was in Barcelona. He hired one of the most popular Spanish MILF Pornstars of all times – Montse Swinger for a night. She drank 2 bottles of whiskey that night with him and said that’s how much she drinks each day on a regular. She also told Indrajita that she likes kissing her man on the lips while getting her pee-hole and poop-hole fingered simultaneously by him. And that’s what Indrajita did for the rest of the night to her after banging her in the pussy thrice.

Montse also didn’t ask him to wear Indrajita to wear a condom as she believes STDs are a hoax. He came inside her pussy all three times that he fucked her and she was completely okay with. She kissed her on the lips before leaving and told her that she hit the menopause years ago and there is no risk of pregnancy anymore for her.

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Shoplyfter Porn Actors Are Possessed By Sexually Repressed Souls Going Through Purgatory

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Roger Brosky is a Political and Sex Blogger from Bangkok, Thailand, who writes that if he were to be honest, the idea of having to sanctify some kind of place sounds like something a priest would tell a peasant to ensure they either show up to church or donate money to the church for the service of having some other space sanctified.

Roger writes on his blog that the ‘Fire of Purgatory’ is almost an euphemism for the ‘Fire of Suppressed Sexual Desires’. He writes one of the most popular pastors of the modern times from Ohio told him that the purgatory is very much like the astral projection and the one going through it can have sex with anyone they want and once they are freed of the accumulation of their sexual suppression of decades and decades, they finally go to the heaven. He claims that many male porn actors in the shoplyfter free porn videos were possessed by such souls and it is quite evident by looking at their desperation and horniness. One such Shoplyfter movie he claims is the one where the most prolific American male pornstar of the current times – J-Mac fucks arguably the most beautiful GILF American Pornstar – Andi James. He writes that he has never seen J-Mac being so horny and his co-star Andi James also looks astonished by his sexual desperation in the scene; one just has to look at their facial expressions to understand what he is trying to convey, he adds.

Roger writes that the married people in the western world nowadays don’t like to open up about their sexual lives as much as their peers did. While in the East (including the Islamic nations), they have now started to open up about their sex lives within the marriage. Most of the men and women in the east till the early 1990s used to act like they only had sex for the procreation. Sadly, some still act that way, mainly in the villages and the small towns, but then there too, the ratio of such people is not what it even used to be in metros like New Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata or Chennai.

Roger writes that he is very happy to learn that India has the highest growth rate per annum when it comes to the swinging scene. It grew 250% between 2018 and 2019, which is both crazy and sexy.

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Sex Blogger Walks Around With A Stimulated Dick 24/7, Thanks To Chaturbate

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Charles Ntoko from Dearborn, Michigan, is a Sex Blogger and Live Sex Cam Website owner, who sounds like a conspiracy theorist when he claims that the things, be it visual, lotion, or anything of other nature, that stimulate a man’s penis are scientifically proven to give a man more energy than the strongest of the stimulants or illicit drugs, but the governments have been doing their best to hide such studies, for they don’t want the men to function at their peak androgen levels.

Charles further claims that the reason why they choose ugly nd non-voluptuous women to work in the Hollywood movies is a part of all this conspiracy, so that the men walk around without stimulated dicks and hence, no superpowers to challenge the existing authority.

Charles writes that the reason he created his own live sex cam website with nothing but voluptuous beauties is to make the men function at their peak and to make them realize that ‘Penis Power’ is as strong as the ‘Pussy Power’, given the penis must be stimulated.

For the viewers who don’t like the models available for a live sex chat on Charles’s website, he has a signboard saying “Welcome to Sex Webcams Chaturbate“, for he believes that website has something for every straight man.

Charles again sounds like a conspiracy theorist when he says that KGB has more top officials working secretly for America, Israel and United Kingdom combined than for the Russia alone. He claims that the foundation of such corruption was laid during the USSR days. He writes that the wared for having most corrupt double-crossing agents goes to the Russian KGB followed by Pakistani ISIS.

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Men Around The Globe Divorcing Their Wives To Be Able To Fuck Sex Toys More Often

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I know there is no concept of celibacy in Islam and that’s where the difference is. I was born and raised a Catholic and I wanted to stay a lifelong celibate since I learnt the harms of sex, ejaculation, etc. The thought of compromising my life just for the sake of a social institution built a few thousand years ago was ridiculous to me. Never in my worst nightmare could I imagine being a coomer at the age of 29 So, I grew up with this belief that celibacy is superior to the marriage and there is nothing that can change that belief for me as I have been on long streaks in the past and I have the first-hand experience that compromising ‘bliss of celibacy’ for the sake of a social institution is stupid. You don’t know how beautiful this life that god gives you is unless you experience it first-hand. It cannot be put into the words. Life = Raw Energy. Life = Youth. Life = Bliss. Marriage is just a social institution. Monogamous marriage is second best compared to the celibacy but it is no match compared to the celibacy. If you can stay a celibate and you are happy with it, giving yourself in to the marriage would be an utter foolishness. Especially today when you can have kids without marriage. Just a few decades ago the celibates couldn’t have kids but still it was considered the best option, but now you can have the best of both worlds.

The guy who wrote this is now divorced and regularly fucks the artificial pussies he bought from Pink Dynamite. Just goes on to show that real life pussies are no match to the fake ones.

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Only A Dingus Would Pay High Class Courtesans When He Can Meet Sexy Women For Free – Todd Avecedo

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Don’t know if you are already aware of the scam blatantly going on in Discord where a scammer joins your server, then checks the violation you ever committed against the TOS of Discord. He then reports you and make you lose access to your account. Then he becomes the most active member on your server. After 30 days of that, he sends an email to Discord that the server has no owner right now, we need an owner.

Discord has this weird policy of giving ownership to the member with the highest post counts once the real owner loses his account. That’s how he gets to become the new owner of the server.

Anyways, this post is about a sex blogger from Watford City, North Dakota named Todd Avecedo, who claims eating grapes increases estrogen levels in men and testosterone levels in women, hence no straight person regardless of their gender should eat those but for the homosexuals, it is a boon like nothing else. For bisexuals, it is an option he says.

Todd believes that multipurpose fruits like grapes are perfect examples of the fact that there is nothing useless in nature and as unique nature is, it has something for everyone here.

Todd claims to know a hooker in Debrecen, Hungary, who charges 6 times as much just because she looks a lot like the Indian Bollywood Actress – Madhuri Dixit, who has quite a huge ‘Horny Male’ fanbase in Hungary.

Todd writes he will never personally pay a hooker 2 times the money the real value of her services, let alone 6 times, only because she looks like a popular actress. He adds there is no need to pay for him to a hooker anyway since he can meet live sex cam girls for completely free.

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It Takes More Than A Couple Hundred Dollars To Have An Escort Fuck You Like Those Chicks Do In Asian Sex Videos

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Mona Bostrom from Devils Lake, North Dakota, is a Sex Blogger and Economics Teacher, who believes achieving salvation through Judaism  is much easier than it is with Catholicism or any other offshoot of Christianity. She adds Pantheistic religions like Hinduism can really make attain enlightenment through tantric sex, you just need to discover the right guru.

Mona is not ashamed to admit that she worked as an escort for a couple of years before her marriage. Now when she looks at the business, she writes it is a shame that most modern escort agencies and brothels have lost the fundamentals of the business. She adds gone are the days when an average brothel in the US used to have an uncountable number of chicks working for them. The modern escort agencies only have a few skanks working for them and you would be disappointed to see the way they fuck if you watch Asian Sex Videos.

Mona believes the day is not far when we will have an eBay and an Amazon for hiring escorts and the day is also not far when we will have something even superior to these 2 mentioned websites when it comes to buy mail brides.

Mona prefers sex in uncomfortable areas like on a table or a couch compared to the bed. She prefers floor over the bed and takes pride in it. She believes it is a symbol of her being a tough woman inside out.

As a woman, Mona writes the process of finding real sluts out of them all is very much like Metallurgy.

Mona has friends working in the sex toy industry. They all agree that as much as the sex toy industry is profitable nowadays, it would offer very tight profit margins to the manufactures, retailers and wholesalers in the near future.

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Coomerinas from all across the Globe partake in these Live Free Sex Cams

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Gordon Chan from Quebec, Canada, is a sex blogger and a former postman, who believes sex addiction is as good for the health as is workout addiction or health food addiction if not more.

Gordon regularly follows politics and he believes Hillary Clinton fucked her way up to the Parliament.

Gordon is addicted to the sunlight and he loves the energy it gives him. But he doesn’t want to become darker since White Supremacy and all. He has limited his sun time to 20 minutes a day.

Gordon loves to study Indian Mythology in his free time. He claims that arguably the most handsome, most powerful and most focused character of Mahabharata – Karana, used to visit brothel each night before he became the King and after becoming the King he used to spend most of his time in his harem. Gordon cannot afford to visit a brothel each night and neither does he have a harem, but he can still to the hotties on best free webcams and that’s what he does all night long, each night.

Gordon claims Indian Ghee is one of the best things that you can consume to have a great libido in the old age

Gordon believes the term ‘Coomer’ should be taken as compliment. He says it is a pity that most men take the term ‘coomer’ as an insult and the women take the term ‘coomerina’ as an insult. He believes each living being is made to be able to coom as much as possible and it is a pity that the religious people and even some atheists want to take away this virtue from him/her so badly so that they can keep ruling over them.

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Latest Survey Claims 30% of the US Male Cops are Either Bisexuals or Gays

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Nothing is as sexy as a tall Italian Bodybuilder with a gynecomastia. – Jose Collado



Jose Collado from Mexico City, Missouri, is a gay sex blog owner and sound designer, who believes Ron Jeremy is perhaps the most overrated straight male pornstar of all times and Mikey Butders is the most underrated mainstream male pornstar of all times. He says any gay/bisexual man or a straight woman who tells you after looking at those balls that they aren’t worth sucking for at least thrice is a liar. He claims to have had sex with over 240 different gay men that he met through but he is yet to see balls that could even come close to those of Mikey Butders.

Jose writes fun, creative guys fuck a lot more compared to those who aren’t fun or creative and it used to be a common knowledge among different tribes before the Abrahamic religions came into the picture. He believes these fun and creative men usually hit their peak in the late 30s or early 40s while those who aren’t fun or creative start looking like total haggards by that age.

Jose claims Mr Perfect (Curt Hennig) of WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment) died while having sex with a fellow male pro-wrestler but the Vince McMahon with his millions was able to bury this news easily and to this day the fans believe he died of a drug overdose.

Jose is currently dating a Half Sikh Half Russian man. He says this man has the biggest cock he has seen in the real life but he wishes if his balls were as big as those of his favorite pornstar – Mikey Butders. He says he hates sucking his tiny balls as much as he enjoys taking his huge anaconda in his ass.

Jose once made a post that to confirm that he is not a bisexual, his sexy and voluptuous sister-in-law once offered him a titty-fuck. He accepted the offer. Initially he delighted in it, but then found it very hard to stay erect. It toom him almost an hour to finish even after trying so hard, the only reason he could finish was because he imagined sucking his boyfriend all throughout the time he was between her huge beautiful melons.

Jose writes his ultimate fantasy is to be the engine of a 10, 000 men strong ‘gay train’ that would start from Jerusalem and roam all over the Middle-East and spread the awareness. He wishes badly that his fantasy comes true during this lifetime.

Jose once made a very controversial post when he accused one of the most popular Cuban Pornstar of all times – Angelina Castro of running an escort racket that specializes in supplying gay gigolos. He added that her escort organization offers men and women belonging to all different sexual orientations but gay gigolos are her speciality. Angelina Castro never answered these accusations although it is very certain that the news got to her as it became viral everywhere.

Jose writes the balls are not for the gay men what boobs are for a straight man. He writes the Redditors need to stop comparing the two. He insulted the Redditors by mentioning “You guys get a life first then you talk about certain things.”

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Recent Statistics Claim Women Watch More Hentai VR Porn than their Male Counterparts

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Gyorgy Horvath from Fairfield, Ohio, is a sex blogger and a Software Engineer, who writes that those who claim that the progeny of Adam and Eve committed incest are clearly wrong. He writes Yahweh used to send Female Demigoddesses to have sex with the sons of Adam and Eve and Male Demigods to have sex with their daughters.

Gyorgy writes Indians have known the benefits of keeping a male’s genitals open in the air for ages unlike their western counterparts. He writes they also seem to have known all the side-effects of wearing tight clothes for a man. Hence, they came up with a male bottom wear called Lungi, which lets a man move open so freely and also lets the fresh air pass to man’s genitals so easily. He adds it is a pity that several invaders shamed Indian men for wearing the Lungis as they don’t look so cool, which literally ended up the tradition in all of North India and now South Indians also don’t find it hip either. He adds they all very likely would if they understood its real advantage.

Gyorgy writes the only way we can make the men throughout the world realize the benefits of wearing a lungi is by creating an awareness among the women globally. He believes whence the women discover that their men can have stronger and bigger dicks just by replacing a piece of cloth, they will do their best to convince the men to do it for them. He jokes that once the Lungi becomes popular among men globally, no woman would be willing to date a man who doesn’t wear one as the common perception would be that either he is an impotent or owner of a tiny weeny. The women would rather stick to Hentai VR Porn than dating a man who doesn’t wear a Lungi.

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Sex Blogger, Antique Stores Owner and Swinger Porn Enthusiast is More Liberal than all of the Democratic Parties Combined

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Tyler Donner owns 2 antique product stores – one in Philadelphia and another in Phoenix.

Tyler is also a sex blogger and a swinger porn enthusiast, who writes on his blog that he is going to create the first gay specific porn studio which he believes would be bigger than the Naughty America, Brazzers and BangBros combined. He says that he is going to name it ‘The Summer Dick Slam’.

Tyler is one of the most liberal men that you would ever meet and perhaps his being a super-liberal has its roots in him being raised in a pantheistic environment. He writes on his blog that he waits for the day when they will consider the prosecution of the homosexuals to be as bad as the rape or sexual harassment of a a female.

Tyler has a weird but common fetish of writing his name with a marker on his wife’s breasts and she loves him for that.

Tyler believes that some prehistoric breeds of the relatives of human beings used to have dicks as big as 30 inches. He believes that the blacks could have some of their DNA.

Tyler believes there is a certain wisdom that comes with age which allows you to see things as they are. He adds that teenagers as intelligent as they may be just don’t have it and says it is quite evident even among the free sex cams models.

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I challenge you to get a Girlfriend like mine who would Gift You the Latest Hentai Videos Every 2 Weeks

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Hey friends! Welcome here!

If you have a big dick like myself, then you can take a lot of “tips” from my blog and if you don’t, then you can send your spouse, GF or any cock-hungry woman that you know, to me. I will take care of her completely.

My most favorite place to pick up chicks from is the Swimming pool. I find it hard to resist the wet and beautiful women there in their skimpy clothes and they find it hard to resist my superhuge cock that is visible from my speedo too.

After having spent time with women belonging to different age groups, shapes, sizes, races and colors, I have come to the conclusion that it is the older women that try their hardest to give you a good time, especially if you are a man between 22-35.

Together with my long-time girlfriend, I have had threesomes and foursomes with other chicks, mainly escorts, it really looks and feels something out of a porn movie. My girlfriend loves to regularly gift me newest hentai videos DVDs since she learnt about my fetish for the hentai porn.

Not one Christmas season has gone by for years when I didn’t smash my long-time girlfriend at least twice a day.

If you have a tiny limp dick, I will have your girlfriends posing for the photographs while they are butt naked, I guarantee you. I have the voice of Lionel Makepeace from GTA Vice City Emotion 98.3 Radio and I think that should convey a lot to you that how I get chicks wet just with my voice. I get them wet like Ravishing Rick Rude did to Kathie Lee in a live show.

I most frequently visit the wives of the army men. The wives of the army men have affairs with other men while their husbands go out to protect the country. I am a true patriot as I protect the families of the army men by keeping their wives satiated and happy while their husbands protect the nation. Several army men haven’t left their job in the army because they know that I am there to keep their wives happy, so they can serve the nation without any worries. I am always ready as I don’t have refractory periods for over 2 minutes, ever.

I love Hungarian women because they are always hungry for more and that’s the reason why some of the topmost mainstream pornstars are Hungarian. My personal most favorite Hungarian pornstar is Angie Noir. I cannot get enough of her videos. I have bought each and every video that she ever released on Clips4Sale in order to support her and my dick. I get my girlfriend dressed like good old Angie Noir in some of her videos and have her roleplay like her.

Also, roleplay before sex is never a waste of time, it gets your chick wild and hot for the main action.

There are many gay rich Mormons that have married straight women and they now can’t get hard for their wives, that’s where I come into the picture. I am really responsible for keeping so many families stable and their female members satisfied and sane.

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Simps from across the globe gifting Asian women Nitro on Discord with the hopes of getting Sushi Sex

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I once met this Japanese dude on a Slack Chat Group who strongly believed that the White people are aliens, whom the God sent to the planet earth to teach the other races technology and other similar stuff, and to copulate with the men and women of other races, but the White people after finding it hard to communicate with the other races and finding the people of other races ugly, decided to disobey God and after the God came back for a check on them 2 years later, he was shocked that they didn’t follow his command and sent them to the icy Europe to suffer, but the White men and women were able to survive their for millions of years and after God learnt this, he gave them the boon to rule over the other races and since then they have been ruling the world and fucking Asian women of their choice.

This very Japanese dude believes it used to be easier to have real life sex 2 centuries ago than it is today. He also believes that the opposite is true for the masturbation as never before did the lubricants as stimulating and porn as good existed.

He was then busy writing a 100 page eBook which he claims would be the most wholesome sex booklet ever. I am sure the book is out by now but I don’t what it is named and if it is available for free or not.

He was also on Discord and he never got tired of repeating there that 90% of the female users of Discord with a Nitro were gifted it by a simp.

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Sexually, Men are Subordinates to the Women, claims a LiveJasmin Model

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“If you wish to be sexy, study sex.” – Lita, LiveJasmin Videos

Tacy West-Wells from Ann Arbor, Michigan, is a sex blog owner, who recently wrote an article titled ‘Physical and Mental Rape’.

In this article, Tacy writes that by rape she means having sex with someone, that would be against their will and interest.

Physical rape is the one generally considered as rape.

Generally, it is a stronger person, usually the male, forcing with their superior physical strength, sexual intercourse with the female.

By mental rape, she means forcing sexual intercourse via seduction, with the specific intent if sex and other consequences.

The second is much more common to be done by the females, and its all too effective. She groups under the definition all acts that use physical appearances, there are of course other characteristics to be seduction and provocative behaviour and since it is well at this point a cultural fact of the mainstream culture for the male to be the one to do basically everything in the relationship, it is far more effective if a female comes up to a man and initiates it all.

And all these factors somewhat lead to the male being physiologically defenceless, to a sex.

But on much more of a subliminal level, making it less consciously scarring, the results normally being on the side of the male, what have I done, regret, where as the other case would more likely be what did he do to me; And since it is non-productive to live a life of regrets, males tend to kind of forget or at least be less superficially scarred.

Tacy doesn’t elaborate too much on the physical rape argument, reason being it is basically mainstream knowledge at this point.

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Personal Chef from New South Wales prefers her men as tall and wide as the good old Pro-Wrestler – Kevin Nash

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Sarah Donna from New South Wales, Australia, is a personal chef and sex blogger, who writes on her blog that studying Phenology aka Periodic Phenomenon in plants really helped her understand the sexual needs of a man better.

Sarah lives in a neighborhood notorious for being the most favorite one for the LGBT community in the city. She says that her neighborhood has more lesbians than gays while the statistics say otherwise.

Sarah claims to have had several sexual encounters with gay men in the past. She writes on her blog that the straight men need guidance from the gays on how to fuck like a god. She writes that it is sad that most of the straight guys she had sex with till date were unaware of how unsatisfied they left their women.

Sarah claims that second generation bisexual/gays are better looking than 99% of the population and xxx porn videos are the proof. She adds that they are also more good-looking sensible, intelligent and not to mention, better lovers than the rest 99%.

Sarah recently dated a straight guy who had penile implant. She writes on her blog that although they guy was as big as Mandingo. His penis felt even more numb than a dildo in her pussy, asshole and mouth all alike.

Sarah writes that the guys as wide as a truck are better than the guys as tall as a camel and the combination of both is like a gift from the gods to a straight woman and/or a gay man alike.

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Tiny Husbands Taking Revenge on their Cheating BBW Wives by Enjoying Hot Massages in South Korea

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I have an Australian friend who claims that eating Kangaroo meat reduces a man’s libido and that’s the reason why the Aboriginal people of Australia eat it too much because they have no other form of entertainment other than fucking and like most other cultures, they have a guilt attached to sexuality. He says that the White Australians on the other side are always looking for food that increases their libido and that’s the reason why they export it all to other countries.

This Australian friend of mine believes that it is foolish for a tiny guy to date a BBW. He believes that the BBW is going to cheat on the tiny guy all she can sooner or later. He gives several examples of such couples in the show business. He adds that such couples can often be seen on the Reality TV Show – Lauren Lake’s Paternity Court, where BBWs with Beyonce face cheat on their tiny husbands. He believes that such victim husbands should take revenge on their wives by enjoying some Chungnam massage (충남출장안마).

This Australian friend of mine is great buddies with several Indians. He gives example of this Australian-Indian friend of his who was married to a White blonde chick. She used to love her Indian Cobra until the day she met an African Rock Python.

He says that the water-based lubes help him last much longer in bed, to an extent that he can switch multiple positions. He says that earlier he would cum only within 5-10 minutes, but now he can last upto 2-3 hours on an average if he tries hard enough.

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42nd President of the USA – Bill Clinton, wanted to make porn mandatorily free for all adults across the globe

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A hotel is no hotel if they don’t allow escorts, hence most of the hotels across the globe do not even deserve to be called hotels. Hence, I am planning to build the world’s first hotel which would be managed by the escorts, where the chefs would be escorts, the room service would be an escort, the security guards would be gigolos, this hotel is going to be the best thing to have ever happened to the hotel industry.

One of my friends who is a lot like a conspiracy theorist, told me that the Ex-President of the United States – Bill Clinton, really wanted to call a national crusade against sexual oppression and implement some foolproof laws so that nobody could sexually oppress again.

Although Bill Clinton couldn’t go on such national crusade because he was busy getting BJs all the time from his own secretary. His thoughts and ideas have really left an imprint not only on the American society, but throughout the world, and who could have imagined back when he was the President of the United States that there would be high quality free porn available all over the internet by the financial year 2020.

This amateur conspiracy theorist friend of mine claims that it is a myth that you can impress girls with your French/Italian/Romanian, whatever accent. He says that it is nothing but a hype created by the mainstream (government controlled) media to make the people busy working on their accents all the time, so that they could deflect our focus from the real news and other happenings around the world, like the USA and Russia killing the Syrians, creating ISIS or using Kim Jong-Un as a part of their containment of China policy.

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Your dick will become dysfunctional for the pussy one day but not for the incest porn

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There is this friend of mine who has worked as a cameraman for the WCW Monday Nitro and WWE RAW in the past, who claims that the Live Monday Night RAW has become a pick-up place more than anything else, not just for the pro-wrestlers like it has always been, but also for the guys in the audience.

He named his daughter ‘Chastity’ expecting that she will grow up to become a pious and pure lady like the ‘Virgin Mary’ after growing up, but the reality is, it is harder to find out a bigger slut than her in the entire neighborhood. He regularly jerks-off to the incest porn to ease off this pain of his and it really works like a charm.

He is married to an Amazon woman who is 6 feet 8 inches tall. He says that no matter what the weather is up there, she always makes it warm for herself and him down there. She also used to work as a Margao escort back in her younger days when she lived in Goa, India.

His Amazon wife loves to fuck in the shower but he hates it. The only time he likes to make love in the shower is when he is a bit drunk, which he is quite often.

He claims to have studied a lot of Hinduism and as per his observations, the Hindu God ‘Shiva’ is more of a sex god than anything else. He jokes that he is not the god of death but rather a god of a dick’s life.

My friend is a firm believer of the notion that every man’s dick physically dies out one day, but the fragrance of the pussies that it enjoyed while it was alive always lives.He also has a couple of ideas for the other men and women to confirm this fact which are dirty enough to be mentioned even on adult blog like this one.

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Hindu God Ganesha feels that fapping to MILF porn is better in all aspects than fucking a real life woman or a goddess

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I have no idea about how many of you have heard the ancient Hindu myth where the God of all Hindu Gods – Mahadeva aka Shiva aka Shankar slays the head of his own son whom he wasn’t even familiar with until then. The Hindu God Shiva didn’t even know that Ganesha was his own son and the story of the birth of that fat boy Ganesha is even more fun. Ganesha was born out of the mud on his mother Parvati’s body and the mud on his mother was enough to give birth to a fat adult. I guess he saw his mother naked as well as soon as he was born and that’s when his dick get instantly erected and his mother Parvati was more than happy to suck and ride on it as she was an ever-horny bitch who would fuck other gods all the time in absence of Shiva and fucking the virgin son of her own was a fantasy that she couldn’t resist to turn into a reality.

Legends have it that Parvati was deepthroating the huge fat cock of young Ganesha with her huge natural milky white tits popping out when Shiva arrived right at the venue where all that was taking place and slayed the head of his own horny son – Ganesha. When Shiva slayed the head of Ganesha, Parvati’s teeth bit Ganesha’s dick in a shock and that’s when Parvati got the excuse that she wasn’t sucking the dick of her own son but was rather giving him the ayurvedic treatment on his dick through her mouth. Shiva then asked her that where all the precum in her mouth came from and why is she all naked. Then she made up the story that the precum in fact was a lotion given to her by an Indian vaid and the vaid also told her that the lotion would only work if it is in the mouth of an all-naked woman.

Shiva then instantly started feeling guilty and arranged a head of elephant whom he himself fucked while meditating in the Jungles as the head of his newborn yet adult horny son – Ganesha. It has been millions of years since this incidence took place and the Ganesha has been in such a shock ever since that he never dared fuck any woman since the incidence took place and believes only in self-serving watching MILF porn. You can verify this fact through the Hindu scriptures. Ganesha is still a bachelor; He hasn’t had an elephant or a human ass ever since his father slayed his head for having sex with his own momma.

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Call me a Broscientist or a Conspiracy Theorist, there is no way that I am not hiring those yummy Sao Paulo escorts while I am there

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After decades of fucking around, I have come to the conclusion that both asthmatic men and women have a low libido while those with the Schizophrenia and ADHD are just the opposite. It is a worth complimenting fact though that the Luxury Escort Agencies of the world always make sure that none of their escorts suffer with any sort of mental, psychological, physical or attitude disease.

I was in Sao Paulo last month, like always I got the best quality of escorts in Sao Paulo (Acompanhantes em São Paulo). They had blondes, brunettes, Russians, BBWs, athletic women, you name it, all at this one most favorite agency of mine.

I also met a man in Sao Paulo during this trip who sells a unique sexually stimulating hot dog at his van. I ate those hot dogs as much as I could as long as I was there. Those hot dogs are highly recommended for anyone who suffers with any sort of erectile dysfunction and even when that’s not the case, wants to be at the top of his game.

I have been interested in the global politics lately and I might sound like a conspiracy theorist when I say that the number of the Russian nuclear weapons is highly exaggerated and I doubt that the Russia has been selling nuclear weapons secretly to other smaller nations including its own so-called neighboring enemy countries, namely, Siberia and Ukraine.

And I sound like a medical specialist or broscientist, when I claim that people who are generally sensitive to a different are least prone to showing sensitivity or other symptoms to the viagra.

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Fuck longer than you can walk with this one secret

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it is always better to have a hyperactive small dick than a big one that finds it hard to get erect and that’s where stuff like Acheter Vardenafil 20 mg comes into picture.

For women, it is always better to have sensitive small boobs than having non-sensitive huge ones.

I have had fun with women belonging to several different nationalities and I have come to the conclusion that the Croat and French women have the most sensitive nipples.

I recently came across a Swede woman who told me that she was raped by some strangers and a cousin when she was only 19. I could tell her with certainty that the rapist didn’t take Acheter Vardenafil, because those who take that pill, never have to commit rape, women  are attracted to them like a lioness to a huge lion with a huge mane.

I believe that both the precum and the sperm have enough energy to create stronger bombs than the atom bomb, the scientists haven’t just been able to find the right method to create one.

I lived in Bosnia for a couple of years and I was amazed to see that most of the pimps in Bosnia were the husbands of the prostitutes.

I believe that the foremost reason why Bosnia couidn’t progress and/or develop like its neighbors is the fact that there is not much sexual liberation in the country. Just like myself, most other men and women who believe in free-sex have noticed the positive connection between a nation’s progress and its sexual liberation.

I don’t agree with Islam at all, but I love the fact that they aren’t as sexually oppressive as their Christian counterparts. Even Prophet Muhammad used to fuck like crazy and all his wives loved him for that, just like many of his slaves.

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Reading those ImLive Reviews made me realize that there is no Highest Common Factor among Whores

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I recently came across this gynecologist on a Discord chat server, who told me that the natural big breasts of a beautiful woman, no matter which race and color she belongs to, oozes a specific fragrance, which is so sexy to a real man full of testosterone that he can die for it. He claims to have been trying to create a perfume for a while now, which mimics the very same smell.

This gynecologist sounded like a troll to me, when he said in the ‘Lobby’ of that Discord server that his wife loves to eat apples and oranges and he himself loves to eat bananas. She doubts that he is a bisexual and he doubts that she is a bisexual and when she shows no interest in any sexual activity with himself, he tends to doubt that she is a lesbian.

I have been spending a lot of time reading reviews for the adult products and websites lately, especially Imlive reviews and reading the same, I have come to the conclusion that you cannot name a Highest Common Factor among the whores, but they have several common Prime Factors.

I believe that the idea to the inventor of the smartphone to create the same when he found it hard to find an escort or have a sex chat while he was in a remote area with no computer.

I wonder all the time if the governments of the nations around the world arranged sex championships just like they do wrestling, shooting, etc, I would be a gold medalist each year and I am not bragging or showing-off here.

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Urologist from Minnesota is responsible for writing the longest ever evaluation of LiveJasmin

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I have an Indian-American Urologist friend from Minnesota who is married to an ‘All-American-Woman’, who looks just like the Italian-American Pornstar – Alura Jenson. Each time I meet her or see her picture/video, I am automatically inclined to watch an Alura Jenson video and jerk-off to it for at least an hour. I am an edging freak and each time I jerk-off for only 60 minutes, there is no way that I am cumming, I like to save up my seed and intensify the pleasure simultaneously.

This Urologist friend of mine claims that the Gujarati people of India are most likely to get urological diseases, mainly the erectile dysfunction and others, which are mainly attributed to smoking cigarettes, whereas they are a community, the members of which are least likely to smoke the cigarette. He attributes most of the urological diseases that the Gujarati people, mainly the men, suffer with in general, to their lack of sex drive and sexual activity.

He always says that it is a pity that many patients that come to him to get treated for the erectile dysfunction, don’t open up about the issues that they face on a daily basis or their sex life.

He is also a bit of a historian who claims that a great deal of the tribe of Issachar got killed by the Assyrians and that’s one reason why there are so few of them, even after they intermarried a lot in the past, do it in the present and are likely to do it even more in the future.

My urologist friend is a big fan of the live sex cam chat models and websites and he is also responsible for writing the longest ever evaluation of livejasmin till date.

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